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  1. We saw how bad this team was with Edler injured. With Hamhuis injured we chugged along at around .5 to .600 hockey. With Sbisa injured most of the season we didn't change too much. Then Edler breaks his leg when we're still close to playoff contention and we drop right out of the Western Conference. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Alex Edler is the most underated player on the Canucks team and probably the 3rd or 4th most important guy on the team. He logs big 23+ minutes a night against top forwards and plays hard minutes that no one can really replace. We saw what happened when the likes of even Hamhuis and Hutton tried to replace those minutes - they got shredded defensively. Edler is an all-round stalwart on defence, people see his mistakes and rip into him but don't see all the good he does because he's not that flashy a defenceman anymore. If the argument is that we'll get the most value for trading him now rather than later and end up with a Hamhuis-like scenario, lets look at that a bit closer: 1) Trade Edler now, we get not a whole lot in return. Maybe a young forward, or young defenceman, but not a very good one at that. That's the benefit. The con is that we end up without a top lefty defenceman, thrust Hutton into having to play BIG minutes and risk ruining his development, and worst of all you can pretty much write off the entire season if we don't have Edler on board. This is a fringe playoff team right now, but without a top pairing defenceman we're not coming close once again. 2) Keep Edler until his contract expires - we don't get any value for him in return but look, our team is much better for the next few seasons with a top defender, and we get to groom Hutton nice and slowly. He starts as a 2nd pairing lefty this season and may take the reins as top left handed defenceman in 2 years time. That's the way we should be doing it. Benning has just done a fantastic job of fixing this woeful defence. He saw last season that it was our single biggest weak spot and he did a remarkable job with some very controversial trades to fix that which is EXACTLY what he needed to do, and what a good GM does. The McCann for Gudbranson trade replaces Hamhuis so we're back on par now, we certainly don't have "too many defenceman" and any journalist or writer who thinks we does is absolute garbage and hasn't been following the trends of this team and the others in the Western Conference. We're finally the most balanced a team we've been in years up front, on defence and in goal - lets not mess that up by trading Edler.
  2. If Larsson for Hall worked, Tanev + (picks/prospect) for Landeskog would work. Unfortunately, Barrie just got locked down which makes their need for a R defencemen much less, and to be honest I think the Canucks are better off signing a cheap tertiary scorer like Pirri and going into the season with our defence as is, than going in with Gudbranson as our top R defenceman and no one really under him.
  3. Consistency will be the big thing with Etem like most young forwards. He really heated up at the end of the season, hopefully he can bring that consistent scoring into the start of next season because if he can hit 10-15 goals as a 3rd or 4th liner we'll have hit the jackpot. 20 goals is a stretch but not out of the question depending on how he starts the year.
  4. Virtanen will probably start out on the 3rd or 4th line depending on how well Rodin, Etem, Burrows, Dorsett etc. play. I don't see Virtanen out-playing Baertschi or Hansen to start the season, but who knows, by seasons end he may get some time in the top-6. That being said I'd be happy if he hits 10-15 goals as a 3rd-4th liner and then takes the big step up into our top-6 the following year. He has to become a top-6 if not top-3 winger eventually but next year may not be it just yet. He's still putting all his tools together and is far from a complete player, very similar to Etem and Baertschi (and even Horvat) at the moment. All of those guys have amazing potential and have shown streaks of brilliance, they just need to be more consistent and put it all together. Hopefully the Sedins can show them how because that's essentially what made them superstars, and the kids now can learn from how the Sedins grew in the NHL.
  5. Size is all well and good but after losing McCann we could use a versatile forward who can play wing or center. Pirri is that guy. Young, capable of scoring 15-20 goals consistently, he deseres a 3 year deal at around 1-3M depending on what the markets pushing. He's essentially another Hansen/Burrows type and exactly the type of utility forward we could use with both Hansen and/or Burrows possibly moving on soon.
  6. Nearly scores 20 goals on a God-awful offensive team. He may be getting old but he's still better than Burrows and much cheaper. He'll get snatched up, either off waivers or signed afterwards around the 2M mark. Still got a good 15-20 goal year in him surely on most teams. The Canucks should probably go for a younger guy like Pirri considering the fact that we still have Dorsett and Burrows eating up a combined 6+M.
  7. Rediculously cheap for someone who can still put up 30-40 points. Hopefully we can nab Pirri now for around 1-2M.
  8. Doesn't really matter too much when you fleece Montreal for one of the biggest names in hockey for an ageing veteran. Wouldn't judge him on these tiny signings, judge him on the monster Subban deal.
  9. Small defenceman but he's put up decent AHL numbers in the past. Doesn't hurt Utica at all having a 40 point D-man thrown into the mix.
  10. Would be happy if he scores 10 goals, 20ish points and kills penalties decently as a role model on our 4th line. Yes he's expensive because that contract was always going to bite us in the butt, but if we can get some good leadership out of him we should be happy.
  11. Cheap signing, 3rd pairing at the best even in Arizona. He's dangerously close to ending up in the AHL but next year will decide that.
  12. To be honest I'd rather we stick with our current defence going into the season and sign one of these UFAs like Pirri or Hudler than trade away Tanev or Sbisa and a package for a top-6 winger. We're better off with our defence as it is now, we've just built it up again to be respectable, lets not tear it down for a juicy forward. We're just one UFA signing from being season-ready and with 4M to play with I think we should target Pirri. He's consistently scoring at a 15-20 goal pace on a bunch of teams and can play center, perfect for our 3rd line.
  13. They will be thoroughly disappointed. Hamhuis is FAR removed from the defenceman he once was, and we could all see his decline throughout last season. Sure he was paired with some terrible partners and will have a better partner in Dallas, but by the season's end he was much slower on the ice in all aspects of the game. He was still great on the PK because I guess he didn't have to move too much but his instincts and feed have really slowed down. Good luck to you Hamhuis but he's not going to cope well with 23+ minutes a night
  14. Hansen + Sbisa + 2nd rounder might actually make sense in this case. Hansen replaces a bit of JVR's offence, Sbisa gives that team what they desperately need in a physical shutdown defenceman and they're rebuilding so a 2nd helps. We could throw in a prospect like Gaunce too but that should be plenty.
  15. Would have been nice for JB to try and snag Zibanejad. If Zibanejad + 2nd = Brassard (both 20ish goal, 50-60 point players) then we realistically could have traded Hansen (plus picks or Sbisa) and acquired a big 23 year old 20 goal scorer.