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  1. One of the most iconic Canadian TV characters. RIP Lahey, you're up with the sh*t angels now.
  2. Mason jars don't kill people, people kill people.
  3. Why don't we get one of those fancy algorithm programs that Ben Stiller has in Along Came Polly to calculate everyone's risks?
  4. Obviously some guidelines need to be drawn, but I believe it can be agreed that chain-smoking and alcoholism would qualify as unhealthy. Things get more complicated when trying to assess diet or physical activity. I'm sure there are markers in the body that can properly assess whether someone exercises sufficiently or has a horrible diet. Problems could arise when considering cases like marathon runners, where the extreme activity undoubtedly puts strain on their hearts, so should that be considered a positive or detriment?
  5. I don't know if I'd be opposed to access to healthcare being influenced by one's lifestyle. Would help promote healthier choices and save money in long run if people accepted it.
  6. #TeleprompterTrump did a decent job. Sad that the US can't figure out their gun problem.
  7. If this doesn't lead to any gun regulations or registrations, nothing will.
  8. Would it make any statement at all for Canadian NHL fans to kneel during US national anthem? Gotta say I'm not impressed by how Penguins handled things.
  9. If I could spend $10 a month to use Kodi and watch whatever the fudge I want, then I'd be willing to do it. I appreciate a lot of Canadian shows and music, but I hate how the government and companies has to restrict my viewing or listening habits. The best thing when I visit the US is being able to watch all the shows on Netflix that I can't watch in Canada. (ex. The League, Always Sunny).
  10. I really need to learn how to buy/set up a Kodi. Anyone have some good info?
  11. Has anyone been investing in robotics/automation (ex. ROBO ETF)? I've started reading about the sector, and found the ROBO ETF for a diverse and cheaper option. Are there any specific companies to keep an eye on for the near future?
  12. I usually browse CBC, Metro for local, and Bloomberg. BBC every now and then.
  13. I've bought Transalta Renewables. Plan to load up for when I get the cash. Seems to be undervalued, and as you said, a great monthly dividend. I've also looked at PEGI, HASI and Innergex. I'm a grad student playing with hundreds of dollars, not thousands, at a time, so I'm always looking for food value/dividends. When I do get the money, I'm looking to load up more on Aphria, Magna International, transalta renewables, starbucks, altagas to name a few. Additionally, I'd love to hear what others think about investing in cobalt mining. It sounds like it will be the next lithium, as prices continue to increase. I've looked at Cruz Cobalt Corp and Katanga Mining Ltd.
  14. Anyone know a good online forum that people are discussing stocks and investments? Believe it or not, but I grow weary of trolling for hockey or Trump news. I've found Stockhouse, but I Just can't get a grip around their website structure/format. Canadian Money Forum is another, but I find it is generally inactive.
  15. All the more reason why I want to transition to a life without a car. Granted, I'm a graduate student in Winnipeg, so I can get by with busing and biking. But all automobile costs are outrageous, and I think cities should take an initiative to plan their development to phase out the need for care/long commutes.