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  1. He hasn't been willied yet
  2. That's a problem as well. The coach needs some balls
  3. Boils down to bad drafting. The next wave never arrived and we still have to heavily rely on them
  4. Lavage got balls but going after the wrong guy
  5. Yeah it's sad seeing the team still taking this abuse and doing nothing
  6. Thought the kids might start the pp. No Goldy on 2nd unit either
  7. La is not the fastest team so he can keep up lol
  8. Ouch. They should have moved him last off season
  9. Expose Sutter? That's just dumb. Benning can easily trade him for a solid return if he wants
  10. It would be a huge surprise if Benning is able to work out a trade for the Sedins give there are so many obstacles.