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  2. or anywhere where you've given someone power of attorney including Vancouver canada
  3. Says so right in the article
  4. if the house was only like 1.5 and the reno 800k how are his debts 15 m.. where did that other money get spent? thats a lot of money to blow threw in a couple of years, you could live pretty comfortably on the interest alone from 10 m
  5. he did sign off on it.. when he gave his mother power of attorney
  6. He gave his mom complete power of attorney. She can do whatever she wants with his finances under his name.
  7. So points do or don't matter? Seems like you are backtracking on that.. so thats good because its silly Now the other parts are just YOUR ARBITRARY opinion about whats important.. which coaching manual exactly are you talking about? Hockey doesn't require ice.. Hockey doesn't require use of a puck could use a ball, hockey doesn't require hitting etc etc etc.. and if we are talking injuries... ice, pucks and hitting cause a hell of a lot more injuries than fighting does.
  8. you continue to us the "you get no points for it" as an agrument and it continues to be stupid You don't get points for lots of things in lots of sports that doesn't mean they aren't part of the game. Why are we discussing fighting because a kid in junior HURT HIS F'ING HAND in a fight.. seriously? Are we going to get rid of ice and skates if he ever hurts his ankle? you can play hockey without ice or skates.
  9. Absolutely obsessed haha .
  10. and trading him for player that is putting up more points for 1.9 mill is 4 years younger and a d-man and a first round pick is larceny
  11. Really.. because i see a lot of people on this board saying if only Kassian had linemates to finish is beautiful plays he'd have more points Hodgson seemed to have no problem getting points on the 3rd line here and didn't seem to have a problem getting points with good veteran linemates in buffalo as well as increasing the output of those veterans. Now we see the ENTIRE buff team struggling to get points. Still not sure why Hodgson is being singled out.
  12. yawn, you randomly defining what you think a high pick is or when you think people are veterans has nothing to do with "facts" muddled or otherwise. 24 year olds are veteran players now eh, we definitely have a different view of the word veteran. Buff has a bunch of young first round players (high picks) all around the same age and they ALL appear to suck Yet only Hodgson seems to be getting blamed for it on this board. I personally doubt that they ALL suck and instead the fact that they ALL have terrible stats probably has more to do with the terrible team, coach and management. Not sure why you are arguing that. Fact is we traded someone in the running for rookie of the year for someone in the AHL.. who 3 years later is still struggling to find a spot.
  13. I think my credibility is just fine Ennis Myers Ristolainen Girgensons Hodgson all first round picks playing/played this year and none of them being crapped on like Hodgson.. if anyone thinks Kassian would be doing better on that team they are insane.. meanwhile Hodgson was in the rookie of the year race on this team when traded while Kassian has yet to do much at all 3 years later.
  14. Its laughable people are craping on Hodgson, the team sucks the entire team including -6 ennis. Why in the world are people putting that at the feet of a 24 year old? Buffalo has lots of high picks are any of them succeeding with that team, that management, that coach? NOPE Hodgson on the canucks was challenging for rookie of the year. Hodgson with Vanek and Pominville was producing just fine.