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  1. I see, kinda like Starbucks here in America. I live in the American South. I know, kinda odd that I'm a hockey fan, especially a Canucks fan.

  2. You're not Canadian? Tim Hortons is a coffee chain that's all over Canada.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wish. I confess I'm not on here much, I'm usually on NHL Connect. By the way, who or what is Tim Hortons?

  4. Yeah, we probably could get some better players for less money elsewhere.

  5. I want to believe. But I think we'd better wait and see first.

  6. Good posts, and good thinking.

  7. What league is the Smoke Eaters in?

  8. The Kingfish were here 7 seasons, I think. The first several were bad, and the ones after were fair, just enough to get in the playoffs, but not past the first round.

  9. YAAA! Go Salmon Kings :). How were they when they played down in Baton Rouge? They were pretty bad here for a year or two, but have since much improved :)... the affiliation with the Canucks helped that along a little though.

  10. Good to see the Salmon Kings logo. Brings back memories of the former Baton Rouge Kingfish (now the Salmon Kings).