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  1. Gaunce deserves to be on this team.
  2. Its almost impossible to walk around sub 7-8% bf let alone to be sub 4%.
  3. For the record, Tonys talking about game 2 so anyone confused about it being in the calgary press box , it wasn't. Kass didnt make trip, Blake price also said today that he heard from a good source that Kass is done for the year.
  4. Sedins with nothing 5on5 again..
  5. WD just opening the gates tonight or is he going to start coaching? Nothings being generated, maybe mix it up.
  6. Put virbata with the sedins already
  7. Tony G just on 1040 : Cliffs: -saw Kassian in press box. Looks fine, big smile on his face when he saw him in press box. - didnt flat out say he doesn't believe the injury but hinted that there could be more to story. Like always, take anything Tony G says with grain of salt.
  8. Still... You usally get little tid bits here and there. Its as if hes fallen off the face of the earth.
  9. Another game you could just feel that we were going to give it up at the end.
  10. Sick and tired of Vey. Couldve moved Mathias back to C and keep sven in lineup.
  11. Why is mcmillan playing with horvat and hansen