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  1. If you think that the GOP Healthcare bills being written in secret and rammed through with little to no debate is going to be the only things that the GOP and TRUMP!! are going to use this tactic with, you would be wrong. Yet another area that is very complex and has real consequences if done incorrectly (See Kansas) is TAX REFORM. The GOP plan to write in secret and ram through tax reform.
  2. ^^^^^ Kinda hard for Democrats to have input in legislation when the GOP do things in back rooms and plan to release legislation at the last possible minute to "ram" legislation through. Obviously you didn't watch Bernie's latest speech where he outlined this fact. The ACA had numerous hearings, and numerous GOP amendments were passed. That is how bipartisanship looks like. The GOP house and the secret GOP Senate health care bills had little to no hearings, allowed for little to no debate, and as such had little to no input form the Democrats. But it is all the Dems fault, right? The GOP bares no responsibility? As for the "Tax Plan", it was a ONE PAGE, bullet point wish list. HARDLY a plan.
  3. Multiple Democratic Senators had speeches similar to Bernie's. If you are proud of what you have, you tell the world. You don't keep it secret until the last minute. The GOP and TRUMP!! are a giant inferno of a dumpster fire.
  4. It seems that less than 6 months is a little on the short end, Bill Clinton, W, and Obama were 2 term presidents who had 3 or 4 press secretaries TOTAL. So the next one will HAVE to last well into next year or more for this to be a outlier rather than a trend. I know it is from Wiki, but
  5. Six Months. Spicy burnt out real fast.
  6. We have TRUMP!! University. How about this:
  7. SOOOO much winning, that the WH Press Sec. Spicy has to resort to off-camera, no audio recording press briefings where he cannot even answer simple questions that he should have the answers to. The TRUMP!! administration is a train wreck and this provides yet another prime example to add to the pile. I guess they think that avoiding getting their answers on tape will somehow make them "look" better in the end. What a joke.
  8. You know that a bill is going to be a giant TURD when the powers that be of the party that is writing the bill cannot even answer simple questions about the bill. Important concepts that the average voter, let alone the average politician, will need to know in order to come to an informed decision about the legislation. This is important since the GOP is going to try and rush this through (not hearing, minimal debate) and word is that they are trying to get it done by the end of the month with July 4th coming so people will be distracted. I really wonder who people can think this is better than the ACA and how it was passed.
  9. Member how TRUMP! supporters went on about how someone in the DNC had a stupid password or something something or there was an insider something something and that is how the DNC info made it to Wikileaks. Well feast your eyes on this piece about how info on voters and GOP strategy was stored unsecured.
  10. So I guess widespread American tourism to CUBA just got taken out back of the woodshed and given the ole Yeller treatment. The "4 objectives" that the Whitehouse list are total B.S. with #2 being the biggest turd of B.S. in the bunch. They should have given the truth. Obama is terrible and this policy erases a move in the positive direction that Obama accomplished. F Obama. There are plenty of states that have WORSE records than Cuba that the US give all kinds of rope to ( a certain state in the Middle East comes to mind).
  11. And threw "someone" under the bus. Let's figure that one out. There were letters that were released when Comey was fired by RR. JS and TRUMP!!. TRUMP!! cannot investigate himself. JS was supposed to recuse himself from the investigation. That leaves RR. And it turns out that RR may have to recuse himself from the investigation. But I guess that TRUMP!! supporters will just shrug their shoulders and scoff at the "sources say" as their retort.
  12. If there was nothing there as TRUMP!! and his supporters claim, then I guess hiring a bunch of lawyers with plans to hire more is a complete waste of money. Am I right?? OR MAYBE !!!!!!! (channeling Louis C.K. while saying that<<<<) There is something there.
  13. I wonder what the response will be from our loyal TRUMP!! cheer team??