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  1. Gudbranson! Kid is a monster.
  2. Well Charmin is the toughest TP
  3. The two best players the canucks have ever had!
  4. Sedins, Burrows, Edler, Hamhuis, Tanev, Higgins and Hanson get to hoist the cup. Just wish Bieksa and Luongo were a part if it.
  5. I've had beers with Wade Belak and Dixon Ward when I stucco'd their houses in the same gated community in Kelowna back in 04. I met Ray Borque with the kids back in June.
  6. Wish we could stop you ridiculous "fans" from ever speaking again.
  7. 10) Luongo 09) Ohlund 08) D. Sedin 07) Mogilny 06) Bure 05) Naslund 04) Bertuzzi 03) H. Sedin 02) Bieksa 01) Ronning
  8. The Stoned Age
  9. It's also a not injured year.