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  1. haha i thought you were the admin named stealthnuk , happy birthday anyway.

  2. Coming down real good in Surrey and Delta
  3. Main roads are okay, little roads are damned.I got stucka couple of times,good luck.
  4. anybody think theres going to be school tomorrow?
  5. its raining now eh?
  6. When is it going to start to know again in surrey?
  7. Is it sticking on the little roads in surrey? will i get stuck
  8. YAY, Snow! Snow makes my DAY.
  9. It's going to later in the morning, I hear. I hope it does though, Cause' I just love it baby.
  10. ahaha, its raining in west van
  11. its still snowing here in surrye
  12. ahahahah banned!!! dont mess with vancity!!!