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  1. 08 happened due to deregulation. Banking regulations were gradually chipped away largely ending with the GOP bill that Clinton signed and it is this that opened the doors. Week/no environmental regulations are how the Love Canal and the burning Cuyahoga River happen. Weak regulation/oversight is how the VW emissions scandal happens. Weak regulation/oversight is how the Boeing scandal happens. Less regulation does not mean things will be better. It definitely won't make Wall Street better. Deregulation you get Enron. I could go on. On more than one occasion, it leads to ruin.
  2. Medicare for all: Actually when you factor in all the private taxes (premiums, deductibles and copays ), the gross markups, the grossly inflated administrative costs, the current system is more expensive than Bernie's plan. A libertarian think tank funded a study that came to these conclusions. %1%24s Housing: Well, with homelessness a problem and people struggling to afford housing what do you propose? Looks to me that this is just the start. The points you are making are in the how. How to implement this. Jobs: Considering how conservatives complain to no end about welfare, you would think a federal jobs program would be a good idea. ICE: ICE isn't an old agency and is has plenty of issues. Puerto Rico: Like you, I'd like a little more info on this. If it is about statehood, it would go a long way to addressing issues there. Climate Change: The phrase economically viable/technically feasible appears in the GND. As for renewable energy, I could post multiple links to articles on countries that have gone renewable, gone off coal, and articles on how China and India are leading implementing renewables to their power grid. Change is coming and AOC and others want the US to lead. CONS not so much. Education: I basically said the same. Women/LGBTQ: I could post multiple articles outlining the ways the TRUMP administration isn't. I'm sure they have previously been posted here. Supporting Seniors: Only one party has proposed cutting/privatizing social services like Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. That party is not the DNC. Campaign finance reform: Again, I don't see many on the GOP campaigning on this. Cocaine Mitch even blocked the House bill designed to help secure elections. So I would take AOC on this over GOP politicians any day of the week. Curbing Wall street: Actually less regulation is why we had the 08 crash. Less regulation leads to the VW debacle regarding emission standards, to rivers catching fire, to planes crashing do to faulty/shabby construction. So no, wall street needs a swift kick in the behind more than letting them loose. On many of these points, polling has the majority in support, not the minority. In some, you even have a majority of Republicans supporting them. Universal background checks for one. Asking for the Moon. One guy said let's go there in 10 years and the US did. Sometimes asking for the moon is how you actually get something done.
  3. If you paid attention to Bernie Sanders you would know what's up with that one.
  4. Out of all the "wacky" leftist policies that AOC and by extension, the Squad are supposed to have, I can see one where I'm not totally on board. That being free college. Subsidized maybe, but free no. The rest I would love to hear why they are bad. My guess will be the Climate Change GND. So can we please pick something else.
  5. Just so we are clear. If TRUMP wasn't an ignorant bigot whose actions are making it harder and harder to not outright call him a racist, he would have spoke up to end the racist chants at his rally, and he wouldn't have doubled down on his tweets like he did this week. This is how a real leader acts when faced with bigoted remarks. The late John McCain.
  6. I didn't say TRUMP is a racist. I said what he tweeted is a racist. My assessment is TRUMP is that he is an ignorant bigot, not a knuckle dragging racist like David Duke. However, TRUMP is making it harder an harder to not call him an outright racist.
  7. When what TRUMP tweeted is basically word for word on the US EEOC site as harassment based on national origin, I think the assessment that what TRUMP tweeted is racist is factually correct. It's the type of phrase that white nationalist would say. It's the type of phrase that KKK memebers would say. PROVE ME WRONG
  8. Ya, it wasn't until well after the fact and that the press about the rally is really negative that TRUMP changes his tune. If TRUMP really didn't like it, he could have nipped it in the bud right then, right there. TRUMP didn't. TRUMP actually seemed to bask in the crowds chants. TRUMP's birtherism of Obama, this past weekend racist tweets, the unhinged Monday presser, and now this rally all point to one thing. TRUMP is an ignorant bigot who is stoking the bigotry of his ignorant, bigot filled base. PERIOD. You may feel that I am incorrect. The facts say otherwise.
  9. I wonder how TRUMP and co. will change their stories this time. Oh, those phone calls were not about Stormy. They were about ________. FBI believed Trump was closely involved in hush-money scheme, unsealed documents show The release of the previously redacted documents came one day after the judge in the case disclosed that prosecutors had concluded their probe into Cohen’s campaign finance crimes.
  10. Well, how about modernizing the Fisheries Act.
  11. Cocaine Mitch isn't the only waste of skin that Kentucky sent to D.C.. I give you Rand. The guy objects (blocks) a bill that passed 402-12 in the House and has 73 co-sponsors. The guy cries fiscal responsibility as his reason, yet he voted for TRUMP's tax cuts. Sen Mike Lee (R-Utah) also objected. So the next time a CONservative brings up 9/11, tell them members of their flock blocked first responders getting compensation/care. Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund
  12. I think this should clearly indicate how many in team TRUMP are knuckle dragging morons. Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, ‘Send her back!’