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  1. RIP, may the Venture Bros and Metal Gear Solid series carry on your legacy
  2. I went from 13,000+ posts to 600, going from Hall of Famer to Comets Star. Damn it, now how the hell am I supposed to pick up chicks on the internet?!
  3. Good god, does this mean a "Selfie Week" is in the works?
  4. Who's Fran, and why is she on watch?
  5. Seems to me like you're a caring father, unfortunately not all parents are like yourself. You know what they say, some people just aren't meant to be mothers/fathers. Case in point, the safety and well-being of her youngest child just completely slipped her mind here. For those who love their children dearly it's hard to fathom that you can forget about your child in your car, but you've got to remember that not everyone shares the same values. Who knows, as others have already mentioned the mother's young age, she was probably in for more than she can handle with 3 kids at 21. Maybe she does love her children, but being under large amounts of stress does horrible things to your brain. Not that I'm trying to make excuses for her, but every now and then these things happen. Just a tragic death to what could've been
  6. Sutter's extension kicks in for the 2016/2017 season, so...yeah
  7. Sorry Rey, that was the first thing I read when I saw "hot date" in your post
  8. Still? Even after how hard we $&!# the bed in 2011? Hehe :D
  9. Guess we should start calling him Boedhi then
  10. When he starts making highlight reel moves, we shall call him Jukenov
  11. I believe 9 Pacific
  12. What about his facial expression?!
  13. Hot damn Tiffany Thiessen is hotter than ever. Ahh the 90's, when boy/girlbands roamed the earth and sitcoms weren't entirely vomit-inducing
  14. Not too sure where you'd find a brazier on sale, but there's bound to be sales on brassieres just about everywhere!