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  1. Probably the same reason I put a disc into you, press your power button, sit back and press your buttons for hours. While staring at something on top of you, for hours.

    But then again I don't know why you read this comment.

  2. Why'd I read your signature?:(

  3. How would I go about to get invited to go to a draft?
  4. Is the internship focusing on Operations/Equipment management or coaching? Good read, I can tell that you seem really excited about it.
  5. Wow your sigs and avatar are/were too distracting but very nice.

  6. President's don't have to do anything physically demand, so smoking is no problem with them(other than losing votes from anti-smokers). Also judging by your pic, those players were probably acting like Tiger Woods also! I'm not really an anti-smoker, but professional athletes and smoking = a big no-no
  7. My dad got me the red alternative jersey with my first name on it and Cooke's number
  8. Good blog, I dont think anyone likes the schedule except for toronto.