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  1. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (11-17) 2018

    just look at their top 4 lol
  2. Impressive. Just a note that MTL is the worst faceoff team in the NHL
  3. Since forward momentum is not allowed because his left skate his in place, there still needs to be a DISTINCT kicking motion which is subjective. If you can prove the kick then great. Contact the nhl
  4. Why only the 2 frames? More would tell the whole story. Regarding his back skate, do you see Peterssons's foot?
  5. Could have gone either way depending on who was reviewing it and their interpretation of the rule Watching it in slow mo, you can see why. He pivots his skate which is fine, his momentum is carrying him forward towards the puck and contact is made.
  6. Considering the capspace, the expansion draft, Edler's age and the prospects we having coming in on the left side. I hope we get a 2 year deal with a higher cap hit to get Edler to agree to the term.
  7. Report: Lucic to have Hearing

    Lucic has considerbly slowed down but can still goon it up. At least they responded. Message sent.
  8. [Proposal] Van/TBay

    I don't think this makes any sense for Tampa. Sergachev is still on his ELC and it's a valuable thing to have for a team pushing the cap. They are looking to go deep into the playoffs again, both Tanev and Baer misses quite a number of games. Baer has missed like 50 games the past 3 seasons not including this one. Tanev has only appeared in 95 games the past 2 seasons. Both Miller and Serg don't have injury problems. Unnecessary and risky trade from Tampa's point of view
  9. Protecting our stars (Poll)

    The refs aren't going to save us from a cheap shot, a penalty ain't going help. Even with a tough lineup, it ain't going to stop everything. But a response is a must. Going after the other teams top players is the best way to do it. Calvert takes a shot at Boeser, you don't have to go after Calvert. Guys like McKinnon and Rantanen should be playing in fear their next shift because we coming after them instead.
  10. They've contended for a number of years and won 2 cups. Now they just have too many old players and kept on acquiring oldies lol
  11. Horvat’s line

    Look at the roster and injuries and then circle back to your idea
  12. forget the Calder, MVP
  13. {GDT} Canucks VS Avalanche (Injury bug version)

    Weak gaunce weak