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  1. And its nothing new. I know I know bringing up US stuff in a Canadian thread rubs a certain poster the wrong way. But I think it illustrates the point. One of Patton's orders during the interwar period was to forcibly break up a WW1 veterans protest about benefits for vets. Vets are used as propaganda, but when its time to treat them after thei service, they get the short end of the stick. Parties of all political stripe.
  2. Just so we are aware of context. This is what TRUMP was up to on Memorial Day weekend. As US COVID deaths approach 100,000 (it's over 97,000 as of this morning). Trump’s weekend: Golf, a murder conspiracy, retweeting someone calling female political adversaries fat and ‘skank’
  3. Life isn't black or white. It isn't all or nothing. There is a lot of grey and this thing called compromise. Her body, her rules runs into the issue that after viability, the baby can survive. Where you are actually killing what could be a "healthy baby". That's why people have an adverse reaction to late-term abortions. It's week after week 20, not 26. Banning abortions is not an option as is unlimited abortions. The compromise lies somewhere in between. The compromise actually is demonstrated by the numbers. 9 in 10 occur before week 13. Typically when most women realize that they are pregnant and come to a decision whether or not they want the pregnancy. By week 20, almost 99% have decided. After viability is when the overwhelming majority would have issues with abortions taking place. And very few abortions occur past viability. Those that do, there are significant percentage that occur because of legitimate medical reasons. That is why week 20 tends to be the cut-off. And why arguing about "killing babies" is hyperbolic nonsense.
  4. I thought polls were B.S. and not to be trusted. I guess only when you are making a point. And just to be fair, the healthy baby part really isn't at play here. Healthy babies really only coincides with the point in pregnancy called viability. The point where the fetus can survive outside of the womb. And BTW, the overwhelming majority of abortions take place before this point. From the CDC: "91.0% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation; a smaller number of abortions (7.7%) were performed at 14–20 weeks’ gestation, and even fewer (1.2%) were performed at ≥21 weeks’ gestation." That last number, is what pro-birthers call "late-term" abortions. That last number represents possible "healthy babies". Of that number, there is a significant percentage of these "late-term" abortions that are performed for valid medical reasons. A lot of the mothers who fall in this category actually wanted their children. Give this a read: Abortion In The Third Trimester: A Rare Decision Now In The Political Spotlight
  5. You project too much. If I'm guilty, then you're guilty coming from the "other side".
  6. You took the bait. I knew your post would be full of trash. "Geez, get Trudeau’s member out of your mouth, you’d think you were one of his students " There are plenty of posters who would read this and rightfully ignore the rest of your post as utter trash. I'll try and hold back the vomit and go through your trash. Not a good start there. 1) You agree that ethics violations are not criminal. This was debated in the liberal government thread multiple times. Nice to see you were correct about something in you post. The rest, not so much. 2) Tinfoil hat conspiracy with no evidence is not a crime. Corporate welfare not a crime. I can easily go through the incidents of Conservative governments giving corporations handouts. Nothing new and if you actually want to know, me and other posters have been negative about other instances of corporate welfare. An opinion piece lol Nothing criminal here. 3) Saudi deals and Omar Kadhr are not treason. Like not even close. You are so off here that words cannot describe how far off you are. There have been multiple instances in multiple threads where your position has been utterly torn apart. I'll try an be brief. This was a civil case. Omar was suing the government for damages related to violations of his rights as a Canadian citizen. Violations that the Supreme Court had ruled occurred. Civil cases are settled all the time. TRUMP even settled in his fraud university case. We taxpayers were paying in the case regardless of the outcome. Either through court and lawyers fees or through an even larger award to Omar. You realize that he was suing for much much more than he ultimately got. In a case that he was strongly favored to win. I'd love to see a legitimate lawyer's analysis that says otherwise. So not treason. Not even close. 4) You can go to the liberal government thread and find tons of debate over this. Peoples opinions that investigation should have occurred. Yet, you just post the Wiki and no details about exactly where criminal violation of laws occurred. Hardly proof that JT is a criminal. Thank you, try again. 5) An absolute rag of an outlet promoting an uncorroborated story. Also, the CNN article doesn't in any way demonstrate that JT is guilty of anything criminal. Sexual assault or harassment. So a failure here demonstrating JT is a criminal. 6) Didn't sidestep democracy. Areas that require legislation like buybacks and grandfathering were not part of this ban. You have no constitutional right to guns. So peoples rights haven't been violated. There's a whole thread about this. Debate there. Failure. Nothing criminal here. 7) So providing funding to media would stop criticism of the government. Except those very outlets covered the SNC-LAVALIN affair in depth. Plenty of those very outlets were critical. Your very post has multiple Canadian outlets. Failure here. Also not criminal. Oops. So your previous claim that JT is criminal and your list of his "crimes" has been an utter failure. Nuclear face palm worthy failure.
  7. Have I said JT is a Saint? I think not. Just because I defend him against baseless attacks doesn't mean I'm 100% team JT. Just I find team Conservative revolting. Whatever "crimes" you "think" JT has done, TRUMP has done more. Way more. TRUMP's lies and misleading statements should break 20,000 before the year is out. I'd be surprised if JT has exceeded 10%. If he has, surely you could post a source. So yes, TRUMP is scum.
  8. 1) Violated ethics: Not a criminal offense. At most a fine. Boo hoo 2) committed political interference during an election: Umm provide specifics here. This is a serious charge so you must have evidence. 3) has committed treason to Canada: Umm provide specifics here. Treason is a serious charge so you must have evidence. 4) interfered in a criminal case Umm provide specifics here. This is a serious charge so you must have evidence. 5) accused of Sexually harassing a student many years ago. Umm provide specifics here. This is a serious charge so you must have evidence. 6) Also bypassing due political process to try and ban guns. Nothing illegal with the gun ban. Other aspects of the plan will require legislation. If your charge is true, then those parts of the plan would have been put in place now. 7)paying 600 million to media for censorship, Is this a backhanded swipe at the CBC. Nothing illegal here 8)etc. You got more? That's debatable. You barely got anything here thats supported with actual evidence, let alone charges that would warrant jail time.
  9. Yet, when one of the larger cases of voter fraud involves the GOP in a congressional election, crickets. North Carolina GOP Operative Faces New Felony Charges That Allege Ballot Fraud
  10. The most transparent President. Wonder what they are hiding. 6 months on, Trump hasn't completed his physical. The White House won't say why. Six months after saying he started the process, Trump hasn’t completed his annual 2020 physical.
  11. Of course he would do this. I wonder what kind of percentage of his base subscribe to antivaxx or antivaxx leaning ideology. Edit: I know some people who vote to that side of the political scale who have anti-vaxx ideas.
  12. Let's re-open. FREEDOM!! Live updates: Texas coronavirus cases surge as restaurants, gyms, bars, and childcare facilities reopen Two weeks into the reopening of Texas, coronavirus cases continue to climb — along with tensions. Shops, restaurants, nail salons, cinemas, barbershops, beaches, gyms, offices, childcare facilities, and personal care services are among the businesses that have reopened to the public. Bars, wine tasting rooms, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and rodeo events will reopen on Friday so long as they stay under 25% of their maximum occupancy rate. Zoos can follow suit next Monday. Professional sports leagues, including basketball, baseball, football, and tennis, can hold events from May 31, but fans are not allowed. Regardless of the type of establishment, people are encouraged to maintain social distance, keep their faces covered, and wash or sanitize their hands frequently.