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  1. This is the next step in the development. This isn't some aging team. We didn't go out to get Miller and Myers for nothing. It's go time
  2. Let's setup a PP where we can't have a one timer
  3. I'd like to see Miller I'm front of the net and Gaudette on the left side. Boeser to the second unit
  4. Neither Miller or Boeser are effective in their positions there.
  5. It's hard to mess with one of the best PP in the league. Perhaps, if it struggles we could see that change. However, I do want to see Gaud 5v5 with Petey and Miller. I think his speed can really benefit that line. Boeser on the other hand has become a bit of a passenger. I think he'll be able to drive more of the offense on a line with Horvat. This does mean more defensive responsibility though.