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  1. He is a rookie NHL coach, but has done well in the minor leagues. I think the fact he played 14 years in the NHL as a player is going to help him do things the right way. We can only hope. None of the other coaches available were very sexy that's for sure.
  2. Willie Desjardins has led this team into the garbage. He's routinely been unable to successfully use his most important veteran players: Eriksson, Vrbata, Burrows, Gudbranson. And you can include the Sedins here because he regularly gives them pluggers to drag along. His PP is atrocious. His PK has fallen off the map. His defensive system often leads to 40 plus shots per night. He has been unable to find better options for the labouring Sedin brothers other than Megna and Chaput...showing a distinct lack of creativity. He ignores a guy like Tryamkin to force feed ice time to a soft as tissue guy like Larsen. He brings up rookies like Subban and parks them in the press box before sending them back down without playing a game. That is some ridiculous, petty baloney that has got to hurt their confidence. This team has been so bad this year; I'm supposed to believe there was no opportunity to at least look at Subban? He does weird little welcome to the league stunts with his rookies that half the time have resulted in negative developments for those kids. He plays Miller into the dirt and ignores the future potential and necessity of properly developing Markstrom. Playing Bartkowski down the stretch last year instead of anything that made sense. His quotes in the press often make little to no sense when contrasted what is actually happening on the ice. If he helped in the decision to jettison Etem and keep the trio of Skille, Megna, and Chaput...then he is part of the problem. Sorry...I think Etem could have and would have put up better point totals this year than Megna and Chaput, especially if given the plum ice-time and linemates they have been gifted. People say he's done a good job and no one could have gotten more out of this team than him. I say to them: how would you know? The players like him because he doesn't yell at them? Sorry not a good enough reason to keep him as far as I'm concerned. I'm completely fed up with this coach. What has he done to prove he deserves to stay? The longer he stays the more my crosshairs shift to Benning and Linden. For the love of all things Canuck, please just sort this mess out!
  3. Before there was Megna; there was Dorsett. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy Dorsett as a player. He brings it every night and is a gamer. I was just very frustrated with WD's penchant for continually pushing him up the lineup into spots better suited for players with offensive ability.
  4. Read I-Mac's article in the province today about Benning having to tell WD to play the kids more. Check out Boucher's comments about confidence and the way his coach is using him. That is the most telling evidence yet about the fallacy of WD's ability to develop our prospects well. He has generally been fairly dense about the deployment of our youth and the effect that his sliding scale of earning your ice time has on our prospects. At the beginning of this season he stuck Horvat on the fourth line and basically told him that his role was to be a 4th line checking centre. It was ridiculous and Bo proved him wrong. Bo has succeeded despite WD not because of him. Benching Baertschi when his underlying numbers suggested he was about to break out didn't make Baertschi a better player. How do our young prospects from the farm, specifically Subban, feel when they are called up and then sit in the press box only to be sent back the AHL without playing a single game? Devastated is the word that comes to mind. Tryamkin only got in a game after injuries forced WD's hand. This after having to refuse reassignment to the AHL and knowing he was better than other players on the roster (Larsen). WD's mind boggling ability to misuse our best veterans and confuse them to the point of making them ice cold has been on constant display too: Vrbata, Eriksson. And how about not putting Hansen on the PP...a no brainer since he was our best player for the past two seasons. And look at the case of Burrows...WD yo-yo'd him up and down the lineup for two seasons before giving him a role and finally seeing him flourish. And Burrows never saw significant ice time with the Sedins at all while WD was coach; yeah you wouldn't want to try's not like he was their best linemate ever. How does Burrows look in Ottawa by the way? How about Dorsett's deployment? How about Markstrom's deployment? For that matter how about letting us see some Pedan instead of Biega over and over again. WD has shown an inability to use the players his GM gives him in the proper way, and continually does his own thing to the detriment of this team. Seriously...I'll stand up. And yell for WD to be fired...he's been one of the worst coaches this team has had and that is saying something. Sheesh!
  5. For every success story WD is credited with there are lack of success stories to counter them. He's coached this team to two near last place finishes. No one gets that kind of rope in Vancouver. By all means keep him on until the end of the season...our draft pick will be better for it. But the sooner we see another coach behind the bench the better.
  6. Jake was rushed to the NHL no doubt. But he was actually putting up fairly decent defensive stats. If a young player is supposed to learn the defensive side of the game first to earn more ice time, I'd say that Virtanen was moving properly in that direction. At first glance Goldobin doesn't appear to have any instinctual feelings towards defensive responsibility. That won't stand him in good stead moving forward. No one gets to only play offence.
  7. I freakin' love Burrows! So glad to see some movement on this team though. 2 year extension in Ottawa. Good for him! Dahlen is more than I expected for Burr. Sweet!
  8. That thing where a guy that shouldn't even be on the team plays for the Canucks all year and gets given prime ice time he doesn't deserve and didn't earn.
  9. At this point I think Willie D is an idiot! He tried to put Horvat on the fourth line to start the season. I believe Horvat is thriving despite WD not because of him. I really would not credit him with good development of our youth as just as many young players are floundering as are doing well. Yes Granlund and Baertschi are doing well, but how many of our other prospects would have figured it out with the same ice time those guys are afforded? He only dressed Tryamkin because Larsen got KO'd. It's almost like he couldn't see the guy...and he's freakin' 6'8". Megna! Dorsett before him. Not putting Eriksson on PP1, pretty much the only place that guy could possibly help. Riding Miller (who I like) to the detriment of Markstrom, a guy nearly a decade younger. He has had two ridiculously bad seasons, the Canucks worst in decades. Following on the heels of a terrible coaching job against Calgary in the playoffs in his first season. Not giving many of our own prospects a sniff in the NHL this year so that he can trot out Skille, Chaput, and the aforementioned Megna. I am a huge Trevor Linden fan...but he is killing me and needs to start steering this ship in a new direction. I have been a supporter of Benning, but at this point I am wondering what this guy is doing, or if he even knows what he's doing. This team needs to do something right. Anything. One thing! Firing Willie Desjardins should be at the top of that list.
  10. Willie Desjardins makes stupid personnel decisions. I am done with this coach. If Benning doesn't fire him soon they should both be fired. Megna? No Gaunce...beat it moron.
  11. Rarely has a signing of a free agent worked out for us. Eriksson has been a non factor. Definitely not what I was hoping. Maybe he'll be better next year? But, how are we not trying everything in our power to keep Hansen, including trading Eriksson. I guess we can't move Louie because he got the bulletproof contract for 6 freakin' years. Stupid...stupid...stupid!
  12. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Injustice is served again. This is really starting to make the whole NHL experience unenjoyable. Would somebody just do something right for a change? I keep thinking back to those Virtanen and Edler suspensions for pittypat plays and then comparing them to things regularly perpetrated against our team. Dang!
  13. Louie Eriksson...isn't he supposed to be able to put the puck in the net? When is this guy going to start helping the team? Next year? Year 3, 4, 5, or 6? Sheesh!
  14. Sending down Gaunce? For real? Nobody would claim Megna, Chaput or Larsen if you waived them through...and if they did, so what. You've still got Boucher...Hell you could have had Etem. Gaunce was our top offensive player on the Comets last year playing all position on the 1st line. wouldn't want to put him in a position to succeed in the NHL. At this point I am in shock that I've been forced to watch Chaput, Megna, and Larsen all year on this team. A couple of AHL plug/fringe NHLers and a useless "offensive" defenceman who has no offence. Larsen is as bad as Rafael Diaz was. I'll give Skille a pass because he's chewing through rope and is actually doing alright. But I'd was rather see our real prospects than watch those other clowns prove over and over again how mediocre they are. Megna on the top line? How about Grenier, how about Virtanen, how about Gaunce for F sakes? Larsen? You know who has offensive upside? Subban! Could he really be that much worse defensively than Larsen? Not really. And he might actually help the offence a bit. The margin between winning and losing is very small for this team. These mind numbing coaching decisions are not helping and not providing much entertainment either.