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  1. St Louis with tons of cap, hit me up if you need help.
  2. There's no smoke. You posted a bs link without giving an ounce of critical thinking. And still, how did you even end up on that page?
  3. Blues! Strickrott(9.0B)-Vilardi(8.5C)-Tarasenko Johansson-Yamamoto(8.5D)-Zenchikov(8.0D) Dolan-Eakin-Gibson(7.5A) Fraser(8.0C)-Hanzal-Rattie Rychel Dahlen(9.0B)-Vatanen Dunn-Montour Zboril-Peterson(8.0D) Oleksiak/Kravchuk Husso Crawford
  4. Crazy guy says something crazy that actually ends up hurting people. People on cdc use crazy guys words/story on this forum in support of their beliefs. Crazy guy apologized profusely for the sheet and utter bs of his crazy bs. People on cdc who aped his crazy bs....? I guess we'll have to find out!
  5. I actually clicked on that link. What would have brought you to that webpage of garbage in the first place?
  6. love it. I have no idea if this is remotely true, and even I think the title is exaggeration buuuuuut I'm gonna post it anyway. Cdc.
  7. Alex Jones Apologizes For Spreading The Insane Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory While Blaming Other Outlets When even this whack job is apologizing, you know that shart was messed up lol
  8. Spicer 2 years ago lol Twitter is fun lol
  9. I'm the one who likes my own ok. Busted?
  10. Oh, I didn't know you were the authority on Muslim terrorist motivations. Huh. Also, I like your thinking. Other people so dumb stuff so why can't we? That's a real recipe for success!
  11. No silly, he's in Hawaii conspiring with federal judges. Jeez, get your conspiracies straight.
  12. Oh bo... Simple simple bo. I would ask you to provide the educational background of all those men, but I know you won't/can't. It's so much easier to just feel it.
  13. Blues! (More signings coming) Strickrott(9.0B)-Vilardi(8.5C)-Tarasenko Johansson-Yamamoto(8.5D)-Zenchikov(8.0D) Dolan-Eakin-Gibson(7.5A) Fraser(8.0C)-XXX-Rattie Rychel Dahlen(9.0B)-Vatanen Dunn-Montour Zboril-Peterson(8.0D) Husso Crawford