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  1. Kindl for Higgins? Then waive Weber?
  2. Willie must of spoken to Hutton recently and told him that he is doing a "real good" job on the defensive side and that he has now has permission to take more offensive risks.
  3. With the season almost half over I figured we should check out how the former Canucks are doing so far: Dale Weise and Brad Richardson are having pretty good seasons, while Connauton seems to becoming an NHL regular. Roberto and Cory are neck and neck statswise this year.
  4. Tanev was questionable to play yesterday and Willie thought that Weber would be the best insurance policy if Tanev wasn't able to play the full game. Willie wants to ease Pedan into more playing time and if Tanev wasn't able to play the full the game then Pedan would have been thrown into more minutes than Willie feels comfortable or it would have caused more strain on the other defencemen who would have to cover Tanev's minutes. Is Weber a good defencemen? Not really but Willie know what Weber can do and what to expect. Willie likes to ease in the younger players and he thought it was premature to scratch Weber over Pedan at the moment.
  5. So Steve Bernier knew them the least, and Burrows knows them the most. I also like how much genuine appreciation that Dalpe has for them.
  6. Sbisa, Vrabata, Edler, and the Sedins didn't bring anyone on the trip
  7. What are the current defence pairings, while Corrado is with the Canucks?
  8. Hodgson for Mike Richards, David Clarkson, or Alex Semin?
  9. The Sedins' used to call Hansen the best practice player, due to his hard work in practices.
  10. In previous years our assistant and associate coaches seem to be referenced in the media quite a bit, but it feels like this year we haven't really heard from them or had them referenced in articles. This year the only things I can remember is Lidster's work with Edler, and Pearn's fun team building exercises, but I haven't heard anything about Gulutzan; even though he was in news a fair bit last year. Other years you would hear about Rick Bowness, Newell Brown, Ryan Walter, Mike Sullivan, etc, and it seemed like they were more vocal in the media. Does anyone have any articles or know much about our assistant coaches this year? I'm not even sure what Gulutzan role is. How are our assistant coaches doing and do you think any of them might be targeted by other teams in the offseason for bigger roles?
  11. After trade deadline roster: Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata Vey - Bonino - Kassian Matthias - Horvat - Jensen Burrows - Acton - Dorsett Defazio Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Sbisa Stanton - Bieksa BoSang Miller Lack Higgins, Hansen, Weber, Richardson could all be traded.
  12. Could you guys imagine Anaheim getting Daniel Briere and Antoine Vermette? Briere for his playoff performance and Vermette to compete in faceoffs against the Kings.
  13. I think they should keep Phaneuf for another year or two in order to let their younger defencemen improve out of the spotlight. I think they are stuck with Kessel and should keep him since it is good to keep some "productive" veterans for then their younger prospects don't get rushed. Clarkson seems like a buyout candidate but I think they should keep him for another year or two for then the buyout isn't as bad. They shouldn't do a complete fire sale or else they will end up like the oilers.
  14. Good point, I edited the main post to make it more clear.
  15. I put this thread in the "Around the NHL" subsection and not "Canucks Talk" subsection. Just cause we aren't looking for rentals doesn't mean we can't discuss rental players and where they might go.