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  1. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    The ideal coach. OK. none of us want to see a boring hockey team. However, most of us actually want our team to play smart defensively in their own end. See 2011 regular season. We also want a team that is entertaining to watch and gets chances to score if not lots of goals. See 2011 regular season. We want a coach that will motivate the team to actually play 60 minutes most nights. See 2011 regular season. WE WANT THE CUP!!!. Best chance, 2011. We had the right coach. The message wasn't getting through anymore. The question is. WHY? So. Will a new coach actually have any better luck if the team is not listening? Expect some trades people. BIG trades. Some players are leaving with a new coach. Then we will know who is and who is not listening. If the Canucks actually play a full game. They are going to win on most nights. This team needs to be motivated. So, we need a bad ass that will make the play or someone that can convince them that his way = a championship.