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  1. With all the talk about Russia, Healthcare, and TRUMP!! throwing members of his cabinet under the bus, what about all those jobs that were promised?? We all know that the Carrier deal was a sham. I posit that the future is here and good paying jobs for the 99% are slowly slipping away. Serious discussion certainly isn't happening with TRUMP!! in power. Automation is the real enemy. The auto industry has seen it. McDonald's is/will see it. Hell, they even have designed an automated mason.
  2. Even Bernie doesn't know what they will be voting on tomorrow. Talk about Republican leadership and working for the American people should cease to exist.
  3. At least the previous "corrupt" presidents since 1980 have at least been competent and were able to champion legislation that could get passed. TRUMP!! on the other hand, not so much.
  4. Here is another angle: How many people with Class 5 licenses have to prove that they are medically capable to drive?? How many have had their eyesight tested when they renewed?? The only drivers who have to do either of those on a regular basis are professional drivers (Class 4, 3, 2, 1). Yet, how many people in their 40's have the same physical abilities or eyesight that they had in their teenage years? I know I do not. It may be a minor one, but I often wonder how many accidents could have been prevented if drivers had to regularly prove they are capable.
  5. Throwing Sessions under the bus shows leadership?? I also love the "leadership" shown by Senate Republicans on healthcare. How in the world is this sensible that they are set to vote on healthcare, a MAJOR part of the US economy and directly affects peoples lives and people have NO IDEA what will be voted on??????????????? Only hard core TRUMP!! supporters do not see a problem with this.
  7. One thing about pardoning people before criminal charges are laid is that those individuals will no longer have the 5th Amendment to fall back on. Statements they make will no longer incriminate themselves so they can now be compelled to answer those questions that they normally would plead the 5th. One more aspect of this is that it looks more and more like there is something there, Pardoning the key players would confirm that.
  8. Generalize much??? I have a job, not broke, not on welfare. TRUMP!! and co. are incompetent. Some of the biggest handouts I have seen have gone to, for example, the people responsible for the 2008 economic collapse. Hardly the type your are generalizing. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  9. What was that about TPP again??? If you are a TRUMP!! supporter, then you seriously need to dig into what TRUMP!! and co. are proposing for the NAFTA negotiations. But I doubt there will be anything on Pro-TRUMP!! sources about that. Carry on.
  10. It must be awesome trying to defend TRUMP!! when he changes his position multiple times in less than 2 days. What will his position be next week??? Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much winning. Is it just me, or did TRUMP!! take credit for saving jobs a Carrier?? Oh From Nov. 2016
  12. This is true of a lot of groups. Feminists, creationists, flat Earthers, anti-vaxxers. It is sad how these people have such a large voice and following.
  13. TRUMP!! was relentless criticizing Cruz and Hillary for their ties to Goldman Sachs. Gets in power. Then turns his administration into a Goldman Sachs Alumni Association.
  14. I love how you can find tweets or statements that illustrate how easily TRUMP!! can pull a 180 on virtually any position. Like ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  15. Only in TRUMP!! land is that a "news alert". The incompetence of this administration has been on full display for months. Maybe that something will be a resignation letter. LOL