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  1. Seal Lion Team 6?
  2. Mine is Manitoba, but no where near that. Is that MTS student plan or something?
  3. I am with Rogers, pay about $75 for 5GB, Canada wide calling plan. Frankly, if I could get a device for cheap that could just text, I'd be happy.
  4. Would never see anything like this implemented in Winnipeg obviously, but it would seem interesting for larger cities. But wouldn't it be better served just to expand/optimize subway tunnels and travel and forgo cars altogether? I think a more futuristic idea is to design cities where a car isn't even necessary. That is my dream.
  5. If you get offended by a license plate to the point where you create a stir about it, you have a big problem.
  6. This phone is using Android OS, so it has all the same apps? That was my biggest drawback from blackberry, but if they have all the same apps now I might give it a shot. I have a LG4 now and love it, but the newer models don't Have the volume buttons on the back with the on/off button, and those were my favourite parts of this phone, so I could look for something new this summer.
  7. Anyone have any experience with investments in mining? Looking for any hot takes for cobalt, lithium, or other intriguing options. EDIT: also, when you own shares of a sinking stock (ex. WEED) at an unattractive price, is it best to: 1. Sell some off and take the immediate loss while reinvesting at a later date and better price? 2. Just keep all the money in, while still reinvesting more money at a later date to bring down your AVG price, ultimately making your reward even greater when it rises again? Keep in mind I'm only playing with a few hundred dollars, not 10's of thousands.
  8. Wow, Canopy is tanking quite remarkably. Thought it would be the opposite today.
  9. But keep in mind that I have been only doing this stuff for a couple months. So I am not as informed as others may be on these matters.
  10. It is my understanding that the ETF has several companies that are only associated with marijuana industry (not directly), so some of the companies and the ETF may not necessarily rise as much with the coming news. Based on what I did, I would spend majority into stocks to start, and then add more gradually to ETF. That might be where you see the most growth immediately. Best to buy a lot of shares at once to minimize the hit from commissions. Learned that lesson the hard way.
  11. Wow, I would never fly with my pet now. That is just awful.
  12. This Thursday as per CBC. Just announcing details to the rollout. But any good news causes spikes in these stocks.
  13. Should see them all rise up to or on thursday with the release of Liberal plan for legalization.
  14. TFSA, max it out baby. On questrade, I started by investing some money in a few key companies I was interested in, but in future will put most of my money in ETFs due to there being negligible commissions.
  15. I used Questrade. You get a 30 day trial with over a million "dollars" haha. I eventually created an account with to use with real money.