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  1. Scary because Kulikov and Morrisey will be their top-2 and only 2 NHL caliber defencemen. If Morrisey has an off-season or either gets injured that's it... The Jets aren't making the playoffs at this rate.
  2. Last season, especially down the stretch when we were whittled with injuries, Green didn't have much to work with but the guys played hard and were competitive every single game. This off-season JB has revamped the roster completely, and the kids will be a year stronger, so Green has a LOT to work with. Certainly a lot of pressure on Green and the players now. The players are known successful players coming in, the kids are expected to be better and a lot of this season falls on our head coach and whether he can get the best out of his players. AV was brilliant at doing this, Torts and Willie did the opposite, now it'll be interesting to see how Green goes. I've got faith in him, but he'll be on a short leash if we're tanking for the first half of the season.
  3. Some harsh words about his deployment and Little lately. Getting pretty sour pretty fast, WPG has made such a big mess this off-season with their big players. Bad time to trade him though when his value is so low, I'd try some sort of a "prove me what you got" bridge deal similar to Boeser. 2 x 6-7 and go from there.
  4. I hope for Loui and the Canucks' sake that Eriksson comes out firing in the season and scores a bunch in the early goings. Obviously he's got a lot of competition and the chances of him bouncing back after several horrid seasons is unlikely, but if we can have a 20 goal scorer, decent penalty killer and veteran presence out of LE he may well be worth his money. I think he'll either start on our 3rd line with Sutter or 4th line (preferably).
  5. Good bridge contract without being insulting like some of the 1-2 year deals that go around. This will be an important time for our young kids, essentially it's an extension on his ELC. He'll really want to prove his worth which is much better than just dishing out a long term 8 yr deal. I think we're going to see a motivated Boeser in the next couple of seasons.
  6. Imagine that team with Barzal and Chabot. One draft and they would have been a proper elite franchise. I'm all for a risky 1st round pick (Pettersson was considered a risky pick) but 3 in a row when you've got proven guys was just stupid.
  7. Just about all of the Sedins' former linemates. Cowen, Pyatt, Byron Bitz... That was a time when you could still make it in the NHL with absolutely zero attributes apart from being a big tough guy.
  8. Now that Brock is back I'd like to see our split squads try and generate some chemistry up front. Want to see something like this for Game 1: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Baertschi Pearson - Sutter - Leivo Goldobin - Gaudette - Virtanen Perfect mix of size, gritty forwards, playmaker, skill and shooters on each line. Other alternative would be to just load up all our big and skilled players top-to-bottom.
  9. Hopefully we'll be able to slot him into 3 or 4 games still. Hope Green doesn't put him alongside Miller and Horvat, he needs to get some time with Pettersson and Ferland.
  10. Will be interesting to see where Jake starts and finishes the season. Hopefully he can learn a bit from Miller and Ferland in terms of rounding out his physical play as well. I think he'll start on the 3rd or 4th line and work his way up, especially if our top guys get injured. If Jake can score 20 goals he'll be a success in my eyes. Confidence is big for him.
  11. Based on training camp I think we'll see something like this: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Baertschi (swappable with Pearson) Pearson - Sutter - Leivo Goldobin - Gaudette - Virtanen Schaller/Motte Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Benn - Stecher
  12. A lot of who we protect depends on how the forwards play in the next couple of seasons. We've got a lot of decent top-6 forwards, one of which are likely going to be nabbed. At the moment I'd go with the following: Forwards - Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, JT Miller, Ferland, Baertschi (The latter 3 will have to battle it out amongst Goldy, Pearson, Gaudette etc.) Defencemen - Myers, Stecher, Juolevi Goalie - Demko We'll probably lose a forward or Markstrom, deep teams like the Canucks will get hit by the brunt of the Expansion Draft whereas top heavy teams like the Leafs will be laughing.
  13. I wouldn't wait around for the Jets to sign Connor, they're trying to deal with Laine at the same time. Based on the Marner deal Boeser deserves 6.5-7M 5-6 yrs, but good points by Weisebrod considering he's yet to score 30 of hit a 82 game mark yet and durability is a question. Based on that, 4x7 or 6x6.5 seems fair. Wouldn't want this to drag out into the season and have him miss training camp and start he season rusty.
  14. Marner deserved 11-12M, hes going to be a steal especially in a couple of seasons time. Good job getting him locked up for 6
  15. I agree, I'm glad they signed Ferland and traded for Miller as well now because by 2021 someone is going to be sticking with the club based on their performance in the next 2 seasons over Ferland, Miller, Baertschi and Goldobin/Virtanen, and someone is going to have to be traded to free up cap space for our core young guys' big salaries. The same can be said for our defence of Edler, Stecher, Myers and Tanev. Edler's likely to retire but Stecher and Tanev's careers could go any which way which will be decided in the next two seasons. Regardless, we're going to have to make some trades to free up cap space, I just hope JB can magically move Eriksson rather than having to trade away a useful player in a cap dump for a pick similar to why TBL traded us Miller in the first place.