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  1. We're clearly struggling with Sutter and Beagle out. As much as we all want Sutter traded, he's a cornerstone of this team and gives us 4 solid two way centers. Without both our bottom 2 guys Bo is overworked and the top two lines are much easier to matchup. When we traded the 1st for Miller we got a very versatile center. The man can play anywhere in the lineup so let's use him. Boeser and Pettersson are in their groove now so let's slot Miller in at center, he can still play 1st line PP minutes and still rack up 18-20 mins a game. Boeser - Pettersson - Leivo(Goldobin?) Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen Pearson - Miller - Schaller Eriksson - Gaudette - MacEwan
  2. Haven't won in Winnipeg in ages, I hope we see Baertschi and Horvat reunited with Virtanen as well. 4-3 Canucks
  3. I think the Canucks are going to take it very slowly with Juolevi. Last season was barely a season, he'll probably spend this entire year in the AHL and maybe even half of next year. We've got such a solid top-4 now and some very decent bottom guys, it looks like Rafferty might even get a call up before Juolevi so he's probably the 3rd or realistically 4th call-up at the moment. We'd have to have some shocking injuries for Juolevi to get a Canucks game this season and I think that's the right move.
  4. This game has all the makings for a real fire-fight, I just hope our defence doesn't get too caught up with scoring and get caught out of position. Also would love to see Baertschi slide in somewhere... 6-3 Canucks.
  5. Motte and Ferland on IR, this is a big chance for the Utica guys to make an impression and hopefully stick. We've had the perfect balance so far hope it continues. 2-1 Canucks
  6. Sure he's on pace for 120 points but realistically if he hits 90-100 it'll be very impressive. Henrik Sedin's franchise 112 points might be safe this season but at this pace, not for long...
  7. Markstrom has obviously not been as sharp as he was following his family emergency, but I think he's still in the long run this season our top goalie. Despite the fact he's playing with a lot on his mind, he's still winning us points and games which is pretty impressive. Hopefully hockey is a good distraction for him and he sharpens up later on in the season when we'll really rely on him.
  8. I would hold on to our next pick but might consider a prospect-for-young player trade. The 1st for Miller was a stroke of genius in the end because it's top-15 protected, so essentially we're giving up a 20ish overall pick for a young versatile forward who's currently scoring at a point per game. We'd be lucky to get a guaranteed 1st liner for a 20-30 overall pick so JB did well there, but we should hold onto some picks in the future. As for young forwards, we have plenty to dangle around for current young guys (20-24 y.o) who can help us win.
  9. Heavy forwards and a strong goalie, this won't be easy. 3-2 Canucks
  10. 8-3-1 2nd in the Division, best +/- in the league, this team is killing it. Hopefully we can keep it going against the more elite teams, we've mainly been beating up on weaker teams so far. Petey and Boeser bullying these teams reminds me of the twins ruining the Oilers. This team is clicking and playing its best hockey, I just hope it continues this play through the tougher months. Good to know that we have top-10 special teams if not top-5 as a decent weapon to win us easy games and be the difference in tough games. Certainly seeing shades of 2011... Petey and Brock - Sedins Miller and Horvat - Kesler and Burrows Edler and Hughes - Edler and Ehrhoff
  11. I think we could do it by sending one of our many young Utica forwards along too. For example, Leivo or Baertschi + Eriksson for a pick? I'd do Leivo + Eriksson + 3rd for a 2nd round pick and move Baertschi up into the lineup.
  12. I'd have to agree in that Pettersson has had a change in style due to a change in coaching style and linemates. Miller is much more of a safe puck retrieval dump and chase player compared to Goldobin who he played with most of last season who was far more puck possession and skill based. I think this adjustment is necessary though, and while we lose out on nice zone entries, we gain far more with Miller than Goldobin down below the line, in the front of the net and defensively. Sadly though some of Pettersson's skill play gets sacrificed and we don't see any more of that beautiful puck possession and passing play we did previously. The powerplay has changed dramatically though and I agree that we should see Pettersson try to be set up for a shot more often. He has arguably the best shot of the team and we've completely ignored this weapon so far this season. I love the point shots and screens, but we should at least try and mix things up and have Petey let one timers go from the circle/side boards like we did last season. Not sure why this has been ignored so far this season. I wouldn't worry about Pettersson though, he's quietly over a point per game and racking up points despite not dominating play which is incredible. The most important thing is that the entire team offence is clicking and we're winning, as opposed to last season and years past where we had one strong top line, 3 terrible stagnant lines and never won anything. This is a shift in the right direction, yes it's a bit of sacrifice of Pettersson's skills but it's for the greater good of the team. I would however like to see this skill on display a bit more on the powerplay because we don't lose anything having him rip one timers on the half boards.
  13. Interesting to hear how much of a step back he's taken from hockey. Just hope there's no bad blood there and he can still influence the current team in some way.
  14. Got to think Leivo is the odd man out when Roussel comes back and to be honest I'd rather see what Baertschi can do than Leivo at the moment. He deserves a decent chance though but Virtanen has already replaced him on Horvat's line and is doing well there...
  15. I know Sutter's had talk about being a foundational piece and he's such a great locker room fun guy for the kids to have, but Beagle is quite similar as well. Arguably the best 4th line center in the league right now, fantastic character solid signing by JB. We need locks down the middle instead of just a rotation and JB did well to lock down a guy like Beagle rather than push Gaudette straight into a role he isn't made for. What's also nice is that Motte can play center as can Miller so in actual fact we have 6-7 centers in this lineup (Gaudette if he's in). When you look down the list of Cup winners, look how many of those versatile defensive-minded centers the winners have and how many centers-turned-wingers they have. They have lots of depth down the middle, versatility, guys who can step in to win a draw but more importantly, guys who are multi-dimensional and understand the game from a winger or center point of view.