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  1. If the nudge has another playoffs like he did this season, he could very well go on the market
  2. Would have been the Hawks if we did anything to go after Keith after he elbowed Daniel. That rivalry has died down since. Given our lack of playoff appearances as of late, we don't have much in terms of rivalries since it's where they are normally created. If any team comes close, it's probably the Flames. Another way to create one is to take runs at McDavid.
  3. i'm not even talking about his contract lol
  4. Yes it is and Crosby's PPG is over 1.3. There's no argument right now for the best player in the world.
  5. He also underperformed in the playoffs. Heck, he wasn't even the best player on his team in the playoffs. Sample size is too small for McDavid. Didn't Crosby just win back to back Stanley Cups and Conn Symthes.
  6. The next 2 seasons is their window. Wow they still have cap space and can get more if someone eats Lethonen's contract.
  7. Well at least none of the deals were long term. Gagner is only 27 and if he continues 40+ pts, we'll have a nice asset to deal in his second or third year as well have prospects that will need that spot. I'm not sure about the Del Zotto deal but you can look at it the same as Gagner's. This also gives OJ more time to develop. Perhaps, a Edler deal finally happens.
  8. Oh boy, I mean they don't really have a choice but to keep him as he's one of the best goalies in the world. But It's tough to dedicate that much cap into your goaltending, add in a backup and it's over 11 mil. Then you see the flames $&!# the bed with their goalies and i'm sure they would kill for someone like Price
  9. Not too too bad. Locks him up during his prime. His numbers might drop when getz Perry Kesler slow down
  10. Players in EDM do not take discounts lol
  11. Perhaps to help bring the Sedin's minutes down which will hopefully make them more effective while they are on the ice. Roll 4 lines
  12. I much rather just give Hutton or Subban a chance.
  13. Will be interesting to see how they handle the cap
  14. not everyone will benefit, the top end guys sure, but the rest will get less
  15. well he's going to get the toughest matchups and the highest paid player better find a way to break through. It was his first playoffs and he's only 20. I'm sure he'll have some solid runs