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  1. Hobble

    Burt Reynolds Dies at 82

    Burt Reynolds: You're kidding me... Sterling Archer: I know... drives me nuts... like the world's slowest elevator. Burt Reynolds: You should get a bat-pole. Sterling Archer: Nine thousand bucks. Burt Reynolds: What? Sterling Archer: Lowest quote I got. Burt Reynolds: Well that's ridiculous. Sterling Archer: Basically just putting a pole where the garbage chute already is, but the co-op board was like "but what do we do with the garbage?" Burt Reynolds: Yeah but you could still throw it down the... whatever... the same shaft. Sterling Archer: I know! Burt Reynolds: And then you'll have some garbage to land on. Sterling Archer: If you're coming in hot, I know. It's a win-win. Burt Reynolds: And you were gonna pay for it yourself... Sterling Archer: Yep. Burt Reynolds: No assessment or anything. Sterling Archer: Yep. Burt Reynolds: Ridiculous. Sterling Archer: Preaching to the choir buddy.
  2. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Canopy up another ~4% today. Crazy. I'm holding long for a few more years at least, but this is crazy entertaining.
  3. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    I will be holding Northland power for the foreseeable future, but I have recently read some cautionary articles lately regarding their project long-term agreements. Other good options might be Algonquin Power and Brookfield Renewables.
  4. I'm a white Canadian, and wouldn't want to go to the White House and meet that Orange dope (if I were a professional athlete on a US team).
  5. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    I read about them in a few articles, and have added them to my Watchlist, but I don't have the capital or the time to read about them right now. While their business and goal is right up my alley, I just can't pull the trigger either. Have you read about any of their pro/cons or future outlook? I was at one point or another invested in all three, but I narrowed it down to just Northland Power, as I appreciate their monthly dividend that is well covered by their cash flow, and they seem to be having some good international growth on the way. Innergex seemed like another good choice, but Transalta Renewables seems to be toiling in the basement for awhile.
  6. It annoys me when people argue, "well province/country A only produces % of gas emission in Canada/world, so blah blah blah". That attitude is why things are moving slower than needed around the world. Stop pointing fingers and help out. If your economy is heavily dependent on carbon, then you need to adapt.
  7. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    I am interested to hear which companies are focusing on using the hemp as well for other manufacturing. Have any of the big marijuana companies expressed any interest in this? I've also heard of a company called Micron Waste Technologies. It is a small cap company, but focusing on using organic methods to break down waste, and has apparently brought forth a technique to break down cannabis waste to Aurora. Does anyone have any insight on this company? I haven't had a chance to do any reading myself, but if they have some sort of IP this could be a valuable company in future!
  8. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Major positions in Canopy, Aurora and Aphria, and a minor position in Delta9 (local Winnipeg company). Tempting not to cash in when you see >100% profits in some positions, but I think all those companies will see some major growth. I don't see how some people are cashing out before we even get the first revenues generated. Canada is only the 1st (or rather 2nd) milestone, as the world will slowly progress to more commercialization of marijuana!
  9. Hobble

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    I'll be holding my marijuana stocks longer. Still room to grow.
  10. This reminds me of their segment where they are highlighting how poor people weren't actually poor because they had luxuries like a fridge, microwave, etc.
  11. Hobble

    An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    It may be a sad reality that intelligent civilizations more often than not burn out due to inner turmoil or self-destruction (nuclear disaster, damaging environment, etc.).
  12. Hobble


    Some thoughts I have: 1. High density living in mixed commercial/retail and residential high rises. People need to forget suburbs and live near work/play. 2. Buildings incorporate solar/geothermal, built to be carbon neutral, or even a net positive with energy generation. 3. Urban farming to minimize land usage, water waste and transport costs. 4. Eventually have huge cores that are reserved for bus/bike/walking, including lots of parks/foliage. People should be able to live without a car. High speed rail for rapid transport between different sections of city. 5. Modernized electrical grids that can shift energy to areas of higher demand, as well as store power for future use. 6. Recycle/compost bins should be way more common. Waste processing plants should also be optimized for recycling and to minimize waste.
  13. Hobble

    [Official] Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Well, Deadpool 2 was pretty great.
  14. Hobble

    An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    I do not believe in a God, so the Bible holds as much credence to me as Harry Potter. But you make it sound like ancient aliens is more plausible that religious Gods, when they are based on just as much fact. You are basing the possibility of aliens (ex. God) on the absence of facts and inability to explain ancient structures/discoveries (ex. earthquakes, harvests, rain). Human records of history are not perfect, and just because they are missing some parts, doesn't mean those parts didn't exist. This is the exact same argument that religious people use to disprove evolution of humans in favour of creative design (ex. missing links). Just because you paint religious belief with a "science fiction" brush, doesn't make these theories any more credible than religious text. When the Bible was written, the authors explained these miracles and events based on their current knowledge of the world (magic, mystical powers, etc.). That is all you're arguing, but based on our greater appreciation of science and knowledge of how the universe works. You say you also don't believe in God/resurrection/etc., but trade out a few words like Aliens for God in your thread, and they are exactly the arguments used in support of religion.