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  1. 2006 to 2011 drafts were absolutely terrible. We do not have 1 impact player. That is why this team had such a decline. We did not have the next wave of young players and I feel bad for the twins as they still have to carry the load.
  2. that sounds like the NHL, not AHL. Don't they ride the bus in the AHL?
  3. He should go overseas
  4. Feel bad for OTT fans
  5. I think we have plenty of good forecheckers. Their goal is to retrieve the puck either by playing the body or the puck. But no one is laying the body to inflict punishment. The only one is Virtanen and we saw him wrecking grown men in his rookie year. If he can put up the points as well, we'll have one heck of a player. Jamie Benn UFA next year!! We can pray.
  6. NTC complicated everything.
  7. It doesn't have to be hamhuis. Why not tanev? He was a big time leader at the world cup for Canada. Maybe it's time to pass the torch.
  8. It was the no trade clause that screwed us more than anything. I'm okay with moving on with hamhuis. People want youth, we're getting it with gudbranson Hutton stretcher Larsson trymkin. #5 overall may make his way on the team next year too. Hamhuis will just eat up a spot where we need to get quicker and more offensive.
  9. If he is rotating on the 4th line then I rather see him getting top minutes in the AHL. He didn't play much last season and he needs to in order to improve. I don't want to see him become a grinder on the 4th line.
  10. I would be okay with trading away or exposing Hansen in the expansion draft if it means that we get a 24 year old top 6 power forward.
  11. Fine. Sedin Sedin Eriksson ----- Sutter Hansen Baer Horvat Virtanen Happy? lol Our second and third line will probably play the same amount of minutes 5v5
  12. Judging by the number of games he plays each season, he stays healthy. I was hoping for Lucic instead due to the nastiness and big bodies in our division. I guess you can't complain too much, he should be able to pot 25+ goals. Sedin Sedin Eriksson Baer Horvat Virtanen ----- Sutter Hansen Perhaps Etem/Burrows fills out the top 9
  13. Maybe we told him, he's not coming home instead
  14. I'm not sure why they would move him. Probably have to overpay