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  1. I would be happier if they actually were a legitimate bottom feeder. Problem is, they'll miss that mark. Mediocre is probably a more apt description. They'll be in the bottom half of the league, probably miss the playoffs, but not so bad as to land anything near top 3 draft slot. I suspect they slot in somewhere near 15th in the pecking order for 2016. Then they'll trade another goalie. That should help take them down another notch heading into the 2017 draft.
  2. On days like today, I have a hard time trying to remember the last time the Canucks actually nailed it on a trade. Sigh.
  3. We need a 4-goal per game scoring back-up and all will be well
  4. Let's just hope that the plan isn't to rest them up for one more game. And that it's "day to day" Kassian's day to return.
  5. Hansen line will git 'er done next game
  6. Tone is set for next game. Show up with some passion and tie it up boys
  7. Good for Bieksa
  8. hustle like you want the puck
  9. a bad penalty but at least Bieksa took a chance to wake the team up
  10. stop crying for penalties and play
  11. if they stand around long enough watching the puck, they just know it'll come to them, right?