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  1. It is very hard to be patient. Of course I would love to see Virtanen, Goldobin, Boeser on the team this year, selfishly. It would be way more fun to root for our hungry, young rookies than watch some overfed vets give it one more go. But what is best for the development of our young players? It is hard to say. They are all in different stages of development. Hopefully there will be a spot available when they are ready and ripe. Meanwhile I agree that Vanek, Gagner and the others should be more entertaining than Chaput and Megna. I dunno, I'm floundering a bit here. Kinda like management. lol.
  2. Go Prust, you can do it!
  3. That article is an interesting look back at the 2012 draft. A very engaging and honest interview. It seems like Yakupov is a smart kid. Now only 23. Anyway...I'm starting to be intrigued by this rumour. It is also hilarious to read the comments at the bottom of the article. So much hope for a #1 pick. No one knew what the future would hold. No Hall, no Eberle, no Yakupov, no Gagner. And some kid named McDavid with Lucic, Draisaitl, and Pujjarvi. Dang it...look at those riches. That's why I will always enjoy cheering against the Oilers. It's like they stole all the luck!
  4. All the second tier centres were available. I'm sure McPhee realized if Glass was taken he would still have great options. Maybe he might have had something brewing with Benning, but it could have been very tenuous. I'm not a fan of McPhee talking about this potential deal to swap draft spots. He's steeling Jim's thunder. It's like he's giving himself credit for outsmarting Benning. It doesn't make Benning look very good and it takes the shine off the player we did draft. It seems like McPhee is a bit full of himself, and still feeling like a bigshot. His temporary power went to his head. Alright George, you're the shrewdest dude out there. lol Canucks fans are just trying to have some hope, and some fun, we don't need anyone piling on. Especially other GMs. Beat it McPhee...we'll see how smart you are now that you are on the same, level, ice surface as the rest of the league. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, if, if, if. Enough. Let's be happy with what we've got.
  5. I was skeptical at first because of course I was leaning towards a big Canadian centre, or a sexy D-man. The Pettersson pick fell flat for me, but I'm always willing to be convinced. And it usually doesn't take long. lol. But I like this pick...he could be a Zetterberg or a never know. Also, by picking two big Canadian players next, that scored a bunch in the WHL and OHL, the Canucks more than make up for any "grit" lost by picking Pettersson. And Pettersson is 6'2"...when he grows to man size he won't be small. I think our forward group is looking good going ahead. We've seemingly got a good mix of European style skilled players (Goldobin, Dahlen, Pettersson, Baertschi, Palmu) and Canadian style skilled players (Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen, Gadjovich, Lind) Plus my boy Gaunce is about to have a breakout season (if he heals up quickly)! And Granlund's got some game.
  6. As a funny footnote: Rathbone was first in pullups at the combine.
  7. I am super stoked we didn't lose Gaunce to Vegas. He had a perfect storm year to avoid being plucked in the expansion draft. Played all year, was dangerous but had no puck luck, then hurt his shoulder and had surgery. If he had had a great year he'd be gone. Anyway, I've been a fan of Gaunce since we drafted him, I watched him at the young stars tourney way back. He has always had intelligence, solid skills and a good work ethic. He should have been on the team two years ago instead of Cracknell, and outplayed him in preseason. Then he went back and killed it with Green in Utica playing all three forward positions. Green already knows what Gaunce can do and I predict he's going to have his best year yet!
  8. How does Snow still have a job? He knows they were only going to lose one player right? Holy crap!
  9. Uh, that forward group? Why the hell would Las Vegas want to pick up everyone's aging 3rd liners and AHL grinders? They will definitely have better options. I'm not sure Button nailed this one. lol
  10. Odjick Brashear Rypien Darren Langdon Tiger Williams
  11. Welcome back Gudbranson. I haven't given up on you. I'm looking forward to a better year. Bring it on!
  12. Ekholm is 6'4", 215 lbs Subban is 6', 210 lbs Josi is 6'1", 201 lbs Ellis is 5'10", 180 lbs This ridiculousness about small, fast, puck moving defencemen is way overblown. Once in a while a small guy will make an impact...but hockey size is necessary too. Nashville's D can move the puck, but other than Ellis, they are not small. Hell, Even Weber is 5'11", 200 lbs. It seems to me that headlines about everyone needing the "new breed" of small defencemen outline a problem with lazy journalism. Too many writers are parroting this line of thinking.
  13. He is a rookie NHL coach, but has done well in the minor leagues. I think the fact he played 14 years in the NHL as a player is going to help him do things the right way. We can only hope. None of the other coaches available were very sexy that's for sure.
  14. Willie Desjardins has led this team into the garbage. He's routinely been unable to successfully use his most important veteran players: Eriksson, Vrbata, Burrows, Gudbranson. And you can include the Sedins here because he regularly gives them pluggers to drag along. His PP is atrocious. His PK has fallen off the map. His defensive system often leads to 40 plus shots per night. He has been unable to find better options for the labouring Sedin brothers other than Megna and Chaput...showing a distinct lack of creativity. He ignores a guy like Tryamkin to force feed ice time to a soft as tissue guy like Larsen. He brings up rookies like Subban and parks them in the press box before sending them back down without playing a game. That is some ridiculous, petty baloney that has got to hurt their confidence. This team has been so bad this year; I'm supposed to believe there was no opportunity to at least look at Subban? He does weird little welcome to the league stunts with his rookies that half the time have resulted in negative developments for those kids. He plays Miller into the dirt and ignores the future potential and necessity of properly developing Markstrom. Playing Bartkowski down the stretch last year instead of anything that made sense. His quotes in the press often make little to no sense when contrasted what is actually happening on the ice. If he helped in the decision to jettison Etem and keep the trio of Skille, Megna, and Chaput...then he is part of the problem. Sorry...I think Etem could have and would have put up better point totals this year than Megna and Chaput, especially if given the plum ice-time and linemates they have been gifted. People say he's done a good job and no one could have gotten more out of this team than him. I say to them: how would you know? The players like him because he doesn't yell at them? Sorry not a good enough reason to keep him as far as I'm concerned. I'm completely fed up with this coach. What has he done to prove he deserves to stay? The longer he stays the more my crosshairs shift to Benning and Linden. For the love of all things Canuck, please just sort this mess out!
  15. Before there was Megna; there was Dorsett. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy Dorsett as a player. He brings it every night and is a gamer. I was just very frustrated with WD's penchant for continually pushing him up the lineup into spots better suited for players with offensive ability.