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  1. so the hole in his stomach fixed all by itself what a load of bullcrap.
  2. there should be tag team mma, 2 dudes fighting another 2 dudes or royal rumble mma with a ladder match that would be cool.
  3. the man that will destroy lesner and fedor.
  4. how dare you, person of unknown race origin!
  5. white power!
  6. at least FE goes to church, unlike some russians
  7. I doubt lesner would even beat rogers
  8. lesner thinks he's in high school, he can call in sick what a joke
  9. thats why the rounds are to short, the ufc sucks. there should be no judges in a title match if the rounds were like 10 mins. and they were fighting to the death basically everybody would know by now who the winner was, but NO. they have to have a re-match so ufc can make more money. its ungulate feces
  10. machida fights like a girl. his dad actually sang his intro music, what a homo
  11. Your sig makes me sad

  12. fights were always meant to be inside a ring whether its boxing, muai thai or mma. cage is like training wheels on a tricycle. this is why ufc will always be a second rate league in my books.
  13. on the bus you can get your head cut off, raped, punched in the face and be called bin laden or worse more transit means more security costs. and this just is not a self sustainable business model never will be so once you run out of car drivers who are you going to gouge next?
  14. people that take transit should be required to have a bus rider license (much like a drivers license) they will have to take a test how to be a proper transit user, the licensing fee will cost 75$ every like 4 years