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  1. Member when GOP types in the US were all about STATES RIGHTS!!! Well, that has gone out the window. Moscow Mitch's wife said it best LINK Trump administration bars California from requiring cleaner cars
  2. Another one bites the dust. De Blasio drops out of 2020 presidential race
  3. TRUMP created the conditions where this bailout was needed. Obama didn't create the environment where the automaker's bailout was needed. TRUMP's bailout of farmers is more than double the auto bailout and will continue to grow. I know that there was way more given to the banks, but understand that there are GOP members who were critical of the auto bailout, like Mitt Romney who wrote an op-ed urging Obama to let Detroit go bankrupt. Self inflicted stupidity by TRUMP and co. LINK Trump’s $28 Billion Bet That Rural America Will Stick With Him Farmers caught in the trade war have become dependent on government payments.
  4. This is what happens when you have a corrupt, inept administration. They cannot even keep their story straight. All it took was a few pressing questions for Rudy to slip up. link Giuliani Admits He Asked Ukraine To ‘Look Into’ Biden In Unhinged CNN Interview
  5. What matters is what people say or what people do, not whether or not they wore a costume to a party, wore a costume on Halloween, or donned a costume in a play/movie/TV show. Should we rake Dan Aykroyd for the blackface he donned with his role in "Trading Places" since he chose to do it, like JT chose to don his costume? No. Should we pay attention to verbal/written statements, peoples voting records, peoples actions? Yes. That is the difference.
  6. So Parliament told BoJo a No-Deal Brexit was a no go. Now the EU is telling BoJo he needs to produce his plan for Brexit. They are calling BoJo out. BoJo has no plan, and is only trying his hardest to run the clock out. LINK EU gives Boris Johnson ultimatum: Show us Brexit plan in 12 days or ‘it’s over’ Macron hatches new deadline with EU Council presidency
  7. It's one thing to "joke" about doing a mass shooting. It's a whole other thing if you have the guns to do it. I'm all for licensed gun ownership of bolt/lever action long rifles and pump action/breech loading shotguns for the average Joe blow.. However, semi-auto or automatic rifles are a no go for me outside of restricted gun ownership rules. It's good they caught this one before it could have happened. A little "good" news for this thread. Okla. woman, 18, accused of threatening to shoot 400 people at former high school "Deputies arrested Wilson after an interview at her home Sunday. They seized an AK-47 assault rifle with six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun with a stock sleeve for extra shells."
  8. They use a form of proportional representation (closed list) where people vote for their preferred party and seats are based on votes the party receives past the minimum threshold. So, coalition governments are common with few making it to the 4 years.
  9. $55 billion deficit in one year and cuts to services gets a pass because Canada weathered the storm of the '08 crash but JT is raked through the coals for his debt. again, both are not good. Understand, the deficits under JT have a lot to do with restoring the service cuts under Harper combined with the fact that JT would be committing political suicide if he restored Harper's tax cut. The GST wasn't restored to pre-Harper levels and so were other Harper tax cuts. Those tax cuts put a multi-billion hole in tax revenue. Combine that with the crash in oil prices, and a good chunk of JT's deficits can be explained. He is reaping the results of unpaid tax cuts that C.R.A.P. sycophants fall for. Voodoo economics do not work, and Scheer is promising more.
  10. The Cons plan is to cut taxes, which will lead to more debt and cuts to services. This is exactly what Harper did, on top of the '08 crash. In the C.R.A.P. world, Harper gets a pass for all the spending and debt he piled on, but JT is a bad man for his debt. I don't like either, but I'll take the Liberal approach over the C.R.A.P. plan of voodoo economics any day of the week.
  11. We Spent 10 Months Investigating Kavanaugh. Here’s What We Found. Two journalists detail the results of their reporting on the Supreme Court justice’s past.
  12. Bill was a Democrat, so he gets put through the ringer. Republicans can get away with all kinds of crap, until they basically get caught red handed. For example, one gets caught wanting to stick their penis in an airport glory hole.
  13. He's still miles ahead of the orange turd occupying the White House. Oranges vs origins.
  14. So much for BREXIT being easy. It makes you really wonder if the Brits would have voted leave if they actually had the truth presented to them at the time. The impact of a no-deal Brexit where trucks transporting goods will have to wait days to cross the Channel is going to have a major impact. Want some flowers for your wedding. Good luck on that one. LINK Brexit: Labour urges Parliament recall after no-deal Brexit papers released