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  1. Dammit Ryan.
  2. Always protect the baby. They carry your genes into the next generation.
  3. Orr we could not and say we did.
  4. Good luck getting me to fight some war and give my life because oil companies deceived the public to maximize profits, and while more diplomatic solutions are available (economic assistance, relocation, population control, etc.).
  5. So, this one is completely unrelated to the newest Star Wars?
  6. I thought a team would own the rights to a name including the city in the name, not just Knights?!
  7. It would save you time to point out which of his statements were factual.
  8. Are not all terrorist bombers typically gullible, naïve, etc. to a certain degree? I mean, they are blowing themselves up or willing to do extreme harm to others on a large scale. Hopefully they are at least kept an eye on, because if this ordeal has accomplished anything, it has highlighted these two as perfect recruitments to actual terrorist organizations that may be within Canada.
  9. Mid- last week, my LG G4 had a sudden problem with motherboard (wouldn't load past the load screen). I take it to Rogers, and they say they will send it away and get it repaired for free. I was happy. They agree to give me a loner phone until I receive my fixed phone. I was happy... Until I had to use the phone they gave me. After my high-quality phone that they sold me suffered a hardware problem (no doing of my own), their policy is to give me the absolute worst and crappiest LG phone (wouldn't be surprised if it were called "LG $&!# brick") I have ever used, and likely ever will. Ugly, small brick, terribly slow, and doesn't even support half the apps I want (including Pokémon Go!!!! ). So their policy is essentially to make me pay my ridiculously priced monthly rate, wherein I am stuck with this $&!#ty phone for practically 1/4 of the month (they say 7-10 business days, but my plan obviously doesn't make such distinctions). I think a much smarter thing to do would be to lone out the top-of-the-line models, so that people see what they are missing and are enticed to upgrade their phone. I know its their "policy", but I will definitely contact Rogers about this when I get my phone back and let them know that it seriously has me considering switching providers.
  10. I guess we have to challenge NK to a 8-game hockey series now.
  11. Poor delicate flower. How does she even manage to leave her house. Surprised she doesn't feel assaulted by how the sun is constantly covering her face with its warm glow.
  12. Sad news, but... I wonder if she said, "Boy, this day couldn't get any worse!" right before.
  13. Just discard the whole religion thing already. It was just invented as a way to control the ignorant masses, unite people in conflicts against "non-believers" and accumulate wealth, power and influence for a select "holy" few. The fact that any religion may have parts that support the killing of anyone should be huge red flags. Now, science has debunked practically everything religion mythologies were based on, so it no longer is based on anything. I don't need the fear of going to hell to prevent me from walking across the street and murdering a bunch of people, or sleeping with a neighbor's wife. Those are moral lessons that I just as easily learned from my parents while growing up.
  14. Can't we all just use the same washrooms already? And after several years of extensive education in human physiology, I can confirm with minimal doubt that everybody poops. Heck, I don't even like it when other men are in the men's washroom with me. So who cares.
  15. Democrats should have voted for Warren and Sanders, maybe Clinton in place of one of them to balance them out. Then their country might have some hope. But at this rate, Trump will actually win.