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  1. No you where just looking at the "bigger picture" rather than through a snipers lens of the actual events that took place in paris Almost this entire thread has been people like yourself blaming the cartoonists, saying muslims are the real victims its pathetic. The only thing you've said about paris is that they shouldn't have made fun of the prophet.
  2. You must be joking You were the guy that started off by ranting about the murderous west and Christians and their savage path of destruction through iraq Have you talked about Paris at all? I've not said one thing in this thread about islam that isn't true and i'm calling your ass out. I want you to specifically point out what i said that is false and refute it.. you won't because you are too busy crying whoa is me
  3. Since when does any person represent an entire group you potato. Guys like yourself on CDC seem to have no problem speaking for Islam and telling us what true islam is or isn't. I think we have enough data points from killings, bombings and beheadings, stonings, acid attacks, suicide bombings from around the muslim world to get a pretty good sense of the trends.. and you guys in these threads are just adding to it.
  4. haha.. what a child you are The Quran says to kill those who insult the prophet These devout muslims killed people that insulted the prophet They proudly exclaimed "we have avenged the prophet" That is all 100% truth Why does the truth hurt you so badly? I wonder how many times you are going to be able to puke out hitler in this thread. This is just comical Muslims murder people in cold blood expressly for their religion.. muslims come into threads on CDC and claim they are the real victims before the bodies are even cold. Disgusting.
  5. After you are done pitying yourself and how you are discriminated against maybe you will find time to shed more than a crocodile tear for the thousands killed today in the name of allah Can i ask by what authority you get to determine who is a true muslim?
  6. uh .. real followers are the ones that don't follow the things set out in the quran? like killing those who insult the prophet.. ok then. I'm going to take the French muslims who followed the dictates of their religion by killing the cartoonists that insulted their prophet on their word .. that they avenged their prophet. You can feel free to invent all the other reasons they did it that you like.. whatever makes you feel like you are being tolerant enough.
  7. shhhhh we don't talk about that!!! Boko Haram just slaughtered 2000 people (including other muslims) in one day in protest of the drones in Iraq and the Palestinian genocide. Why did you make them do it america, WHY!
  8. I definitely wouldn't be able to enjoy a hockey game.. i think i'd probably go to japan and start killing women driving cars without face coverings cause and effect you know.
  9. you think bringing up iraq in a thread about muslims following muslim law in france is "putting thought into it" seems to me you are doing everything possible to not think about what actually happened. Who said anything about 'we good'.. why are you so blinkered as to be unable to say islam bad when there are 12 dead bodies because a couple muslims followed islam
  10. What I learned on CDC today french muslims killing and admitting to killing someone for breaking muslim law in france over cartoons Isn't really about France, Muslims, Islamic law, or Cartoons Its about Iraq oh and america
  11. I noticed you didn't give any examples and then refute them. Why am i not surprised I'm just like them i can't wait to strap on an AK and murder people over my hurt feelings.
  12. Well i think i've learned my lesson Next time a Muslim follows the quran and kills someone for insulting the prophet kills a woman for showing too much skin kills a homosexual for the ghey kills an apostate for using their brain kills a woman for committing adultery during her rape kills a little girl for going to school kills a jew 'hiding behind a tree' I'll be sure to not look through the snipers lens of blaming the muslim and islam. I'll open up the paper and find out what the west did in geopolitics that day to really cause it
  13. No, i'm looking at reality. A reality where french muslims killed french cartoonists for insulting their invisible friend.. just like it says to do in their book.. But we can't talk about the problems of islam.. it just has to be the fault of something else.
  14. So his response was to go to yemen and kill muslims he thought were heritics then come back to france and kill cartoonists he thought sinned against the prophet. Excuse me if i doubt their actual concerns for Iraqi muslims Did he ask the muslim police officer he executed on the street if he may have been an oppressed muslim that has suffered at the hands of murica ? This guy wants the cartoonists killed too.. I'm sure french foreign policy has oppressed him greatly in India all his life. "Its not the religion.. its america thats at fault " deflect deflect deflect.
  15. These guys are from france not iraq, They didn't go to fight americans they went to yemen and fought other muslims that they seemed to have no issue killing.. so please spare me the muslim collateral damage bs. If you want to get to the root of it then get to the root.. which is a mind disease that says its reasonable to kill people over an insult.. which is exactly what these guys did.