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  1. New Trump Day--He retroactively named Janurary 20th--National Day of Patriotic Devotion! (Straight out of North Korea's playbook lol) and the pdf :
  2. Why would Spicer acknowledge and accept the apology if it weren't for him and the President then?
  3. St. Louis is ready for the draft!
  4. If everyone who said they'd vote green but don't cause it's throwing away their vote actually voted green, I think we'd be surprised. How are we all not clamoring for a different option than the two main ones we have...
  5. Still here for a bit if anyone wants Johnson or Demers for playoff depth!
  6. Lol leave this thread for a few hours and come back to a 'I know you are but what am i' debate about violence against women. Yikes.
  7. When you can't defend your own record--attack!
  8. Your ridiculous assumption that because they don't speak French they therefore don't have care or respect for French speaking Canadians/Quebecers. And your further ridiculous assumption that because they don't care for French Canadians/Quebecers they therefore don't care about anybody not like them and are unable or unwilling to see things from other perspectives. And that you'd have the balls to say that it's a 'true and accurate' reflection is just silly. Your whole post is just an asinine assumption rolled into a ball of asinine assumptions and then labeled as 'true and accurate'. I mean come on, did I really have to even explain this?
  9. Guy, this is ridiculous.
  10. I know...75% of my team is up in 2 years. But like I said, anyone is fair game, except the top 2 or 3.
  11. @Ilya Kovalchuk. I'm still looking to make moves!
  12. Lol A house is not the same as a government wtf lol.
  13. Not that simple lol. You don't fix shifting geo political realities, technologies, etc. Adapt or die. Trying to go back in time in a guaranteed loss. Wake up.
  14. Check out @rascouet's Tweet: Regarding the bs from the new press secretary. #2 rings true, we see that on here a lot--the cognitive dissonance is amazing.