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  1. Who is this everyone? It looks like you bought the "lock her up" crap. She's been investigated and no criminal charges for any of it. She even testified for 10+ hours during the Benghazi witch hunt. Yet TRUMP could barely handle a take home test, with other senior officials who have been blocked from testimony.
  2. Nope. Decades of mismanagement by the Albertan PCs is where the blame lies. That and shoving your chips all in on oil. Last time I checked, JT got Transmountain expansion and has nothing to do with world oil prices.
  3. Who is this toxic left you speak of? Do you have any numbers as to how many people are OK with the grooming that went on? I'm curious because I identify as left and DO NOT approve any of the crap that went down in Rotherham. I would love to see some sources other than some YouTube video.
  4. So I dont have to pay taxes for my "free" stuff. Wait. Taxes pay for that "free" stuff so they aren't free then are they.
  5. Well, when you break down the programs people like/want they represent the overwhelming majority of government spending. Even people who occupy the fiscal conservative side are included. Most of the programs that people would list as excessive represents pennies on the dollar. I agree that cuts are gonna hurt real bad.
  6. The US run by a terrible president is still objectively better than where many of those people are coming from.
  7. Well, last year there were US treasury bill inversions. They have consistently indicated economic downturns/recessions in the following 12 to 24 months. The next US election is smack dab in the sweet spot.
  8. Plus he has already sent consular officials to Turkey to meet with Iranian officials so visas can be issued.
  9. I think the deadline for primary challengers to appear on the ballot may have passed. He may feel safe to make votes like this without fear of a well funded primary challenger.
  10. So I wonder how many people who thought Shillary would be worse still think that. Certainly those not solidly in team TRUMP may have buyers remorse. Business insider article link GOP Sen. Mike Lee furious after an 'insulting' Senate briefing on Trump's Iran strike: 'The worst briefing ... on a military issue I've seen in 9 years' Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah was furious on Wednesday after a Senate briefing on President Donald Trump's decision to order an airstrike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Lee called it "probably the worst briefing, at least on a military issue, I've seen in nine years I've been here." He said he "walked into that briefing undecided" on whether to support a war-powers resolution being pushed by Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. The resolution would limit the Trump administration's ability to take further military action against Iran without congressional authorization. "That briefing is what changed my mind," Lee said. "I'm now going to support it." Other lawmakers - both Republican and Democratic - also ripped the Trump administration after being briefed on the strike, saying they saw little evidence to support such drastic measures against Iran
  11. If a threat is imminent, you dont take out the guys at the top. Taking Bin Laden out days before September 11th wouldn't have stopped those attacks. You take out the people carrying out the attacks to stop an imminent threat. If taking out a top guy is meant to prevent an attack, the attack isn't imminent as it is usually in the planning stages. Something I heard.
  12. Well it wasn't. Most of the "hundreds" (a very high estimate btw) was the cumulative result of removing sanctions. The plane full of cash was much, much less. It was an unfilled purchase of military equipment that the Shah made prior to the revolution. It was Iran's money with interest. I repeat. It was Iran's money being returned to them.