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  1. Great post. TO VAN: Fleury + Pouliot + Sprong TO PIT: Edler + Hansen + Bachman TO ARI: 1st round pick (top-10 pick) + Subban + Virtanen TO VAN: 1st or 2nd overall pick DRAFT: Hirschier or Patrick FUTURE LINEUP: Baertschi - Hirschier - Boeser Sprong - Horvat - UFA Granlund - Sutter - UFA Juolevi - Stecher Pouliot - Tryamkin Hutton - Sbisa Demko Fleury
  2. TO VAN: Derreck Pouliot + Sprong TO PIT: Alex Edler + Hansen + Cassels (Canucks eat some cap, or take Fleury on as a cap dump but they'll probably buy him out) 1) Maata's injured, 4M cap space going on LTIR. When he returns after the deadline in the playoffs that cap doesn't count. Massive advantage for Pittsburgh. 2) Pouliot is getting shafted in the AHL, he's like their 2nd or 3rd callup now. Even with Maata out he won't get called up. Could have been one of the best young D-men in the world at a time, now he's getting into his mid-20s and losing potential. Needs a scenery change and NHL time. 3) Sprong was a former 2nd round pick, boosted his value a bit but still more or less NHL unproven. Hansen is likely to get traded for a 2nd round pick. 4) Edler = Pouliot in terms of value. Pittsburgh get a top-3 defenceman for this year and next, then a declining bottom-4 D-man for a year or two. Canucks get a flyer on a potential top-4 young D-man with bust potential. High risk but high reward player. Similar to Justin Schultz IMO. 5) Hansen + Cassels = Sprong (Cassels just for the added boost, but Hansen alone should warrant a 2nd round pick which is roughly what Sprong still is). When Pittsburgh get Maata back for the playoffs they go in with the best defence in the NHL bar-none. They also have a playoff performer and PKer in Hansen, to be honest there's no way they don't win the Cup unless goaltending mucks up. Good offensive stars, best defence in the NHL, depth scoring up front. Likely to repeat. For the Canucks we get a guy who can play 20 minutes on defence, get the most value from Edler and a playmaking winger with some elite-end skill who can complement our raft of forwards. Our new core: Sprong - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - ? - Virtanen Granlund - Sutter - ? Juolevi - Stecher Pouliot - Tryamkin Hutton - Sbisa/Subban 3-4 of those defencemen have potential star quality (Juolevi, Stecher, Pouliot, Tryamkin). Boeser, Sprong, Horvat have star potential too. We just need a decent center/playmaker for a 2nd line and we can get that in one of the next 2 drafts.
  3. I think he means "breakdown" in the terms of "summary".
  4. Good point, to win a Cup you need an elite core. I think we have that in Horvat, Boeser and Juolevi. Granlund, Baertsch, Sutter and Virtanen are tertiary players who aren't elite but above average. Tryamkin, Stecher and Sbisa can be lumped in this group too. Hopefully Demko will become an elite goalie which will be the big wild card and determinant. That being said we need more elite players in that core. Ideally the Virtanen pick could have been an elite Ehlers/Nylander, but we have to look forward and hope the 2017 pick is an elite guy to add to the core. Could certainly use another center.
  5. We're essentially 5 points out from the playoffs. Even if Calgary and Nashville or Winnipeg and LA chug along the rest of the way at 6-3-1 pace, that'll give them roughly around 26 more points for the rest of the season. We'll need about 30-32 points to make the playoffs at that rate. Sure one of those 4 teams will go on a real hot run but it's unlikely two teams will do better than a 6-3-1 pace. If we need say 32 points from here on to make the playoffs, we'll have to play essentially 15-5-2 hockey. Unlikely. Break that down to two stints of 7-2-2 and maybe we can do it, but that's pretty tough considering our competition. Doesn't look good for the Canucks but we've seen what this team can do, and maybe exactly what an old tired core needs is a week off to brace themselves for a sprint to the finish line. Crazier things have happened, it is possible. If the PP gets going and the Sedins, Edler, Miller and Eriksson get enough rest to play their best hockey of the season in the final 20 games, then we'll make the playoffs. We're playing against very good but not desperate teams. I believe if we make the playoffs, we'll make some noise, if we don't we'll fade pretty quickly. Lets hope they take it right down to the wire. Blow the high pick, playing in important situations and games is more important for the development of this young core.
  6. Canucks had a chance to make the playoffs. They're in the hunt, and they shoot themselves in the foot with games like these. 1) Sedins looked pretty good tonight to be fair, I'm really happy they've cleaned up their defensive game and aren't getting caught defensively and now the offence is coming too. Only good coaching move by WD was to put Burrows on that line and they nearly scored the tying goal, but these guys just need to shoot the puck from high percentage areas, not the side boards. Set up a point shot with a screen if need be. Nice goal by Granlund though. 2) Horvat and Hansen were good tonight but Horvat is far from the completely dominant player he once was - I don't think he trusts or is using his linemates enough lately and tries to rush the opposing D-men every shift which worked for the Hansen goal, but that was it. Other teams are clamping down on him now. 3) Sutter and Eriksson both had pretty bad games to be fair, no offence, not much chemistry but defensively they're not giving up chances when they're on the ice together. Megna isn't producing anything, that honeymoon period is over yet he's still here. 4) Fourth line was our best line all game long. Boucher was IMO our best forward. Chance after chance, good forechecking, lots of hard shots that made it through traffic. I like him on the 2nd unit PP, lets get him higher up the lineup, swap him and Megna or play the crap out of the fourth line because Gaunce, Chaput and Boucher showed some nice chemistry. 5) Edler had a very 50-50 game tonight, couple of bad mistakes but played well in the offensive zone for the most part. Stecher was all over the ice and had that brilliant rush that was thwarted followed by a fantastic back check where he skated 200 feet faster than anyone else to get back and prevent an odd-man rush. That's a special sort of defenceman. He's going to be huge for us. We need to set up his shot on the PP more and he needs to work on that a bit more. 6) Sbisa and Tanev had good games, Sbisa in particular was fantastic and the two of them shutdown the Philly forwards with good physical play while at the same time both of them jumped up into the rush a few times very safely - not giving up anything the other way. Smart game by our 2nd pairing. 7) Hutton had a monster of a game too IMO, some nice offensive forays and played really well defensively. Tryamkin is playing better and better too, not too many good passes tonight though. 8) Miller was very average on those goals. Unfortunate for the first goal which was a rebound bang in (Edler's fault there to not tie up Simmonds who's one of the league's best at that), but the next two were tough to give up. He made some big clutch saves later but 3 goals against for a struggling Canucks offence will never cut it. 9) At the end of the day this game was won and lost on special teams. 5-on-5 we were the better team but we blew it in the coaching department. The Philadelphia powerplay ate us up, in particular our defencemen were scrambling all over the ice when on the PK, and when we were on the powerplay we were a down-right embarassment to watch, not so much because of a good Philly PK but a bad Canucks PP. Megna and Eriksson are both absolutely useless on the powerplay as shooters yet there they are with 2 passers Henrik and Daniel. You essentially have 2 good passers in the Sedins who will rarely shoot, Stecher who's often right at the blueline, too far away to shoot to score, Megna who can barely handle the puck and Eriksson who's scoring touch is gone but has some good crease presence. We have to be lucky to score on the PP these days. The 2nd unit is better and looked good with Boucher there IMO but still far from going to score. I've said it before and I'll say it again - we need to focus on shots from the point with traffic, no more of this Sedins passing to each other looking for the perfect pass then getting intercepted. It's happened too many times, it costs us too many goals for and in these cases it's going to cost us the entire season when we lose massive points like tonight. Sedin - Sedin - Sutter (net front presence) Granlund - Stecher The twins are playmakers, Sutter stands in front of the net, Stecher and Granlund set up shots. Similar to where we had Baertschi, but we've seen Granlund's wrist shot is sick and IMO the most underated on the team. Get him set up in the circle for a wrist shot and we'll score goals. Hansen - Horvat - Eriksson Edler - Hutton This is all about point shots with traffic. Not as much skill down low to control so we focus on rotating Hansen, Horvat and Eriksson as screens in front of the net while the defencemen just try and sift wrist shots or slappers through traffic for tips/screened goals. Simple. The Canucks try these and I guarantee they'll score more PP goals, rather than the nonesense set plays they try now which is all perimeter passing and no goals or shooting. TL;DR - special teams cost us obviously. On the whole we looked much better than against Calgary but Miller looks a bit worn out, the PK absolutely blew it and couldn't handle a premiere powerforward in Simmonds, and worst of all our powerplay is like beating a dead horse. WD needs to grow a pair and make a massive change on the PP similar to how he's swapped Granlund and Burrows. Put Horvat with the Sedins for all I care, it makes more sense to have your best players on the ice at once. Special teams could have stolen us 2 points from Calgary last night and easily won this game tonight. It's going to be the single reason we don't make the playoffs at this rate which is unacceptable from the coaches.
  7. How many times in the last 2 games have Canucks players had the puck on their forhand in the slot and passed it off to the side? The Sedins bad habits rubbing off on the rest of the team. Terrible. Cost us a game again.
  8. Not as important a game as the Flames one but hopefully the boys have found their legs after the road trip and can make some passes connect. Expecting a big game by Horvat for some reason... 2 points brings us within playoff contention yet again and now's the perfect time to strike with LA, Nashville and Calgary temporarily stalling. We'll need to bank some points here because we've got a lot of tough matchups in the near future. 4-2 Canucks. Horvat with a hat-trick. It's due.
  9. We'll need him to be the veteran presence on this team when Henrik moves on, Horvat is our #1C and we have some kid at #2C. Need that veteran presence still and his ability to take a shutdown role means Horvat can focus more on scoring.
  10. Wow what a game. Playoff-like feel. Fluky goals just like in the post-season, tight, close checking. Outshot almost 2-1 again, but to be fair they were a tired team coming back from a long road trip and Calgary were waiting. I said it before, if we lost this game that's the season. That's a HARD point to give up to Calgary which we may need at the end of the season, but getting 2 points up on LA and Nashville who stayed stagnant today is massive. This was a must-win and we won it. Gritty win, certainly didn't deserve it. 1) On the whole, the team looked tired. They weren't skating well. Passes were all over the place, and timing was terrible. In our D-zone we were running around frantically slapping pucks off the boards and out (if we were lucky) and had no good communication or passes up the ice. Dreadful play. We're at our best when we calm down, make little passes up the ice and skate well, and none of that was happening tonight. Whether it was fatigue, bad training or just the Flames were too fast for the Canucks on the forecheck, we struggled all night long defensively and deserved to lose this game 4-1. 2) Sedins were hopeless offensively tonight, but on the plus-side they were pretty good defensively with Granlund and didn't concede any massive chances against which I take as a win. In the offensive zone their passes were all over the place, way too many turnovers, and poor Granlund is working like a dog to steal pucks and set up chances only for the twins to lose a puck battle along the boards or give up an interception. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need to split up the Sedins and use them as playmakers rather than cyclers because their game doesn't match the cycle anymore either - their passes are off and they're not strong enough to win puck battles. 1 pretty goal every 4th game isn't good enough, we need to use their passing and spread it out a lot more. Look at the OT goal. Sedin - Sutter - Tanev. Passer - Shooter - D-man. Ended up with a couple of beautiful passes to the shooter in the end. That's what we need more from the Sedins, and the only way to get it will be to split them up. Brilliant game by Granlund all over the ice however. That was a nasty pick-pocket of Giordano. 3) Horvat, Burrows and Hansen were buzzing tonight. Deserved that goal that was taken away, Burrows could have had another but they were our good energy line tonight again. Sometimes Horvat tries to do too much and I think opposing defences are closing in on him as our #1 center now, so we're about to see it get much tougher for Bo. This happened with the twins, they went through a short lull before their skill broke through and no doubt Bo will do the same. More importantly they were all great on the PK tonight. 4) Sutter and Eriksson look like they have some little chemistry, they didn't get too much done tonight but modest defensive games by both of them. Almost no offence but won a couple of board battles. Megna looks like Hansen out there but with even less offensive skill, just a good skater. No idea why he's on the top unit PP when Granlund really should be the trigger man there though. 5) Not sure what happened to Skille but our 4th line was hopeless tonight. Gaunce had a couple nice looking rushes, Chaput went in alone and both times the 4th line look for a pretty pass as opposed to a shot or taking it hard to the net. Pathetic. We end up with almost half Calgary's shots and that's why. Edler slaps it from center ice and scores. Chaput is essentially a foot away from the crease and passes it off to the side. This is a team that needs shots, if not to score than at least tire down goalies, and whiffing passes away from a fourth line is unacceptable. Bad game by them IMO. 6) Our defence played pretty well on the most part tonight. I think the big struggle was passing the puck up the ice from the defensive zone by everyone, but we did really well to shut out a very hot, strong Flames offence for 54 minutes. This was a big physical game and it was good to see we're up to the task. Edler threw his body around, Tryamkin was a beast, Sbisa had a quietly strong physical game and I was surprised Hutton and Tanev threw some hits too. 7) Edler was classic Edler tonight. He is still a game-changer. First 40 minutes he was the best guy on the ice (including Miller IMO). Absolutely dominant. Scores a fluky goal, sure, but it was far more than that. He was hitting like a machine, he looked big out there, won puck battles all over the ice, good stick in the defensive zone, jumped up in the offensive zone smartly and had a few more good shots and chances. He looked like he was going to carry this team in the first 40-50 minutes of the game. Then in the last period he looked tired. Old tired Edler started to come out. This has happened time and time again, especially when he looks exhausted, and he played a hard 25 minutes of physical hockey which is close to too much for him. I feel like every time he's over the 23 minute mark he starts to make mistakes and a couple of little mistakes, whiffs and bad passes crept into his game in the 3rd period. Still, he was our 2nd best player behind Miller. Unlucky on that screen of the Calgary goal however, but just before that he made a very nifty swat out of the air on the PK when Miller was diving the wrong way to bat a puck out of mid air out of the net (may not have been going in though). Give credit where credit's due, without Edler this game is a blowout against us. He was fantastic tonight and we need more strong consistent games from him if we want to make the playoffs. He has to be our best defenceman. 8) Stecher had a couple of really good rushes and passes but it looked like WD benched him for some reason in the third period. He's a small guy and had it tough against some pretty hard hitting Calgary forwards so really hung in there nicely. More importantly, in the D-zone his passes actually connected which was a rarity for this team all night long. 9) Tanev had an up-and-down game too which nicely coincided with Edler's. At the start he looked a bit rusty, pucks rolling off his stick and a few turnovers, but he steadied his game and of course that was a beautiful GWG in the overtime to win it, pretty clutch goal by him. Give credit to Tanev too, he isn't the most physical guy but won a lot of tough puck battles against bigger forwards than himself. 10) Sbisa had a quietly strong game tonight, didn't throw big noticeable hits but played really tough along the boards to win puck battles. Most importantly, Sbisa and the rest of the defence didn't allow any A-grade chances in the center of the ice. They collapsed down nicely for most of the game to prevent that and only allowed shots from the outside. Great blocks by Sbisa all night long (Edler too). 11) Hutton and Tryamkin have had some rough defensive nights in the past but tonight I thought they were fantastic. Hutton skated well, nice shooting every now and then but I thought he played his most physical tonight and he looks good when he's playing that brand. Threw his body around a little bit along the boards. Tryamkin really thrived in a game like this as you could see, the matchup between him and Brouwer was all night long and Tryamkin lost it at times (Brouwer with a beautiful shot from the slot saved by Miller at one point) but at the end of the day Tryamkin didn't get scored on. He really held his own tonight in a game where he was needed to be physical in front of the net. Gudbranson would have been lovely for tonight's game but it begs the question - who do you take out? Without Tryamkin in the slot we get wrecked by their crease presence. 12) Miller was obviously our best player tonight, of course deserved the shutout but gladly he gets the win. I think we need to ride him pretty hard the rest of the way considering Markstrom's questionable goals the other night, 20 games left, maybe a 14-6 split if Markstrom is lucky. TL;DR - Sloppy play all round, Edler had a monster game and was a game-changer, unlucky goal against but the defence did a great job all night of collapsing and not allowing prime scoring chances, just lots of pressure and shots from the outside. It's rope-a-dope hockey and not pretty, but this team is capable of scoring a couple of goals here and there and I think this is what we're going to see for the last 20 games. Desperate defending and opportunistic scoring. Hopefully it works. Must-win tonight and the boys got it done somehow so there's still some hope but anything can happen.
  11. To be fair he only ever maxed out at junior at a point per game. That's not much in the WHL considering stars from that league light it up well over 1.25-1.5 points per game as young kids before entering the draft. His ceiling is far lower than many presumed, comparing the kid to Lucic and Perry was unfair and naive from the get go. For him to not be a bust we need 20 goals out of him consistently for a few seasons, good defence and strong physical play. He can take his time to get to that level at the NHL, but for me if he only ever scores 5-15 goals a few times he's not worth the 6th overall pick, especially considering the guys selected after him and the controversy that came with it. I can live with 20 goals for a few years and good physical play maybe in 3-5 years from Jake, I can't live with anything less than that from the Canucks highest pick since the Sedins.
  12. Ouch, not good news. Might be worth calling up Grenier (AHL all-star) if we're not getting Baertschi back this season. 20ish games left, if we're in the mix in the final 5-10 games it may be worth it, otherwise shut him down, he's too valuable to our team's future.
  13. Just scored his 20th goal in 46 games. That's a 35 goal pace. Got to give the kid credit for fixing his game at least. That's pretty damn impressive to bounce back like that, shows SOME sort of character. I wouldn't go after Kane as our first preference forward, but wouldn't be against him. He'll be a nice consolation prize for a lot of teams in the Landeskog sweepstakes. Boosting his trade value a lot though, what would it take to get him now? Essentially a 1st + young prospect? For the Canucks maybe Virtanen + Subban + 2nd or 3rd round pick (Then trade Tanev for Nylander): Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Nylander - Kane 2017 1st round pick - Sutter - UFA
  14. This is the season IMO. 6 points from a playoff spot. 20ish games to go. This is one of the few 4 point games left. We essentially need to play 7-3-1 hockey the rest of the way to make it in the playoffs AND a bit of luck. That starts with the Calgary game. Fate is 100% in the Canucks hands, lets hope the stars step up to the plate. Need the Sedins, Eriksson, Edler and Miller to play well. If they do, we'll make the playoffs. If they disappear so will we. We know Bo and the young guys will bring it, now we need the veterans to provide something. 3-1 Canucks in a tight playoff-like game.
  15. Then now's probably the best time to go for him. Buy low and grow him up, he may easily have a Schultz-like career. He's got the skill-set to be a very effective top-4 D-man and was once considered the best future defenceman in the world. If Hansen alone can get him, fantastic, otherwise I'd consider an Edler for Pouliot + pick deal.