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  1. Florida looking to make moves--anyone with any interest hit me up!!!
  2. Can I put Cowen on the IR? St. Louis ELC Markus Nutivaara Ryan Segalla Gustav Olofsson St. Louis calls up Ryan Dzingel St. Louis still looking to move veterans for youth--EVERYONE in that category available.
  3. Florida still looking to move one of Eberle, Gudbranson, Gorges.
  4. ?
  5. Where is waiver list of teams?
  6. Gudbranson and Gorges available as well. Looking for prospects/picks.
  7. We've talked. Cap issues are making it not happening.
  8. Ok. Florida is re-ramping up trade talks for Eberle. Looking for a high end prospect/picks. Replacement winger not entirely necessary.
  9. One of my two 1sts is burning a hole in my pocket...
  10. Jets looking to add playoff experience to the bottom 6!
  11. St. Louis look to ramp up talks around it's roster, notably: Everyone. Contact me if you want to talk trade.
  12. Giggidy
  13. So is this not being streamed?
  14. Just when I was getting optimistic, 3 straight losses.
  15. Winnipeg looking for middle 6 and D heading into deadline. 1sts are on the table as well as most prospects.