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  1. What happens if BC loses today? Demko done for the year?
  2. built like a bull.... BAHAHA. more like a squirrel
  3. Brackett will report to John Weisbrod in his new role... Lord help us all
  4. Dorsett for 2.6mil though
  5. Dorsett at 2.6mil though
  6. 400k and 3 yrs less than Dorsett.More goals and more points. Am I the only one who's comparing these signings? Great character 4th liners
  7. I could live with benning wheeling and dealing if we won some trades and lost some. Instead we just lose them alll
  8. What happens to kenins??
  9. Alex edler for 4th round pick
  10. Vey = 2nd. Kassian = prust WTF
  11. A rebuild is trading vets for picks. Not young players for older players... you moron
  12. Mark Caswell, Jr. ‏@MarkCaswellJr 24m24 minutes ago Per various reports, #Comets all-time winningest goaltender, Joacim Eriksson, has signed with Dinamo Riga of the KHL. If markstrom/lack is traded cannata becomes #3 on depth chart. Ouch.
  13. I don't understand why he's ranked in the 2nd round. Haven't been able to find a flaw from what I've read. Nobody says anything bad about him. That he's equally offensively and defensively gifted. Maybe because teams think that he has already maxed out his trajectory?
  14. You compare him to Dunn/Kylington/Zboril/Chabot/Carlo you all have greater bust factors. Juulsen least likely to bust for 2nd pairing. Tops 2-3 and low end 5-7. Man I wish I just trusted our scouts