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  1. Agree on SQ. Bought at 45 and 70 and would buy more. It's one of the bigger pieces of my portfolio pie. SHOP being the biggest and sitting on 95% gain! Helps offset freaking Canadian banks.
  2. What would you sell at? I'm currently in at $26. VTIQ that is...
  3. Gregory MacLean look at those hits and blocked shots!
  4. Boston listening on Antti Raanta.
  5. Well I guess Boston is a buyer. Looking for bottom depth players on D or O.
  6. Mid season update. Things are good in Boston! Fighting for the final spot, two guys in and about the top 10 in scoring, with my main guys signed for a few years and a deep pool of prospects with two 9.0B's coming up next year. yay!
  7. Gap in east already pretty much setting playoffs. Be real hard to get in now....
  8. Claim Toivonen, if successful send down Raanta--no waivers.