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  1. Even at 50% retention, they still need to sweeten the deal.
  2. Then you better have players on your team that can return the favor. Can't count on the refs or the league. Every team and superstar face the same problems.
  3. Unless it's Petey going the other way. #1 or #2 ain't happening for us
  4. That's an anchor of a contract. Plus the assets to acquire him. Easy pass. We need to stay the course and keep accumating assets, not ready to make a splash like Benn. Benning likely to hit up the ufa market and move out some older pieces which could be hard to do
  5. Worst departments of all departments. It shouldn't be weighted at all. So in the finals where 1 playoff game is = 6 regular season game suspension, why not commit a "5 game regular season suspension worthy play". Which will result in no suspension in the playoffs right?
  6. Didn't he just get wrecked at the WC? What's his status?
  7. My only concern is his health. We have enough injury prone players as it is. Can't deny his talent and vision
  8. The refs were thinking, this game is over already anyways. Or was there thinking involved at all