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  1. How many points does Pettersson get this year?

    As many points as the team get in the standings
  2. Edler would LOVE to re-sign with the Canucks.

    A short term deal would be great. Let's not kid ourselves, Hutton and Pouliot are no where near the level of Edler and are not capable of handling his minutes. Eventually, we'll have JJ and Hughes on the left side. Max 2 year deal for Edler. The future is coming but they aren't here just yet
  3. Vancouver's 3 new free agents

    I don't think all hope is lost with Eriksson. I think he can make an impact on the PP this year if given the opportunity. He is still a smart defensive player. I expect him to eat some tough minutes and free the kids for more offense.
  4. It would be tampering if he did so it doesn't really mean anything
  5. Then it's an easy for pass me. Hopefully Benning is on the same boat. We'll just keep plugging away at the rebuild. We're not the desperate party here
  6. I would go as high as JJ, b prospect, Granland, 2nd rounder for Karlsson with 8 year extension in place. We can even take a short term salary dump if they want. No untouchables, If not then pass.
  7. I don't think we do that trade. We're banking on an offensive push from our young players. We can still give Eriksson plenty of tough defensive responsibilities which is more valuable at this point. Ryan also has an additional 13 mill left on his contract compared to Loui.
  8. There's no rush to go get it over pay for a 2c as we're still in a rebuilding phase. Still need to see where our younger players/prospects fall into place.
  9. They can have Hutton through waivers but they will take a pass
  10. A look at the effects of injury this past season

    Not a fan of the phrase "we need to replace the 100 pts" from the Sedins. I believe they started like over 70% in the offensive zone but still ended up with -22 and -21. Scoring ain't everything. I think we will be better defensively and Green can be more flexible with his lines. Let's see how our powerplay goes, that's where the Twins excelled. But it was terrible the last several years before Boeser arrived. Hopefully, Petterson can step in and step up on the #1 PP
  11. A look at the effects of injury this past season

    Nothing stealth about it. Don't we have the worst record when combining the past 3 seasons?
  12. Olli Juolevi | D

    This would be a great year to bring JJ into the lineup. He'll have 2 LD vets in Edler and MDZ taking the hard minutes. We can ease him in. Next season we'll likely have Hughes come into LD as well. Probably better to not have 2 rookies on the same side as they may face too many situations they aren't ready for.
  13. Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    I could see Hutton going on waivers and passing unless he has a solid preseason.