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  1. I agree with nearly everything you said. But it is in one thing to study a matter and another to use a public platform to announce your views without going through proper peer review. I find it ironic that so many on here are upset with this guy being silenced and saying it compromises the scienicific process given that the weatherman himself didn't respect the scienicific process in publishing his views. Instead of publishing his views in a scientific peer reviewed hournal he politicized the issue by annoucing his views on television and through his book. I have to admit I haven't read his book but I'm willing to bet it doesn't reference many peer reviewed sciencific articles.
  2. Why can't we keep all 3? It seems to be working so far. That being said is Baer waiver elligable? If so there is no way he is sent down to the A.
  3. If your clan fizzles out feel free to join us. We are a level 6 clan with a fantastic war record and a great group of 40+ members.
  4. Glad you decicded to join us Sean Bean.
  5. So Al Gore is "exploiting the issue" issue because he made a movie on Climate Change and made some money from it, but Philippe Verdier isn't "exploiting the issue" but being exploited becase he wrote a book on climate change and is hoping to make some money from it? Hmmmm????
  6. They won a freaking Nobel prize!! As for the rest of your comment, I'm not saying there shouldn't be other theories but some scienetic principles are more widely understood and accepted than others (Ie: gravity). The vast majority of leading scientist agree that Antrophogentic Climate Change is happening and climate records and obervable events seem to support this 'theory'. The fact is even if we can't be 100% sure climate is being caused by humanity don't we owe it to ourselves and future generations to error on the side of caution here. Instead of asking why are we taking action on climate change when it may be be human caused, we should be asking what happens if climate change is being caused by humans and we don't take any action?
  7. Bill Nye has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University. The impacts of climate change are widely understood and it's not just Bernie Sanders that thinks Climate Change is the largest threat facing the World, it's a large group of well respected Nobel prize winners
  8. Keys to the game: Canucks- Shutdown Not Oshie Blues- Get points from Not Oshie, also good goaltending from Not Oshie
  9. Didn't NJ have to give up a first round pick?
  10. That Blues lineup looks pretty decent should be a close one.
  11. I can see the Harper attack ads now... did you know Santa breaks into peoples homes and uses cheap elf labour, he's just not ready.
  12. Is someone upset because they have Ovie in there hockey pool? I get that was an accident, but what kind of message does it send to the rest of the players if you don't apply the team rules to him? Good move by Trotz benching him and honestly as good as Ovie is I don't think he could have made up for a 5-0 loss.
  13. This thread made me feel alot better about our forward depth not feeling so good about our d depth though, Corrado will be missed.
  14. As a Canuck fan I hated to voted for the Calgary player in every poll but comeone we have to admit those young guys beat our young guns in all those comparisons. Bennett was a top 4 pick and rated number 1 by some scouting groups in his draft year, McCann will be good but Bennett has the chance to be a franchise player the comparison isn't even close. Hutton vs. Hamilton is a hard one but so far Hamilton has proved a bit more. Horvat vs. Monahan is also close one I think Horvat is the smarter player but Monahan has a higher offensive upside.
  15. Given that ad and the earlier Messier ad where he is hanging out with Canuck fans I'm pretty someone highup with Rogers advertising company enjoys trolling the Canucks