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  1. I agree. Don't you think that the "bombshells" would have been released BEFORE early voting started. Or BEFORE the National Debates where TRUMP! and PENCE! could have highlighted those "bombshells" to a large NATIONAL audience, thus maximizing their political capital. Even this Project Veritas stuff seems like a last ditch, hail mary, desperate attempt.
  2. I think that every time you posted that poll, it has been within the margin of error, has it not?? I don't think that you posted one poll from this pollster that had TRUMP! or Shillary more than 3 % up in the last month.
  3. I think that it is more about how there has been a perfect storm of weak, $hitty candidates that opposed TRUMP! and the result is that TRUMP! is so close to the oval.
  4. Something on the lighter side:
  7. When one candidate say 8-9 times the number of the other candidate in false statements, the media shouldn't focus on that. Statements that can be proven false by simply pulling up Tweets. The media shouldn't report or "focus" on that when debates are supposed to be about what the candidate SAY.
  8. There is a saying about hope. We all know which hand fills first. Clear evidence would have already been used.
  9. Even people who campaigned for GOP candidates have called them pedestrian.
  10. Like this:
  11. If it really was a smoking gun, the the full, unedited conversations would be released as well. We know that isn't going to happen.
  12. The Planned Parenthood and Acorn tapes show the pattern. All he ever released where highly edited clips. He even admits that the entire conversations will never be released.
  13. ACORN and Planned Parenthood tapes show the pattern FYI
  14. These undercover tapes are highly edited Right-wing click bait. If the unedited tapes were released, the context of these conversations would discredit the shock and awe that Trumpsters have
  15. TRUMP!! would be doing a LOT better if he could have: 1) Stayed on message and not rambled SOOO much. 2) Didn't say SOOO many FALSE statements. The number of false statements in the debates alone were staggering. 3) Actually new how to debate. Being on the stage with multiple jacka$$e$ gave him cover. Having to fill 40ish minutes on his own, not so much.