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  1. St. Louis draft vs IRL #4 Miro Heiskanen (went #3 +1) #11 Owen Tippett (went #10 +1) #43 Aleksi Heponiemi (went #40 +3) #63 Mackenzie Entwistle (went #69 -6) #90 Lucas Elvenes (went #127 -37) Pretty spot on except for Elvenes who was a gamble. Happy with that!
  2. Boston draft vs IRL #23 Michael Rasmussen (went #9 +14) #54 Nikita Popugayev (went #98 -44) #85 Keith Petruzzelli (went #88 -3) Happy with Rasmussen
  3. Florida Panthers draft review vs IRL #29 Urho Vaakanainen (went #18 +11) #57 Alex Formenton (went #47 +10) #73 Morgan Frost (went #27 +46) #86 Stuart Skinner (went #78 +8) #99 Alexandre Texier (went #45 +54) #124 Eetu Luostarinen (went #42 +82) #131 Kasper Kotkansalo (went #71 +60) Wow. Pretty stoked about that!!
  4. Every player on the Blues on the block except Strickrott and Gerlach. Can retain. Want picks/prospects/young players. No oldies.
  5. one or two of Dunn Vatanen Klingberg Tilander Available for defensive D.
  6. Honestly I just want to give up. No idea what to do.
  7. I'm sure you can Google that yourself. You can find out who got more overall votes there too.
  8. ugh it's so frustrating when other posters have opinions and provide facts that are contrary to your own isn't it.
  9. When you say 'the voters', you mean the voting public? More of them voted for Clinton. But whatever. Enjoy your day.
  10. The voters chose Hillary, the electoral college and election system gave Trump the win. I'm not disputing that he won or anything. Just pointing out 'the voters' chose someone else. Unless you mean the electoral college voters. I suppose that's unclear as well.
  11. Electoral college of course you mean, the voters chose Hillary