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  1. Bought for 207 mil in 2005, flip in 2018 for 700 mil, make sense to me. And yes this would would explain the delays in a JB contract issue and why/if the Aquilini balked from buying the BC Lions
  2. Benning better sign Tryamkin longterm FAST

    Totally agree. Before giving him 3 million, we should wait and see if he can score a goal with a direct shot. A bridge deal at a million per season would be reasonable at this time
  3. (Poll) Willie Watch

    21:30 ice time for Hank on the last game of a road trip. Your best player (boho) is not on the 1st pp unit or the 5-3 unit. Gaunce just got scratched (hasnt scored in months), Biega was on the pp, Megna played with the twins... I want the tank bad, but at some point the coach has to be held accountable.
  4. [PGT] Blackhawks @ Canucks

    Bettman's game management finally swung back and hit us in the face...
  5. Analytics were right about Gudbranson

    This trade was a very good trade for the Nucks. IMO McCann will project to be a 12-15 goal centre, which is terrifying bc he is average not great. With Guddy you get a character defensive defenseman which is a hotter commodity. Everyone on the team is -5 to -9. Hutton is the bigger defensive concern
  6. NOBODY is challenging Tryamkin

    He defends our blue line so well (much like Salo n Hammer did) unlike Edler now who just skates backwards, to our net, and lets the oppostion waltz right in and in result tries to play goalie
  7. (Discussion) Why not Subban?

    He deserves a chance! Waive Larsen and let Subban run the pp for 20 games. Nothing to lose. He might thrive...
  8. (Poll) Willie Watch

    Doug Jarvis is running the offense right now. We are dead last in goal scoring. The core is old, the coaches are old. Travis Green is young, n might have some new ideas to improve our offense.
  9. 2017-2018 Canuck FA's

    Give Boho the same deal as Sutter. Quite similiar resumes
  10. Article: Fool's game - predict top 10 goal scorers

    Dank - 25g Boho - 20g Eriksson - 20g Hank - 20g Sutter - 18g Baert - 15g Hansen - 12g Burrows, Edler, Rodin 5-10g
  11. [Trade] Anthony DeAngelo to Arizona

    You score 30+ goals in the nhl you should be able to trade for something. Wasted assest
  12. [Trade] Anthony DeAngelo to Arizona

    He should have traded Vrbata, last Year, for a 2016 second. Instead we got ______
  13. Totally agree. Bases loaded home run with this deal! Canucks will need to resign him Jan 01/2017 to avoid an arbitration mess. One key point for this deal (compared to the Shinkaurik deal) is the Canucks will not outright lose this deal. Guddy has 5 years of experience and you know what you will get even if McCann blossoms into a 30goal/30 assist guy (even though I think he would plateau at 15goal/15 assist guy per year). Some people believe he will be the next Tyler Johnson a stronger comparable would be David Desharnais. With the Shinkaurik deal, the Canucks could lose big because Grandlund is a proven to be a bottom six guy which is easily available with in the UFA market. Benning has solidified our defense now he has a bigger piece to figure out. Who is going to put the puck in the net? The Nucks are one of the worst scoring teams in the league for the last 2-3 years...
  14. Outstanding trade for the Canucks!! Proven mean top four defenseman. Awesome
  15. What was Jim Benning's best and worst move?

    Best - drafting (boesser n tryamkin) Worst - getting nothing for Vrbata. Scored 30+ goals last year (maybe 10 guys got over 30 this year). Could have traded him at any point from June 2015 to February 2016... Nothing is unacceptable. Lets see if he learns something and gets something for Miller before it is too late...