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  1. No matter what...having great depth on D, is so important...especially for us
  2. How close was Horvat to making the team?
  3. Thank you Lucky, good advice..again I apologize ...
  4. Actually are cool...I came on here and vented and was nothing but a prick...I am sorry..I have never done that least I never grabbed a drink tonight...but wow did I want one...sorry again ....I do feel like crap now :-( I'm the gooff
  5. Your remarks making me feel like an alcoholic, after I've been sober seven months...but I guess, as long as your roid up who cares, and your Subaru will never be safe :-)
  6. Lucky Luciano will test positive...but I agree...
  7. are the true goof..bragging about your roids on a Canuck page?
  8. Mr.Toews! You are right...I want to,apologize for my attitude on my own original post...been one of them weeks...
  9. My post came out extremely harsh, denying my original point, as to which I wanted to state, it's an insecure feeling to post on this forum for fear of reprimand...we all love our Canucks...
  10. Sounds good...
  11. You proved my point .lucky.....snobs and villains...but you are better than us all...
  12. To all the goofs and punks on this "discussion board" where everyone I s afraid to post in fear of being .......literally being treated like a second class citizen...any way I vented...what the hell is with every other leagues salaries!? I'm m ready To give up pro sports!
  13. Why doesn't Willy ever stand up for his boys? He doesn't have to go full torts...but show something
  14. Is it just me...or does the panel seem informative, entertaining, and not annoying tonight? Or is it my nasty flu making me a little off?
  15. Elder has to go! Horrible play, Bi-Polar attitude, and admittited back issues that will never be 100%!!!! We must show that sh&@ won't fly