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  1. More whining for the PC brigade.   /Amidoingitright?
  2. Computer issue!

    I'll look for that. No, I can't get to bios, the screen's don't even turn on so they aren't even recognizing the computer as being on yet. It's literally 2 seconds at most, the fans barely start moving. If they are bulging or tilted, the whole MB is toast?
  3. Computer issue!

    Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Pulled and reseated ram, video card, hard drive, the only thing I haven't is the power supply cause I don't have another one...
  4. Computer issue!

    No issues leading up to this. I rarely use my computer, so I doubt it's overheating. I hadn't used it in a few days when I tried to turn it on and this happened. Like I said, this did happen before and I just took out and put back in the battery, that seemed to work. This time, it's not.
  5. Some real sounds arguments from both sides here.  /killthisthreadnow
  6. Don't know mogo, but this sounds dumb.
  7. Computer issue!

    Not a laptop. I removed the battery from my pc motherboard. Not over clocked, it's a basic computer. I tried taking things out and replacing them one by one, no luck. Could be the power supply as I don't have a spare one to do the test. Grrrr. Also, this board sucks with quotes. I can't delete that above apparently.
  8. Computer issue!

    How do I actually determine what's screwed though. Come on internet nerd here for me.
  9. Computer issue!

    Boringest hack ever.
  10. Computer issue!

    My computer starts and then 2 or 3 seconds later it just shuts itself off. 5 seconds later starts again on it's own and then shuts off, repeat. I had this before and taking the battery out and putting it back in fixed the issue, this time it's not working. Suggestions? 
  11. Colin Miller has been a nice surprise! I terms of points per dollar he's got to be one of the best. Mike Condon getting more starts now as well.
  12. Going to LA this weekend for Mon/Tues games vs Ana/LA!
  13. RGMG 2.0 | Season starts mid-December

    Why are we lowering cap hits now? I thought that's why there  was a deadline....?
  14. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Lol love all the assumptions and crazy bias that pops out here. You guys are always good for a laugh.