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  1. what a bleak message from scheer. who can you trust to help you get ahead? me me me. screw the others who are in my way.
  2. I honestly don't know why anyone uses or believes polls anymore.
  3. lol how insecure are some people
  4. Honestly wtf. If something is embarrassingly laughable, why on earth would you check it most mornings? We all laugh at fox, but I sure don't check it most mornings lol
  5. Don't go. We can sort this out. I enjoy watching your try to catch me
  6. Not gonna lie, I haven't been paying attention. Little context to this question?
  7. Call me cynical but who cares about what the debt number is. Look at those numbers above, we've been billions in debt for generations. Does it matter if we're 612 billion in debt or 694 billion? At what point does it become that this ridiculous number become too ridiculous and we do something.
  8. Not federal, but wtf
  9. inane

    NHL 20 Thread

    Got the game, play is smoother although pretty similar. I'm gonna try and get into the HUT thing, I don't get it so far...