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  1. Good point, you've correctly identified that I don't care about veterans. Great strawman! BTW, the anthem has been modified a number of times over the years. Originally French, and the original English version doesn't have 'thy sons' and is older than WW1 so spare me the 'it's our heritage' bs. Canadian heritage is exactly the history of the anthem--an ever evolving mosaic of change evolving over time. This whole 'it's not Canadian anymore' is an insult to what Canada actual is.
  2. lol yes changing a word in the anthem has just torn the heart out of what it means to be 'Canadian', I don't even recognize this country anymore. First they let women vote, and now this? I mean where does it all end.
  3. he says x. you said oh so that means you believe y. that is a strawman argument. You are very good at them.
  4. No, it was the strawman you created from the first post and now refuse to even acknowledge much less stand behind.
  5. Um, it's your message lol. You made the ridiculous straw man and now you're all 'think for yourself'. ok lol
  6. don't be the messenger if you can't defend the message.
  7. The US is a dying empire, it's ugly watching empires fall and Canada will face consequences because of it. Sure, China made some free market reforms but they are still communist, use slave labour and god knows what else so hardly an example to boast about.
  8. I didn't offer an opinion and what's my agenda again? Look, I'm just pointing out your false equivalency bs is ridiculous. That's it.
  9. This line of 'thinking' lol. I don't think this particular response to the complex issue of terrorism was appropriate. Oh so you think we should just let terrorists do whatever they want. Duuuhhhhh
  10. You sure love conspiracy theories. Surprised you haven't brought up the theory that of all the airlines it was Ukrainian and therefore this was really Putin.
  11. It just perpetuates the cycle. This 'what if' game is dumb.