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  1. Altagas seems like a good buy right now. Strong dividend, below 52 week low.
  2. Thanks! I'll definitely look into it. Another two I was looking at were Innergex and Transalta Renewables. Apparently the latter have a similarly high, monthly dividend as KWH.
  3. For clarity, are you invested in KWH.R or .UN? It seems intriguing. Odd how it's a canadian company that only services US.
  4. Has anyone invested significantly in green energy sector, or electrical infrastructure? Looking for a good inestment in this area. One company that caught my eye was HASI, but they Have recently gone on the rise, so might be too late to buy in until it dips a bit. Any Canadian equivalents that do good work and performance? #sociallyconscienceinvestment #ftw
  5. FYI, WEED has their 4th quarter report on Tuesday. No idea what to expect, but it should be quite volatile early this week.
  6. Any recommendations on who to follow? Don't want to end up following an Eklund-esque trader.
  7. Anyone use Twitter to follow any good sources on stock news or tips? Or would you just follow a companies account for news?
  8. Was hoping Canopy would dip closer to 5 or 6 bucks to buy up some more, but it seems to be rising again. Earnings report upcoming? How low do people foresee WEED going throughout the summer?! Is $5 an unreasonable goal?
  9. Feeling the same way about Canopy :(. Hoping the price can drop more, so I can invest and bring down my average before the inevitable pendulum swing.
  10. Seal Lion Team 6?
  11. Mine is Manitoba, but no where near that. Is that MTS student plan or something?
  12. I am with Rogers, pay about $75 for 5GB, Canada wide calling plan. Frankly, if I could get a device for cheap that could just text, I'd be happy.
  13. Would never see anything like this implemented in Winnipeg obviously, but it would seem interesting for larger cities. But wouldn't it be better served just to expand/optimize subway tunnels and travel and forgo cars altogether? I think a more futuristic idea is to design cities where a car isn't even necessary. That is my dream.
  14. If you get offended by a license plate to the point where you create a stir about it, you have a big problem.
  15. This phone is using Android OS, so it has all the same apps? That was my biggest drawback from blackberry, but if they have all the same apps now I might give it a shot. I have a LG4 now and love it, but the newer models don't Have the volume buttons on the back with the on/off button, and those were my favourite parts of this phone, so I could look for something new this summer.