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  1. At this point I think Willie D is an idiot! He tried to put Horvat on the fourth line to start the season. I believe Horvat is thriving despite WD not because of him. I really would not credit him with good development of our youth as just as many young players are floundering as are doing well. Yes Granlund and Baertschi are doing well, but how many of our other prospects would have figured it out with the same ice time those guys are afforded? He only dressed Tryamkin because Larsen got KO'd. It's almost like he couldn't see the guy...and he's freakin' 6'8". Megna! Dorsett before him. Not putting Eriksson on PP1, pretty much the only place that guy could possibly help. Riding Miller (who I like) to the detriment of Markstrom, a guy nearly a decade younger. He has had two ridiculously bad seasons, the Canucks worst in decades. Following on the heels of a terrible coaching job against Calgary in the playoffs in his first season. Not giving many of our own prospects a sniff in the NHL this year so that he can trot out Skille, Chaput, and the aforementioned Megna. I am a huge Trevor Linden fan...but he is killing me and needs to start steering this ship in a new direction. I have been a supporter of Benning, but at this point I am wondering what this guy is doing, or if he even knows what he's doing. This team needs to do something right. Anything. One thing! Firing Willie Desjardins should be at the top of that list.
  2. Willie Desjardins makes stupid personnel decisions. I am done with this coach. If Benning doesn't fire him soon they should both be fired. Megna? No Gaunce...beat it moron.
  3. Rarely has a signing of a free agent worked out for us. Eriksson has been a non factor. Definitely not what I was hoping. Maybe he'll be better next year? But, how are we not trying everything in our power to keep Hansen, including trading Eriksson. I guess we can't move Louie because he got the bulletproof contract for 6 freakin' years. Stupid...stupid...stupid!
  4. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Injustice is served again. This is really starting to make the whole NHL experience unenjoyable. Would somebody just do something right for a change? I keep thinking back to those Virtanen and Edler suspensions for pittypat plays and then comparing them to things regularly perpetrated against our team. Dang!
  5. Louie Eriksson...isn't he supposed to be able to put the puck in the net? When is this guy going to start helping the team? Next year? Year 3, 4, 5, or 6? Sheesh!
  6. Sending down Gaunce? For real? Nobody would claim Megna, Chaput or Larsen if you waived them through...and if they did, so what. You've still got Boucher...Hell you could have had Etem. Gaunce was our top offensive player on the Comets last year playing all position on the 1st line. wouldn't want to put him in a position to succeed in the NHL. At this point I am in shock that I've been forced to watch Chaput, Megna, and Larsen all year on this team. A couple of AHL plug/fringe NHLers and a useless "offensive" defenceman who has no offence. Larsen is as bad as Rafael Diaz was. I'll give Skille a pass because he's chewing through rope and is actually doing alright. But I'd was rather see our real prospects than watch those other clowns prove over and over again how mediocre they are. Megna on the top line? How about Grenier, how about Virtanen, how about Gaunce for F sakes? Larsen? You know who has offensive upside? Subban! Could he really be that much worse defensively than Larsen? Not really. And he might actually help the offence a bit. The margin between winning and losing is very small for this team. These mind numbing coaching decisions are not helping and not providing much entertainment either.
  7. It's kind of hard to stomach Toronto's perception that what they are doing is the way things should be done. Sure things are looking a bit better now, but they've been a giant mess for a very long time. Fluking out and winning Matthews sweepstakes? That's a rebuilding strategy? We had a chance at Matthews, and Laine...but of course did not get lucky...actually we got hosed. If we had lucked into getting one of those players our "rebuild" would be the talk of the league. Anyway...the sky is a different colour in different places.
  8. Hansen is out 4-6 weeks. Is Megna really going to be on the Sedin line for that long? Maybe we could explore some other options?
  9. It is time!
  10. I hope they surprise us and put Virtanen in. I'm not sure the "winning" lineup from last game was as good as it could have been. If the 2nd(?) line is Eriksson, Granlund, and Dorsett...Virtanen would probably look good on RW there. Chaput and Skille? They are doing grinder things on the 4th line. Dorsett is also pretty good at those things. I do see what is happening with Virtanen though. He was gifted his spot in the NHL a little early and suffered from a lack of understanding and motivation. Now they are making him hungry, starving him a little bit, dangling the carrot in front of the horse. Better late than never. Hopefully he's ready to saddle up and ride once he gets back in. That's the rodeo I want to see!
  11. Just listened to Dreger talk about it. Man, that dude can get lost. All this nitpicking about this and that, and ridiculous semantics from the East and the DOPS. Just shut the hell up. That was a dangerous hit and should be punished. Period. All of a sudden all these strange justifications from the DOPS explaining how this hit is different from other hits, blah, blah, blah. All of a sudden there's a new freakin' standard for this stuff appearing out of nowhere. It's the same gawdamn hit they've been suspending players for for years. Our players get suspended for all kinds of crap that doesn't even compare to the violence of Kadri's hit. The bias of ex-nhl morons, players who didn't like the Canucks in their playing days, hits our team on a regular basis. These goofs are not impartial. Just like Gregory Campbell in the Stanley Cup final, his bonehead father being busted for, but not called out on, emails justifying his son's actions and calling for special treatment. Grrrrr!!! Don't tell me the fix isn't in. It is ingrained. I've had it. Level the playing surface already.
  12. Ugh! Can't this league get it right one freakin' time? Would it really hurt to throw a bone to Vancouver and suspend one of these idiots that runs the Sedins? This gets my blood boiling. Time and again the book is thrown at Vancouver players, while identical incidents against us go unpunished. Nearly without fail, whenever there is a decision to be made it goes against Vancouver. It is getting really hard to stomach. The NHL gets it wrong so often it is hard not to get turned off. I love my Canucks...but the treatment of my team by the NHL is shameful. Ugh!
  13. This report can't be real. NO games? Nothing? Really? The NHL just does what it wants. So tell me again how Toronto won the first overall Auston Matthews pick using some indecipherable formula in a backroom. Nothing to see here. Ever. This tinfoil hat is starting to make my head ache... Why is the NHL such a travesty?
  14. I think there is little doubt that Willie D lost the room last year Maybe they are giving him another chance this year. But when Captain Henrik is making not-so-veiled comments about other teams "coaching harder" it makes you wonder what is happening in there. If Virtanen is saying something maybe he is echoing sentiments from other players as well. I don't know if this ends well for Jake, but I'm on his side. When Kesler and Burrows were being developed on the 3rd line it made sense. They were expected to be checkers in the NHL. Virtanen is expected to do more. I'd like to see him given more than half a chance to prove he can help this team.
  15. If Willie D is a "player's" coach it doesn't really show. Motivator? I don't see it. I've seen him demotivate quite a few players: Vrbata, Burrows, Virtanen, Higgins, Etem, Prust...Tryamkin. He doesn't seem to give players roles and identities within a team structure. His failure to put Virtanen in a position to succeed is annoying. I want to watch this kid now. He's the reason I'm buying a ticket to the game. How is he supposed to get anything done without some consistency of linemates and some actual ice time? How does he feel watching Baertschi, Granlund and now even freakin' Skille getting gifted prime line-up spots while he's asked to skate with grinders again and again? The coach wants to see consistency from Jake, while Willie fails to provide any himself. I don't know if this coach has lost the room, but he's losing me. lol