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  1. Drake berehowsky
  2. J J Daigneault
  3. joseph beranek
  4. Jesse Belanger
  5. Looks a lot like greg adams, but wasnt he #17
  6. Lukas Krajicek?
  7. Petr Nedved
  8. Marchand says hi. And I don't recall some guy called Fleury starting out on the first or second line?
  9. Hey, could you post that rule in this thread, or a link to it. I thought that even if a player was drafted into the CHL, and his rights were owned by a CHL team, then he couldn't play in the AHL til he was 20? It seems like noone is sure about this rule, so having it posted would be great. Thanks for your time.
  10. Uhmm, I'ld like to see him in the AHL. See what he can do against men. But very exciting pick. Hopefully we'll know if he's NHL caliberin 2-3 yrs.
  11. Well thought out.
  12. Ummm. Wrong. Age has nothing to with playing in the AHL, at least when you're 18. Haven't you people learned this yet? I read that Everett owns his rights, and that would be the reason he can't play for the Moose. An agreement between the CHL(?) and AHL to keep talent from leaving too early. Wetcoaster will be able to tell you the rule.