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  1. I would say give it to Bo!
  2. Seat relocation is from July 12-14th this year. Your times will be emailed by the end of the month.
  3. I have a Vancouver 2010 Olympic Hockey stick signed by both the Sedins.
  4. Is anybody that is proficient in Illustrator or Photoshop able to create a Snapchat geotag for me? Files should be 1080px wide by 1920px high. Files should be under 300KB in size and saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background. If someone is able to do this for me, I can send them what exactly I am looking for. Hope to get some help with this.
  5. Hopefully this works out like the last Markus we traded for.... Naslund
  6. Brutal! Unless something else is going to happen that offsets this.
  7. Will probably be next year.
  8. Good luck Frankie!
  9. Kassian just got checked into leagues substance abuse program stage 2. Suspended without pay and must be cleared to come back
  10. Prust= Spending time with the youth on the team trying to make them better Kassian= Spending time with youth (18 and 20 year old girls) in his city ruining his hockey career I'll go ahead and say we are winning this trade so far.
  11. I say we just try to win the game instead of focusing on 1 guy.
  12. Best option is to park and take the SkyTrain into Vancouver. Go for a couple beverages somewhere and if you want cheap food, cant go wrong with grabbing a quick bite at Costco then heading into the game. I usually go to Moxies over by the Shark Club or The Pint, its close to the arena and you'll see alot of fans doing so. I suggest going early to either as the places get packed and you wanna be able to eat, have a beverage and be inside Rogers Arena quickly as the new metal detectors have added on a bit of time when entering the arena. Have fun at the game!
  13. I am a STH and received hard copy tickets this year. As mentioned above, there are many other ways besides hard copy that can be used to obtain the tickets. I use my Canucks account and have transferred over tickets to people when I am unable to attend a game. Even when selling, I can transfer tickets on the spot through my phone so you shouldn't have much of a problem.
  14. Not really surprised by this and how the team has performed so far along with lack of off season moves. We are in a rebuild, don't see how we should expect our odds should be anywhere close to Montreals.
  15. RIP! Will definitely miss his voice at Canucks games