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  1. Torts had better get suspended. You DO NOT try to go into the other teams dressing room. WTF was he thinking. MORON Too bad McGratton didn't get a piece of him. Not only does he get suspended but Kassian does too. What a coward. Ugly sucker punch at Bouma while he is battling another player. Kassian is a dirty POS player. I guess he is too scared to take him on like a man. Bouma would have kicked his sorry ass.
  2. shiznak you should just ignore Chauncey the 5 year old. oh wait, 5 year olds are smarter. Burrows is a dirty, cheap player but I guess that it is okay to bite another player. He is always elbowing players and slashing and wacking but I guess he is a great player. He is useless. Kesler is scum, another dirty player. I cannot believe the Lucic bashing on this thread. I have met Lucic twice and he is a nice guy. His frustration has come from many incidents. His parents & grandparents having popcorn dumped on them (real classy Nucks fans), the church that he attends while in town vandalized (A church?? WTF), his then girlfriend being verbally abused at a playoff game (real class) having a beverage thrown in his face then FINALLY being hit twice and you people think that is ok?? give your head a shake. Looch is a good guy. The scum is on these boards. LOOOCH!!!!!!
  3. Canucks fans are losers. I am 100% behind Milan on this issue. Look at what Canucks fans have done to him & his family since 2011. Defaced a poster of him at a local rec centre, threw food at his parents during the final, defaced the church he attended (WTF did a church do ) then on Saturday some loser throws a punch at him. Milan has every right to be pissed. Milan is from Vancouver and should be honoured for being a great player. It is pretty sad that he couldn't have a public celebration. Your team lost, GET OVER IT. I hope Milan charges that fool who hit him. I have met Milan a few times and he is a classy guy
  4. If that coward Orpik had answered the bell none of this would have happened. To all you Bruins bashers the Pens are as dirty as they come. Have you all forgotten that Matt Cooke used to play for them. Cry baby Crosby seems to have forgotten this too. Neals knee to Marchands head was a dirty dirty play.
  5. I think with the start that he's had that Milan Lucic has played his way onto the team. They need a power forward and right now he's one of if not the best
  6. Looking forward to the upcoming Giants season. Already have my tickets, half-season pack. Hoping to have Gallagher back but Musil & Tverdon will be back because they are 19 which means that they have to make the NHL club or go back to junior. GO GIANTS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How about those Coquitlam Express, LAST in the conference!!!!!!! It won't be long before the team is looking to move else where, they SUCK
  8. The Express SUCK and will never make it work in Coquitlam as long as Darcy Rota is running the show. He's a liar. There should be a team in Burnaby because Copeland ia a better facility than the one in Coquitlam. Maybe you should take wake up and smell the coffee.
  9. The proof that Darcy is NOT a good GM is in the standings. Funny, the Express are LAST in the conference AGAIN this season. It won't be long til the people in Coquitlam are NOT going to games. Who wants to support a loser???
  10. I was a huge fan of the Bulldogs & Express but I have NO interest in going to Coquitlam to watch a game. The facility there cannot compare to Bill Copeland arena and I am NOT willing to drive 20+ minutes to the game. Besides why would I drive that distance when I can go & watch BETTER quality hockey at the Pacific Coliseum which is closer to where I live. Burnaby is a better hockey market than Coquitlam. The rink was full when the team had Kyle Turris and went on to win the championship. Who wants to go see a LAME DUCK franchise--just ask the Phoenix Coyotes. If Darcy continues on as GM the Express will be looking for a new place to play because they are NOT a very good team & havent been since Fanucci and McNeely left the team.
  11. The team was HORRIBLE for the last 2 years in Bby so I do not blame people for not turning out. Darcy made all the excuses in the world but it comes down to the fact that he LIED and the team was NOT marketed properly. Look at the year the Express won the Canadian title, attendance was good. Even the year after when Fanucci was on the team, attendance and team were still good. It all comes down to the GM and Darcy should take full BLAME for the team leaving Burnaby. Funny, last time I checked the all mighty Coquitlam Express were hovering around the bottom of the conference, looks like things HAVEN`T changed at all now that they are ``back home`` as Darcy likes to put it. NOTE to a previous poster--- Burnaby has only had 2 teamns NOT 3 and its a shame that Copeland sits empty because it is a GREAT facility.
  12. After what Dumb Darcy Rota did to Burnaby, I will NOT go to another BCHL game again. He`s a liar. He said the team would stay in Burnaby and he blamed the fans for not coming out. Well Darcy, maybe if you put together a good team people would have suppported you, you should look at yourself in the mirror. Looks like Coquitlam is dropping like a rock in the standings.
  13. Duran Duran's album Rio