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  1. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Anyone familiar with Calyx Bio Ventures? Its a BC based company that seems to be involved with software and argiculture, and I've seen some references to blockchain and marijuana. They are on TSXV and very small cap, but have been shooting up in recent days. I've tried to read up on what exactly they do and if it's worth a shot, but can't wrap my head around it!
  2. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Thor: Ragnorok 3 was very good. Had good action, but I thought Hulk didn't get as much fighting as I was hoping. Wanted to see him tear his way through the skeleton guys like he did the aliens and robots. Loved when Thor went all beast-mode with the lightening though! I guess he doesn't have his hammer anymore, which I would miss in future movies. While I did find parts of the movie to be very funny, I thought it was trying to be funny too often. I know it sounds weird to say that, but I think ever since the success of Chris Pratt and GotG #1, I think Marvel movies now are trying to have a joke in every other line. I thought this was even clearer in GotG #2, which is why I didn't like that movie as much. I did appreciate seeing a more comical side to Thor, though. I think Marvel's embrace of humour could be a little overwhelming in Infinity War if we ever get Stark, Thor, Spider-Man, Ant-man, etc. all in one room.
  3. Mass Arrests in Saudi Arabia

    Hopefully they are still building their billionaire futuristic city.
  4. Tax evasion and loopholes are so annoying. Just get rid of all the loopholes and make people pay what they owe, or otherwise get jail time/heavy fine. Wish we just had a system where the government told us how much we owe, rather than relying on people to abuse the system. Granted, I'm not one of the lucky few making over hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but I like to believe that if I ever got to that point, I'd be able to live comfortably without making a mockery of our national taxes/budgets.
  5. Multiple people shot at Colorado Walmart

    Have to say I've become quite desensitized to shootings in USA. At some point you can't blame anyone else other than themselves.
  6. Damn. I know it would be political suicide for any politician who put it forward, but it really needs to be done.
  7. Theoretically, could a US President sign an EO to outlaw lobbying and limit company donations to campaigns?
  8. What, is this stuff about witnesses dying true? I haven't following this story since the shooting at all.
  9. I can't wait for a future where no one owns a car, and there is just an immense fleet of driverless cars roaming around.
  10. Tillman wants the NHL in Houston

    That's perfect, because I heard the arena playing surface is already flooded. (too soon?)
  11. Mr. Lahey Has Left the Trailer Park. RIP

    One of the most iconic Canadian TV characters. RIP Lahey, you're up with the sh*t angels now.
  12. Mason jars don't kill people, people kill people.
  13. Why don't we get one of those fancy algorithm programs that Ben Stiller has in Along Came Polly to calculate everyone's risks?
  14. Obviously some guidelines need to be drawn, but I believe it can be agreed that chain-smoking and alcoholism would qualify as unhealthy. Things get more complicated when trying to assess diet or physical activity. I'm sure there are markers in the body that can properly assess whether someone exercises sufficiently or has a horrible diet. Problems could arise when considering cases like marathon runners, where the extreme activity undoubtedly puts strain on their hearts, so should that be considered a positive or detriment?