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  1. [Official] 2013-14 Utica Comets Thread.

    Excited for the season to come! Can not say enough how happy we are to have our affiliate in a town that is excited about hockey. And can I say without getting rocks thrown at me, I hope we stay in Utica for the full 6 years and more! Can't wait to see the signings and how the farm team will look!
  2. Anton Rödin Talk

    Um... I think you got that backwards... Wolves won 5-2.
  3. Adam Polasek Talk

    Amen to that! Let's hope for better tonight!
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    You can see that MacT went to him a lot at near the end of the 2nd and the rest of the 3rd period. He just slowed the game down for the Canucks and got there game going again. I think he did well.
  5. Adam Polasek Talk

    I'm suprised at this assesment. I think he did really well. He broke up 2 2 on 1 opportunities with his stick, played the body and did a really good job positionally. He made some mistakes as well but horrible break out passes?? Maybe in the middle of the second period but I think that was do to lack of confidence on our entire teams part after a couple of bad goals then anything. It wasn't a perfect night, but it wasn't as bad as your assesment is saying. Truthfully if we look at the evening objectively I think the only defender we can say what the heck were they doing was Corrado. Even Hannay was decent enough until the second period break down.
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Who else was cheering everytime you saw Schroeder back checking?? I think things will look up for him if he keeps that up!
  7. Anton Rödin Talk

    Well there only practice together was Sunday morning, I thought they didn't do that bad at all. I really think Honzik just rattled them. Up until Hamilton's goal I thought the Canucks were doing well and Schroeder, Rodin and Sweatt line were starting to control the play in the offensive zone. For Rodin I think the speed of playing on a smaller Ice surfice will be the biggest challenge, you just don't have the time and space on the outside like you'd be used to, but by the end of the game you were watching him make some really nice tight turns in the corner to avaid the d-men you can see potential there. Really take away Honzik and I think it would have been a lot closer.
  8. Anton Rödin Talk

    Random story that doesn't fit this conversation. Justin was playing for the Victoria Grizzlies BCHL team. 3 years ago Powell River Kings (where I'm from) were playing them in the second round of the playoff's the same year that Jeff Courtnall was their coach. I was working security for game 6 in PR and Russ Courtnall came as well to watch them play, well they lost that game pretty bad and during the 3rd period Russ started screaming and threatening one of the kings players who hit Justin pretty hard so I had to kick him out. He started yelling at me saying "I'm f'n Russ Courtnall you can't throw me out you piece of country trash etc.... Pretty good times. P.s. Justin was a pretty good player, really fast and loved to hit... I have no idea how he is now though....
  9. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I thought there was a time after he was sent down from his second stint that he played on the wing with Rosa as his center? Or was it Parreault? I don't remember, but good point on the observation. Its obviously a lot harder than we think.
  10. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I still think its weird how much his play and stats drop off when he plays out on the wing verses playing center. I would assume the wing would be an easier position... You see this with Cody as well. Hmmm anyone have an answer as to why that might be?
  11. Yann Sauve Talk

    I believe Ellington suffered a concussion. That's why he's out. I think its also on the latest article from the Time's which talks about the amount Sauve's actually playing because of injuries.