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  1. As a Winnipegger who is attending the HC, I have to say that it is a little too nice out weather-wise for a HC. Really needs some snow.
  2. How about we just get all the politicians together in one room and throw one sword into the fray. Let them fight it out since they seem so ready.
  3. I wish Jon Stewart could be a moderator.
  4. Wear a bowtie and fez. Bowties and fez's are cool.
  5. I think too many people consider Facebook as an online photo album to store every single photo. I think it would be a little weird growing up, and then looking through all the posts my parents had made.
  6. Jesus is buried under the Louvre, right? I saw a documentary starring Tom Hanks about it.
  7. Now, if everyone had a knife, this wouldn't have happened.
  8. Man, thats Lahey territory.
  9. I would prefer a Horrible Car-Parker registry.
  10. There are no dangerous dog breeds, just dangerously inadequate owners.
  11. Will Darth Vader be welcoming us with a plate of cookies?
  12. Dammit Ryan.
  13. Always protect the baby. They carry your genes into the next generation.
  14. Orr we could not and say we did.