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  1. Training camp predictions - Sept.16.08

    Great first blog! Written with a nice mix of witty commentary and actual insight. I like the Cowan comment about seeing a lot of bras or seeing his way out of town. I think you summed up the line situation fairly accurately. I think you might see Jason Krog, especially after rag-dolling the AHL last year, be the 6th forward to get a shot at that 2nd line. But I couldn't agree more about Pyatt having to play on that 2nd line because of the absolute necessity that size is on any NHL forward line regardless of whether the play isn't as mean or physical as everyone wants them to be. It is not a reality to have Raymond, Wellwood, and Demitra play together despite the suggestion from many on the message boards and surprisingly even in the media. Good call on clarifying that. Hope to hear lots more from you Mr. Wino. Steve Kariya