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  1. That's kinda what I hinted at. This is the underlying reason why the recovery took so long. But the thing is, the economy is much much better than when Obama first took office. Not great, for the reason you give, but much better. If Romney or McCain were POTUS, the GOP would be yelling at the top of their lungs at those numbers. That being said, the question still stands, and even you would have to lay the blame for the next crash in whole or in majority in part on the GOP. That is the point of my question.
  2. I know some Trumpsters will have some apologetics for this: To those TRUMP!! supporters, again, a question: If the economy tanks during TRUMP!!'s administration, who gets the blame???? Any deregulation that could be the cause of another crash would have had its origins in GOP land, much like the deregulation that resulted in the 2008 mortgage crisis.
  3. Example # _______ why a GOP dominated government not going to be a good thing. How is an article in ANY WAY scientific literature????? This is what happens when you hand the keys to the country to a bunch of morons like Ted Cruz, etc. Edit: An article from Breitbart that is.
  4. You realize that there are republican voters in NY California whose votes really don't count in the current system, just like there are Democrat voters in a fairly liberal city like Austin Texas that are wasted as well. In a national election voting for a national policy or President, each vote should count. Right now, 2.5 million votes don't count worth a damn. That is why the Electoral college needs to go. As for your comment on Canada's governance problems, I see your point and raise you PEI.
  5. Trumpsters???
  6. Want an example how Fossil Fuels are subsidized??? Just read up on the proposed LNG deal between the BC Government and Petronas. They would get MASSIVE tax breaks for building the infrastructure.
  7. Drain the swamp!!!!!! How many examples show that to be false?? People who worked for one of the biggest offenders that crashed the economy in 2008 are now DEEP in the TRUMP!! administration. Doesn't look good. The first paragraph is just wow.
  8. A compromise that is limited. At some point, we will be forced to transition. Better to do it now when we still have lots, and our economic/political climate is relatively stable. That won't be the case if we do nothing and we begin to run out.
  9. And you have the right ID's with the correct address. Hopefully you didn't move shortly before organized mail outs went out in your area that come back as undeliverable since undeliverable mail can have you removed from the voter rolls.
  10. Wow. And people think this guy is going to be able to "Make America Great Again".
  11. Drain the swamp.... Ya right. TRUMP!!'s pick for Education sec. a HUGE champion for privatizing Education. His pick for Education Sec. pushed hard for charter schools in Michigan, yet
  12. And who's supporters were among the first to be charged with committing voter fraud??? You guessed it, ole tiny hands.
  13. Unless those libel laws get opened up. They might be in trouble then.
  14. Tell me again why TRUMP!! and a Republican controlled Congress, Senate, and soon SCOTUS will help the common man???????????? Any Trumpsters??
  15. Or it involves a person who can't handle criticism. The guy who sued Maher over a joke. Tried to sue the Onion. Campaigned that he wanted to open up the libel laws so he can sue authors/publishers of critical articles. THAT is why there is a problem.