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  1. I'd watch out for teams like Minny, NYR and Chicago who have been granted a second life, they could come to play with nothing to lose. Minnesota have blown us out in seasons past, let's just hope the guys come ready to play because whoever wins the first game in these mini-series may just win the set. Minnesota's faceoffs and PK have been brutal, thats our opening in this series. If we win some powerplays and control off the draw we can really put this series away.
  2. Boeser is going to be the wild card of this series. Always comes up big against his home town, I wonder if it's worthwhilr having him on the top line and reuniting Toffoli and Pearson? I think the top line spot is Toffoli's to lose but it's going to be the first swap Green should make if things aren't going well to start. Our bottom 6 is a mixed bag really and depends on who comes to training camp more amped, physically ready and mentally prepared.
  3. Better beat Minny. They've had our number the first few seasons so let's hope Green gets the guys ready. Anyone could come out of this break and win the Cup, it's like a new season.
  4. Reilly, Barrie, Muzzin and now probably Lehtonen in their top 4. This is nice but they need to make that Marner for Pietrangelo swap if they want to be taken seriously.
  5. That team was built around a solid core, which was the trend back then. You had to had your key 7 guys to win in the playoffs. The Kings and Blackhawks did it with a super 7 and loaded up at the TDL, and we had a great core with the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Edler, Ehrhoff and Luongo. There's been some strong teams since, namely the Bruins and Capitals, but neither are as dominant as those 2010-2012 Canucks were. You could say the Bruins were better built (and still are) for the playoffs and they've got a fantastic core revolving around Marchand, Bergeron and Chara with pieces moving in and out of the core like Krejci and now Pastrnak. Looking forward, the question is, do we have a similar core developing? Petey, Miller, Horvat, Boeser, Hughes and Marky/Demko are all certainly good, and all have the potential to be as good as 2011, but it's a long way to go for Pettersson and Miller to become 100pt players, Horvat to win a Selke and Demko to be a 47-win Vezina nominee...
  6. He's a bit the same as Hughes really, doesn't kill penalties but racks up points on the PP and is a righty. I think we need a more all-round defenceman in our future top-4, Severson would be nice but I'm a bit cautious about his defensive play. We still might have the guy we want in Rafferty or Juolevi anyway. I would do Virt + Stech + Brisebois for DeAngelo if they'd be interested. Going forward, Hughes-Myers and Tryamkin-DeAngelo would be fun to watch.
  7. He's a good puck mover, decent size and uses it well but for some reason he's always had a shocking +/-. Whether that's because he's on a rubbish team, or his defending is actually that bad, I'm not completely sold on Severson the way I was when he broke out. Jake is having a big season and may be turning a corner, I'd give him a bridge contract and see what he can produce in the next 2 seasons before trading him because he may end up being the 20-30 goal scorer we needed from him.
  8. I'd lose Eriksson for sure and have a big think about Roussel. He might be key for us in the playoffs, but has been really up and down. I'd keep him on and decide in the offseason, lose him if we can keep all our guys for that extra 3M. Certainly keep Sutter and Beagle, their worth down the middle, especially in the deep playoffs, will be invaluable and Gaudette is not quite defensively good enough yet. 6M of LE off the books should be enough to resign Toffoli, even if the cap drops.
  9. Good on them for doing so, the season isn't over and there may well be playoffs and a Cup winner. Leading into 2011, Gillis just got us a couple of 3rd liners. He should have blown the absolute bank and traded away all our 1st and 2nd round picks of the next 2 years to give Kesler and the Sedins two 30 goal scorers to play with. We not only would have won in 2011 but arguably again the next season and could have created a dynasty. Biggest fault of MG tenure was not going all-in and becoming the ultimate buyer. We could have had a couple of cups. Plus, those picks didn't turn out the best anyway...
  10. We've never had strong, physical forwards in our top 6. We've never had depth and 10-goal scorers on our 4th line. We've never had a true top defenceman. We have had an elite goalie in Luongo. We've had two elite forwards in the Sedins. We've had a top defensive 2nd line center in Kesler. Ironically, the things we lacked in 2011, we have now. We've finally got offensive depth, which is always key in long playoff series because your 3rd and 4th liners are the ones who score goals when the top lines are checked to death. We've got a top defenceman in Hughes (debatable, he's not a top defensive defenceman but offensively, absolutely), and we've got some real strong top-6 forwards (Bo, Pearson, Toffoli, Miller). I think JB has created this club perfectly, and if they get into the playoffs they'll really do some damage in long matchups.
  11. I think we always have a skewed view of our players, but the question is, how will they translate and compare to the rest of the NHL? I think Podkolzkin will likely be a top-6 winger, might be a bit inconsistent at times but he's got the tools, it's all about the development for him so the sooner we get him into Utica the better. Hopefully he's Utica-ready next season and possibly break into our bottom-6 in a year or two after that. Good chance he's a medium to long term NHLer. I think Hoglander's shown his elite skill level and will make the NHL, he may not be a consistent scorer and worst case scenario may end up the next Goldobin, but he's got potential and again, the sooner we get him into playing tough North American hockey, the better. I think he might need a year or two in Utica before even trying the NHL. At the moment good chance he's got a medium-length NHL career. Rafferty out of nowhere deserves an NHL spot next season for sure but again, AHL success and NHL success don't necessarily correlate. Could be a bit of a wild-card depending on how he deals with the speed and pressure of the NHL, but I think he's got a decent chance at a small to medium NHL career. Lind I expect to put all his tools together and compete for an NHL spot next season. He probably won't get it because we're so deep at the moment, but on a weak team would deserve it. If he hustles the way Gaudette did he might push an NHLer out (Beagle, Sutter, Roussel in particular) because Lind as the skillset for the NHL. I think he'll have a decent medium to long NHL career. Juolevi is interesting, I really do hope he has a long NHL career but he has never really dazzled people at any level. He's been steady and consistent which I'm hoping translates to the NHL, and if he plays in the NHL the way he has in the AHL and previously, he'll be fine, an Edler-type steady player. Based on his pedigree I'd expect a long NHL career from him but with injuries and inconsistencies in Utica you never know. Rathbone, Woo and Focht I'll lump together as big unpredictables. Honestly I think they'll get a bit of a stint here and there in the NHL but will primarily be Utica players. Rathbone seems pretty solid right now (point per game in NCAA as a defenceman) as does Woo offensively, but we need to see how their defensive game can handle big strong forwards in the AHL first.They'll really have to work their ways up slowly almost the way Stecher did and whether or not they play in the NHL depends on our defensive depth in 2-3 years.
  12. Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Gaudette - Sutter - Roussel Motte - Beagle - Virtanen Eriksson MacEwan Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Stecher - Fantenberg Benn That's basically our current lineup if we re-sign everyone. Personally I hope: 1) Eriksson gets bought out or traded, MacEwan slots in on a regular basis or Ferland ideally if he's healthy 2) If not, trade Sutter 3) We re-sign Tanev or a similar UFA defenceman for around 4M 4) We re-sign Stecher or if need be let him walk/trade his rights and give Juolevi/Chatfield/Brisbeois/Rafferty a chance at being our 7th rotating defenceman.
  13. Agreed, Leivo was a nice stop-gap but now that we've finally got some decent wingers for Bo, he becomes expendable. We could keep him for a decent 3rd line but we've got plenty of young forwards who we should move up to that spot.
  14. I agree with most of this but sadly don't think Ferland will be playing hockey anymore and am a little scared about Juolevi starting in our top-6. He really should be by now but I don't know if he's our best AHL defenceman. Maybe Rafferty gets the nod, maybe Chatfield or Brisebois, but surely one of those guys can play 15 mins a night to save us some cap. Up front I doubt JB can move all of those contracts realistically but of course it would be nice. If Ferland comes back I say Roussel at 3M is expendable but I don't think he will so let's hang on to Roussel. I just can't imagine JB trading Sutter after all this "foundational player" stuff, as much as I know most fans want his cap gone. I think your forward lines are bang on, just that JB wil likely keep Sutter. Baertschi has to be the obvious dump to a struggling team for a late pick or considerations, he still has some NHL hockey left in him so hopefully that's an easy 2M cleared. On D sadly I think you're right in that Stecher is going to have to be traded or let go, we can't afford 2.5M+ on our bottom pairing at the moment. Tryamkin is a wildcard, if he doesn't sign then I think we should either keep Stecher cheap or sign one of the many UFAs out there (my pick would be Edmunson) but Stecher would certainly be the cheaper option. I doubt Tanev gets much of a raise to be honest, he's getting older and is still clearly injury prone so hopefully he resigns at around the same 4.25M amount.
  15. Not entirely stoked considering we have some great forwards but could always use a free signing, plus he looks like a decent playmaker and could be some insurance in case we lose Pearson or Toffoli in the future.