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  1. I think the term Pavelski was looking for just wasn't doing it for the Sharks given his age. Their window has passed and they got some BIG contracts. Their D is getting long in the tooth. If they can, they need to try to unload Burns. But good luck finding a taker with that contract.
  2. Even more upset about the lack of response from his teammates
  3. I believe that number is based on the salary of the last season of the contract and not the cap hit. Meier has a similar deal where he's paid 10 mill for the last season of his contract. It could allow him to goto UFA if SJ doesn't qualify him or can't reach a deal before the due date
  4. Well if I'm FLA and I want to trade Ekblad to shed salary. I want at least Pods and 1st rounder. None of this Boeser, Sutter bs
  5. It's not impossible to fit him in. We let Marky and Tanev walk via UFA. Don't qualify Stetcher. Sign AP, ELC repalces Stetcher, sign another goalie. Perhpas, offload one of Sutter/Eriksson/Rooster
  6. very possible especially if he's looking for a more front loaded, bonus based contract.
  7. I think it's most likely Markstrom hits UFA unless we trade his rights before that. The Avs might be the prime landing spot, or the Flames.
  8. how about that Rick Bowness? over 20 years since he was a head coach and finally he's back at it.
  9. only watched the last 7 mins or so, the stars look much more aggressive defensively compared to us. Vegas is not as skilled as we let them be. We gotta change that passive way of defending
  10. 12.5M salary left for the last 2 seasons. 7 mill cap. I can see some takers that miss out on the UFA market. But they may need to take a 2-3M contact back
  11. A contract now is just further distraction. What an awkward spot for flower.