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  1. I'll trade, anyone in Boston available.
  2. Expensive, but big fan. I was also over roster limit so for me really this is Scherbak and Pu. Happy to do that.
  3. Who cares. Lots of channels do that, who cares about cnn. The obsession is really odd.
  4. I love this standard you hold cnn to but seemingly not others. What's with the obsession.
  5. Trump learning from the best
  6. He's not basically saying that, he's flat out saying that. Anything reported in the msm is propaganda from the Democratic party therefore you can't believe anything they say. And not only can you not believe it, the opposite is likely to be true because it's black or white in their world. Although they do seem to quote msm when it supports their narrative lol
  7. It's all so silly trying to discuss with you. Sure glad I gave up.
  8. Stop posting in here and have it not be sim related. I get excited and crushed too often.
  9. I'm here for you.
  10. Blues looking to move some players for picks, hit me up if interested. Most anyone available
  11. 1984 Datsun 1991 Subaru Legacy 2003 Chev Optra 2008 Mercedes B200 I'd get rid of it if I could.
  12. Complains about mainstream media lying and journalistic integrity. Says that. /facepalm
  13. They tried for 7 years to repeal the aca. They win the presidency, the senate and the house. They don't have a replacement plan and with all 3 branches of government can't even do what they tried to do for 7 years. It's shocking and hilarious how inept these clowns are.