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  1. McAvoy is basically untouchable unless we give up Boeser ++, but Carlo might be had for Virtanen plus a pick or prospect. For fun's sake, I'd do this trade any day: Boeser + Virtanen + Juolevi + Stechers rights thrown in + 2021 1st for McAvoy + Carlo Hughes - Carlo Myers - McAvoy Our top-4 set for the next 5 years at least.
  2. It'll be interesting to see if there'll be a straight swap with UFAs, for example let Tanev walk and sign someone like Ceci or Hamonic. Either way I think we'll lose some quality unless we're signing someone like Krug or obviously get Ekblad...
  3. Tanev plays a hard 20 minutes a night, shutting down top lines, making his linemate better and our top PKer. We don't have anyone in our system who can replace that, especially with Edler getting older and you're laughing if you think Rathbone, Juolevi or Rafferty are ready for that job. It would be nice to have Myers play that role but he's nowhere near as solid defensively. If JB lets Tanev walk you better hope he's bringing someone else in of similar quality or better. IMO the most important and underrated job on a team, Dallas has a team full of Tanevs plus two puck movers and that's how they've shut down two solid offences. The only situation I'd be happy to lose Tanev is if JB somehow nabs us Ekblad. Just about every other option is a downgrade.
  4. Sadly it's more than just cap and Eriksson, a sweetner or retained cap means we get more of a chance of keeping Tanev and Marky. I hope JB sees the bigger picture but he might be looking more long-term (eg. When Tanev and Marky are too old anyway). I would try and trade Loui with 2M retained, that frees up 4M that we can put towards either Markstrom or Tanev. 2M for the Loui mistake for 2 years isn't bad and much better than 6m.
  5. A Holtby for Marky swap seems negligible, I'd rather keep Markstrom unless the difference is more than 2M which I doubt.
  6. He's on a nice cap hit of 7.5M for another 4 or 5 years which takes him to his late 20s where he'll have a Peitrangelo-like problem. Based on what JB saw I think he thinks our window is now so I wouldn't be surprised if he really goes for Ekblad. To make it work numbers-wise we'd have to move Boeser out (5M) and most likely a young D-man (Juolevi or Rafferty) and probably a 3rd line forward (Virtanen, Roussel, Sutter?). Best case for Vancouver would be Boeser + Juolevi + Roussel. Re-sign Tanev. Edler - Ekblad Hughes - Myers Fantenberg - Tanev Best D in the West for sure. Similar to the Stars defence with two strong puck movers and a bunch of solid defensive defencemen.
  7. Ekblad would be a big ballsy move by JB but it would cost us. He's 24, yet to play his best hockey and was scoring at a 50 point pace last season. We'd have to give up Boeser + Juolevi for Ekblad but to be honest I'd do that. We'd probably let Tanev walk in that case but having Ekblad to replace Edler in the future would really solidify our blueline. Ekblad and Hughes gives us the best future top-4 in the league no matter who you pair them with (most likely Myers and someone else).
  8. Bit of a wildcard, who knows what he'll be like off surgery coming into an intense season. Big physical 20 goal scorer but up in the air at the moment. He's what we hoped Virtanen would become sadly.
  9. Virtanen + Sutter + Juolevi for Dumba + pick There's a deal to be made around moving cap/young forwards for Dumba if JB wants it.
  10. Way overpayment, Brodin got term as well, should have been 4.5M max. An often-injured, never hit 30 point mark but very solid 27 year old 20+ minute defencemam. 6M is crazy and is going to hurt the team when he's over 30. Let's hope JB doesn't use this as a benchmark for Tanev and hope we get Tanny for 4-4.5M.
  11. If JB can somehow haggle down Toffoli to 4.5M and get Marky signed for 4.8M, I'd be happy with that. He's just got to be careful with the NTCs/NMCs, not just because of the expansion draft, but who knows how Toffoli's going to get on over the next few years. Yes, he's been a dynamic scorer but has only really topped 30 goals once in his career and still has a lot to prove which we all forget. Getting them both done under 10M would be all we can really ask for.
  12. I think I mean he's more a "fun guy" in the locker-room rather than a decent role character player. I think he's quite liked by the young guys but agreed, it really hasn't translated to leadership qualities at all sadly. I always wanted Nylander over Virtanen from day dot, and wonder how it would have changed this team. We would have had a point-per-game scorer but it would have influenced a lot of later picks and moves. For example, we would have taken Tkachuk instead of Juolevi (for toughness), and instead of trading for J.T Miller or signing Toffoli, probably would have traded for a top young defenceman instead to fill that void. Having Tkachuk, Nylander and Pettersson on the same team would have been something to watch. We probably would have still tried to find Miller to secure the top line center role, but never gone out for Toffoli.
  13. Agreed, it does help having two top-4 units who are basically the same. Obviously Heiskanen is the equivalent to our Hughes (if not arguably better offensively and defensively) but we do lack someone like Klingberg. That's where someone like Rafferty or Juolevi could really impact this defence, but we don't want to get too carried away with offence. Edler and Myers have really taken a step back offensively and skating-wise, but it'd be nice to throw one of the kids up in the mix if they can handle 20 minutes in a year or two's time.
  14. What I would like to see: Pettersson - Miller - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli Virtanen - Sutter - Gaudette Motte - Beagle - Leivo (Eriksson and Roussel out, have NTCs though) Edler - Tanev Hughes - Myers Fantenberg - Stecher Juolevi - Rafferty (Benn out) Markstrom-Demko 40-40 split Don't ask me how, but that's the ideal situation of course. What I think we'll see for opening night: Pettersson - Miller - Toffoli Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Roussel - Sutter - Leivo Motte - Beagle - Eriksson Gaudette Edler - Tanev Hughes - Myers Fantenberg - Juolevi Markstrom and Demko Virt/Stecher/Benn the casualties here to free up 6M
  15. To be fair Motte deserves 2-3M but hopefully if JB gives the kid 4-5 years we can get it done for 1.5-1.75M which is dirt-cheap for what he brings. Wouldn't be surprised if he breaks out at some point over the next few years Hansen-style, plays in our top-6 at times and scores some clutch goals.