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  1. I cannot fathom how people can defend this administration. It is one thing to decline invitations to appear on networks/TV programs, but a whole other thing to block access to briefings. I guess we are not supposed to question the glorious leader.
  2. It is because there is a narrative that there is an epidemic of refugee violence and therefore, we need to stop letting in refugees for our safety. If it can be clearly demonstrated that this is the case, then that narrative holds water. That is why the question was asked. I thought that was obvious. This was the sequence of posts. Chandyman posted: Insinuating that there is a cover-up about how much refugee violence there is. This is all part and parcel for the narrative that there is a epidemic of refugee violence, and therefore we need to keep them out. That is where Inane's post comes in that you question. Again, his question is for evidence that there is a clear epidemic of refugee violence which would support the narrative that refugees are bad, therefore we need to stop letting them in. If the rates are no worse or lower than that of citizens, then refugees are no worse than us. His question doesn't condone the violence. It is asking for evidence.
  3. You realize that the GOP control government and have controlled many of the key committees that are in charge of spending, security, etc.. Those "hidden" costs that you speculate for Obummer would not have been hidden for long, especially during election cycles. Is this a case of feelings vs. facts? I'm open to objective empirical evidence that those numbers in the Forbes article are wrong. Clearly demonstrate that and you get +++++++++++++++++. As for TRUMP!! 's costs, there were reports during the campaign that he inflated the costs he was charging his campaign for use of his properties (those reports were shared in this thread). So maybe that could be a contributing factor for why his costs are so high.
  4. So what's that about tax and spend liberals??? Interestingly, in Trump's first formal interview after his election victory with CBS's 60 Minutes, he said, "I don't think we'll be very big on vacations, no." After a stressful start to his stint in the White House, however, Trump seems to have changed his mind. *Click below to enlarge (charted by Statista)
  5. Isn't it awesome when TRUMP!!'s biggest supporter in the MSM questions whether his wall can be built in the manner that he promised his TRUMP!!!sters during the campaign.
  6. These are the tools that have control of the keys to the castle. Please tell us how they are going to make America great again. Video of the moment in the article.
  7. Wonder how much longer he has this job.
  8. Let's say that the raid was a success. I want to know what TRUMP!! and his base would be doing then. WE A KNOW WHAT THEY WOULD BE DOING.
  9. Or maybe an administration that was way, way to eager to get a "win" so they can throw some meat to their base that they are doing a "great" job. You know, the administration whose "leader" doesn't read what is put before him. The Administration who can get their "leader' to agree to stuff by saying "Obummer wouldn't have done that".
  10. Kinda looks like it is par for the course for ole tiny hands. Trumps Steaks, his mortgage co. his casino.
  11. So there was a LOT of talk about repeal and replace the ACA. The GOP tried over 50 times while Obummer was in office to get rid of it. They have had YEARS to come up with a plan. Seems like they are all talk and hot air.
  12. From the PDF 2015 there was a total of 10,891,745 immigrant and non immigrant visas issued at foreign service posts. So 100,000 doesn't seem to be that far out of the question. Here is a graph Issuances by Nationality.pdf