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  1. "Feel the Bern" [The Bernie Sanders thread]

    I think the moment that Bernie won a lot of voters.
  2. The Canadian Election - Liberals Win Majority

    An oldie but related to the discussion about the C.R.A.P.s not looking into their candidates pasts. I wonder what else the fishing buddies did on their trip. C.R.A.P = Conservative Reform Alliance Party A.K.A the truth
  3. Obama Secures Iran Deal

    Stevo is sooo anti ISIS. Someone should let that fool know that Iran is also against ISIS. You know, that whole Sunni and Shiite thingy
  4. Another example of how these piss poor policies work. This is all tied to provisions in Federal legislation and money. Schools are obligated to investigate ALL instances of rape/sexual assault/sexual misconduct. If they do not, then they lose funding. They end up installing kangaroo courts that din't resemble anything remotely like the justice system. Further more, SJW's end up on the boards that investigate / adjudicate these cases. This case is a prime example of what happens.
  5. The Canadian Election - Liberals Win Majority

    This should tell ANYONE who is on the fence about possibly voting for the C.R.A.P. and Stevo that they should not get your vote. It boggles the mind the there are so many people who will vote for the C.R.A.P. without realizing how bad they are. Sheep. C.R.A.P. = Conservative Reform Alliance Party
  6. But But But Vaccines are the devil. They cause autism. They are poison. <---- Anti-Vaxers
  7. Had to post this since I've been seeing a lot of Facebook losing their minds over the PP video smear campaign. So a GOP lead state that recently passed a religious liberties bill (Gov. Pence is openly against gay marriage and is Pro-Life) ordered an investigation into PP and found.....
  8. There are ,many people who would be disgusted if they saw video on how their favorite meat was produced from large scale slaughter houses. These PP videos are meant to get people emotional, so then they will do stupid sh1t. I would say that the perps who produced these videos did just that. All part and parcel to their goal of outlawing abortion.. period.
  9. Harper announces moratorium on new Senate appointments

    I think that the facts say otherwise. Slashing the GST put Stevo in a multi-billion dollar hole that the CRAP's say has finally been filled (in other words balanced the budget). Running up our national debt should be all that is needed to give Stevo and the CRAPs the boots. C.R.A.P.= Conservative Reform Alliance Party.
  10. Charleston church shooting suspect arrested in North Carolina

    Around 15 mins in Obama talks about the shootings. This is the podcast that Obama drops the N-word. CONservatives lose their minds that he said it.