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  1. Available Yandle for late pick Namestnikov for picks/prospects Montour for pick Buchnevich for prospect/picks Vilardi for young D/1st+ Yamamoto for equivalent player Dolan for pick/prospect Plus more hit me up
  2. I'll trade for any of those guys that are D men!
  3. Cnn? Fake news. But seriously, your jaded angry pessimistic world view...I just pity you.
  4. Blues open to trades, all positions available.
  5. Yeah, you're missing out. 10 straight losses. Honestly, no idea what to do with this team. Everyone available I guess? I can't possibly get worse so whatever.
  6. Tough to move Tarasenko but with the team floundering again a shake up was needed. Hopefully Panarin can with with Strickrott to light it up. St Louis still looking to add help on D.
  7. Lol 7 straight losses.
  8. There's the blues we all know and love.
  9. Honestly I'm shocked I'm even close with Bobs only 1 win, Gaudreau out with only 8 points. I'm riding Radulov pretty hard!
  10. for RFA's and exposure, if I don't sign them before the expansion draft are they exposed? or do i have to sign them before the expansion draft and then protect them?
  11. Quick St Louis preview While more optimistic than previous years, the Blues are still one year away from getting back into contention. We expect big bounce back years from Tarasenko and Strickrott and more even contribution across the top 9. We're still looking for more defensive players on the 4th line--the Blues are open to offers to improve that position. On D, it's a mix of young and old with several top prospects likely to join the club soon. We expect Dunn to have a better year and Dahlen to continually improve. With Malarchuk, Peterson, Kovacic and Lemaire are close to NHL ready, there will be changes on the blue line coming. In net, we finally have a legit starter again and we hope Quick can mentor Toivonen into a starting role. Starting lineup. St Louis always open for trade talks, specifically to improve 4th line and defense. Timashov - Vilardi - Tarasenko Strickrott - Namestnikov - Zenchikov Buchnevich - Yamamoto - Johansson Dolan - Quenneville - Bratt Dunn - Vatanen Dahlen - Tilander Carlo - Montour Oleksiak Quick Toivenen
  12. says he's split, doesn't know policies, but doesn't think ndp leader would be better. ok.