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  1. Clash of clans- CDC clan

    If your clan fizzles out feel free to join us. We are a level 6 clan with a fantastic war record and a great group of 40+ members.
  2. Clash of clans- CDC clan

    Glad you decicded to join us Sean Bean.
  3. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    Isn't Corrado a young Dman than can play regular in the bottom pairing?
  4. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    Up until the preseason Corrado was considered by most our top defensive prospect. I'm all for rewarding good play but I'm not sure a few preseason games is enough of a sample to cause a team to dump their former top d prospect to make room for a prospect that was lower on teh depth chart before pre-season. Corrado had a good season in the A and was awesome in Jr. Anyone remember how he tore it up at WJC camp? It sucks to loose him for nothing. Considering the number of injuries the Canucks have histroically had on D it would have made some sense to keep Corrado up, send Hutton down but keep him available as first callup.
  5. Time Capsule - Prediction thread for 2015-16 season

    Canucks 8th in the West Canucks Top 5 points 1. D.Sedin 76 2. H.Sedin 74 3. Vrbata 57 4. Horvat 45 5. Sutter 43 McCann sent back after 9 games, Hutton and Virt stick with the team. Other Awards: Vezina: Rask James Norris: PK Subban Calder: McDavid Selke: Kopitar Hart: Crosby
  6. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Really hope we don't losse Corrado. That being said he deserves a shot in the NHL.
  7. Bo Horvat's Chances to make team NA ( discussion)

    Yup, Horvat has played LW before. He could end up their in a checking role with a centre the opposite hand as him or on a line with a centre weaker on the draws than him (maybe Eichel or Huberdeau) so that he can take key draws (kind of like when Kesler played with the Sedins).
  8. Bo Horvat's Chances to make team NA ( discussion)

    Good lines (even with the extra line), although I don't see Gaudreau playing a checking roll, although it does make sense to pair him with his Flames team mate. We could even see an all Flames line of Bennett-Monahan-Gaudreau, so jealous of the Flames prospects right now.
  9. Bo Horvat's Chances to make team NA ( discussion)

    my totally uneducated lineup prediction for forwards MacKinnon RNH McDavid Gaudreau Huberdeau Saad Horvat Couturier Jenner Gally Monahan Lazar extra: Eichel, Bennett
  10. Bo Horvat's Chances to make team NA ( discussion)

    where did you hear this? The hockey news projected roster only had a few Americans on it.
  11. Bo Horvat's Chances to make team NA ( discussion)

    Some of those centres could play wing. I would say his chances are pretty decent and the hockey news agrees with me: That being said the OP forgot RNH who is pretty much a lock to make the team.
  12. [Discussion] Canucks Army prospect rankings.

    My top 10 not including Beartschi or Markstrom 1. Jake Virtanen 2. Jared McCann 3. Thatcher Demko 4. Brock Boeser 5. Frank Corrado 6. Cole Cassels 7. Hunter Shinkaruk 8. Brendan Gaunce 9. Ronalds Kenins 10. Jordan Subban
  13. McDavid doesn't scare you. The dude could play at half speed and still be the best player on the ice in a touney like this.
  14. Wow, the Canucks young stars are in though against those other teams. The other Western Canadian teams have some big star power among thier prospects. Sounds like Demko won't be able to make it, I'm guessing due to NCAA rules.