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  1. Member when a big deal was made about what Nunes said. Seems like the Senate Intel. Committee hasn't seen the documents that Nunes said he had. And this coming from REPUBLICAN and INDEPENDENT members of the committee.
  2. You want to know a reason why the Health Care bill was delayed:
  3. So that would need EVIDENCE then. Something that both sides ask for when various assertions have been made. The thing about assertions made without EVIDENCE is...... something ... something ... without evidence.
  4. think ole TRUMP!! has done a lot... Think Again. I especially like this" So maybe ole tine hands should have been spending more time picking people to fill vacant spots in the government than jetting off to TRUMP!! owned properties so he can get a round of golf in. Maybe he should have spent time working on this than thoughtlessly tweeting garbage lies and BULLSH!T .
  5. Wanna find out what TRUMP!! has made great......... His properties that he has visited as #45. I love this part. How one man compairs to the rest of us.
  6. This is the key. Those Corporations WILL increase prices. Another avenue will involve automation.
  7. You would think that an administration that is talking tough about North Korea would be able to have extensive talks with SOUTH KOREA, the nation that would be directly in the firing line if conflict with North Korea broke out. Not this... I'm too tired to have lunch and dinner with you.
  8. Couple years old. Here is an article backing you up.
  9. Add another one from the party of "Family Values", Christian, married with children who.........
  10. This line sums the maneuver that TRUMP!!! and co. are up to:
  11. Is that NOT how insurance works????????????????????????????????????????/ You pay into the pool and only "withdraw" when you need it. I guess the mantra "I got mine, screw the rest of y'all" applies.
  12. Wanna know which group will "win" with the Obamacare replacement? Just look at who Paul Ryan fundraised with prior to unleashing his health care bill. One of the most despised parts of Obamacare was the individual mandate system. Yet Ryan's bill has provisions that are along those lines. Want another dismantling of Ryan's bill. Look no further than Last Week Tonight from Sunday, March 12th.
  13. I think that this sums up the inhabitants of TRUMPland. A place where lies, inaccuracies, and hypocrisy rule the land. Thing is, these jobs that were part of the February report had more of Obama's Administrations fingerprints on them than TRUMP!!!'s. But then again, feels before reals.
  14. There is an Australian movie called " Rabbit Proof Fence" that tells a similar tale, only involving some Aborigine girls who used the rabbit fences to find their way home. Canada wasn't the only place that rounded up their children to "civilize the savages", or so was the justification for this.
  15. Member when the GOP shut down the government and acted like toddlers throwing temper tantrums over Obama raising the debt limit. I wonder if these clowns will do anything against this. I won't hold my breath.