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  1. When you say 'the voters', you mean the voting public? More of them voted for Clinton. But whatever. Enjoy your day.
  2. The voters chose Hillary, the electoral college and election system gave Trump the win. I'm not disputing that he won or anything. Just pointing out 'the voters' chose someone else. Unless you mean the electoral college voters. I suppose that's unclear as well.
  3. Electoral college of course you mean, the voters chose Hillary
  4. Florida Draft Review! #29 Urho Vaakanainen -- Very happy to get this big D man so late in the first round. #57 Alex Formenton -- Highly skilled, quick winger. #73 Morgan Frost -- Great passer, solid middle 6 player. #86 Stuart Skinner -- Highly athletic goalie who's already at 6'3, 205 lbs. #99 Alexandre Texier -- French offensive dynamo, but a project. #124 Eetu Luostarinen -- Another big forward with some wheels. #131 Kasper Kotkansalo -- Reliable 2 way defender. No one we expect to see next year, but we're happy with the solid group of prospects we've added to the cup champion team!
  5. Kasper Kotkansalo
  6. Eetu Luostarinen
  7. wth I was gonna take Mitchell lol
  8. You guys nit picking every little about glossing over the actual issue lol.
  9. Bit of a gamble but I'll take Alexandre Texier. @thejazz97
  10. yeah I know, just funny how quickly she is willing to throw away what she believes in just to cling to power. Pretty quiet in here from liberal fans lol
  11. Stuart Skinner @Salter
  12. Morgan Frost @LilBurrows
  13. Keith Petruzzelli
  14. Ron, They governed for 16 years and most recently campaigned in this election on the opposite of what they presented today. For them to have such an about face on many significant policies that they've stood by for over a call that flexibility? How can you possibly believe anything they say if they are so willing to throw away their core beliefs so easily? I remind you, it's Clark who said just that.