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  1. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    The entire arena was chanting for Scott to be the MVP. If he hadn't have won it, or been given it, or whatever, it would have sucked. I was so dang happy for the guy I teared up a bit. Even if they stay with the format for next year it won't have the same cache. Everyone loves a feel good story. And this one had the proper happy ending. I'm pretty sure Daniel wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
  2. BmNhl

    The refs in the NHL have been hot garbage for a while now. But this year is the worst. Just a joke. Add in the Department of Safety and you've got a constant gong show. I would say it was bush league stuff, but bush leagues have better reffing. I'm just not digging the NHL right now.  
  3. {GDT} Canucks vs Penguins @ 9:30 AM PT (January 23) on SN

    9 power plays in 6 games. The refs sure know how to give the home teams the advantage in the East. If that's the way it is, then I'd like to see us get more power plays in our own barn. Freakin' NHL. Blech.
  4. Sekeres is out of his mind. Such a small incident leads him to claim Prust is done as a Canuck and WD will be gone at season's end. That is going all in on trivial situation. A little much from a "professional" journalist.  
  5. Higgins. When he broke his foot blocking a shot in preseason it wrote the story for his season. Can't catch up with the league after the time it took to rehab. It's too bad because when he blocked that shot I thought it sent a really good message to our younger players; it doesn't matter that this is preseason you're expected to try your hardest. The rest of our vets took preseaon off after seeing what happened to Higgins. Change is upon us and this is part of it. Thanks for the memories Higgins. Who do we use in the shootout now? lol.
  6. PGT: Canucks-3 Blues-4

    The kids look good. I thought Virtanen had another strong game. He's dangerous, and more noticable than others on the roster. He looked good all night. Weird Lines Willie had fun with his "sprinkle o' grinders" throughout the lineup. Obviously, I'm no NHL coach, but when I see Dorsett on the second line I can't help but wonder what the hell? Yeah, that's what Vrbata and Bo need to get over the skate with one. lol. I do like Sutter with the Sedins, so again, what do I know? Entertaining loss.
  7. Jake Virtanen Talk

    "Big Bedroom Community" "Suburban Sniper" lol
  8. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Big Country? Really? The nickname of one of Vancouver sport's biggest disappointments. Plus, Virtanen ain't no country boy, he's from Vancouver. How about "Big City"? now we're talking.
  9. Virtanen! Virtanen! Virtanen! Come on, Willie. Do it!
  10. Where is Jake?

    I think this thread is succinct and to the point. Where is Jake? I was of the opinion he was one of our best wingers in the preseason, if not our best. Don't tease me. Bring on the Virtanen show. Weird lines Willie has created a situation where it'll be odd to have to put Sutter at his actual centre position so soon.
  11. Guys ahead of Virtanen...blah! Come on coach...what team were you watching? Seriously, get some new pills. Willie is cruising into the season the way the vets cruised through preseason. Go Canucks!
  12. TSN Clowns Pick Vancouver 13th in the West

    Whenever these guys predict the Canucks to finish at the bottom of the standings I think: based on what? I honestly think these prognosticators just forget about Vancouver when they're putting their lists together and then just jam the Canucks on at the end as an afterthought. Sure, some teams in the West have improved, but they all have their holes and problems. I don't look at any team around the league and think they're miles ahead of the Canucks. I like my team. We stand as good a chance as anyone in the West at making the playoffs. Bring it on!
  13. I think Willie D's pain meds are making his lines dizzy. Still...So Excited! Go Canucks!
  14. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    Sutter looked pretty good with the twins but so do our top three right wingers: Vrbata, Burrows, Hansen. Virtanen, who was our best winger in the preseason, also looks good there. Our top three centres are Henrik, Sutter, and Horvat. When it all shakes out, Sutter is far too valuable at taking faceoffs and playing top defensive centre minutes to be wasted on the wing in a postion where we are deep. I'll enjoy watching McCann try and crack this lineup, no doubt. But ultimately Sutter will be playing centre somewhere on this team this year.
  15. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    If the lines are the ones mentioned from practice...I'd say they're a little weird. Sutter should be playing centre. Virtanen outplayed every other winger in preseason. He should be on the opening night roster. The D? Maybe some chemistry could develop in some strange places?