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  1. Give the kid a decent shot, we gave Stecher a chance and he's showed everyone you don't need to be big to play well defensively. Hopefully if Subban can skate well and not get caught out of position too much his offence will keep him around, because this defence really doesn't get much offence anyway. A good D-zone passer would really help these useless forwards get the puck up the ice because that's often our biggest problem.
  2. Would love to see what he can do with the Sedins. Big right handed shot, good-ish defence, exactly what they need. If they're stinking it up though once Hansen or Burrows gets traded, it's straight to the Horvat line for Grenier. I think he'll play well and stick.
  3. What to do if this half bandaided AHL team goes on a winning streak? 2 games until the deadline, and 10 points back of a playoff spot. I still hope we sell and out of doing so, get some young talent back who's been sheltered in a deep contending team and can play with the Canucks right away. Not so much selling, more moving of assets. Eg. Tanev to TOR for Nylander Eg. Edler + Hansen to PIT for Pouliot + retained cap (they have Maata on LTIR) Eg. Burrows to MTL for 2nd or 3rd round pick
  4. Worst case scenario, if none of the guys mentioned are able to play, why not just run the AHLers: Sedin - Sedin - Grenier Burrows - Horvat - Hansen Eriksson - Sutter - Megna Skille - Gaunce - Labate Edler - McEney (off-side) Sbisa - Subban Hutton - Tryamkin
  5. Eriksson could always have a resurgent 2017-2018 year and to be honest, a hard working two-way player who can kill penalties, perform a good screen and net front presence will be great for teaching the kids. Those are the intangeables we need the kids to play with. If we can get each of our young forwards playing that way we'll have a great future, so maybe JB and WD have Eriksson in their plans to act as sort of a mentor. Guys like Sutter and Eriksson who play good two-way games are clearly what this team is based on, just look at Baertschi, Granlund and Horvat too. We'll be drafting and bringing up a lot more young forwards into the mix, in particular Virtanen, Boeser and most likely the high 2017 pick not to mention anyone we land in a trade, so these kids will benefit a lot from learning how to play the right way from Eriksson. He's not producing offence, but he's still playing the right way and for this young team in a transition, it's more important about nailing those fundamentals rather than producing offence.
  6. I'd build a trade around Tanev for Nylander happily, maybe Kapanen but would rather someone NHL-proven.
  7. We probably have to give a bit more than Tanev, maybe Tanev + Hansen + 2nd for Sergachev + late pick (assuming the Habs have cap room)? The kid is scoring at a point per game in the OHL this year and will probably be good for top-4 AHL minutes next season, still very young though. Grabbing Sergachev gives us one of if not the best young D-man group in the league (Sergachev, Juolevi, Stecher, Tryamkin, Hutton) and makes someone like Hutton very expendable if we want to grab a top-6 scorer. Another similar type of trade could be made with Pittsburgh for Pouliot, especially considering they just got Hainsey and Pouliot is rotting over there. A trade involving Hansen for Pouliot could definitely work.
  8. The Flames are taking matters into their own hands and about to jump 10 points clear of the Canucks, and make some distance between themselves and the Kings. Keep playing like this and they'll make the playoffs, and when they do I've got a feeling Gaudreau is going to make some noise. Depends how they close the season, but right now they're playing like it's the playoffs and that's why they'll make it.
  9. Hopefully this means Subban will get a chance. He may well stick similarly to how Stecher did. Plays a good game, nice passes, no big defensive mistakes and who knows - Hutton or Tanev may become very expendable very quickly.
  10. Maata's going on LTIR. They get 4M off the books. Edler for Pouliot straight up. We retain about 1M of Edler's cap so he can squeeze in. Maybe we give them Subban or a mid to late pick as well if they want. Pouliot is sheltered over there and needs a change in scenery desperately. Early to mid 20s, and was once considered the best young D-man in the world. Juolevi - Stecher Pouliot - Tryamkin Hutton - Gudbranson Pretty damn good future defence with Sbisa to boot. Makes Hutton very expendable.
  11. I'd do Hansen + Subban or a mid pick for Pouliot in a heart-beat.
  12. I'd d Tanev for Nylander straight up in a heart-beat. Works for Toronto, they have enough center depth and desperately need someone decent to play with Gardiner. They need a good shutdown defenceman on the right side and Tanev fits the bill to a tee. Meanwhile, we finally get a top-6 forward with some serious skill. Undersized, sure, but he's proven he can score points against men and big defencemen. He's going through the same beef the Sedins got when they broke into the league and he's doing exactly what they did - proving everyone wrong. Henrik and Daniel would be the PERFECT mentors for this kid as well if they overlapped a couple of years. If we're lucky Nylander can play wing for a year, get a bit better defensively and swap over to center and finally we have the new Henrik-Kesler combo of Nylander-Horvat. 2-3 years time: Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser 2017 1st overall draft pick - Nylander - Virtanen Granlund - Sutter - UFA/draft
  13. Great post. TO VAN: Fleury + Pouliot + Sprong TO PIT: Edler + Hansen + Bachman TO ARI: 1st round pick (top-10 pick) + Subban + Virtanen TO VAN: 1st or 2nd overall pick DRAFT: Hirschier or Patrick FUTURE LINEUP: Baertschi - Hirschier - Boeser Sprong - Horvat - UFA Granlund - Sutter - UFA Juolevi - Stecher Pouliot - Tryamkin Hutton - Sbisa Demko Fleury
  14. TO VAN: Derreck Pouliot + Sprong TO PIT: Alex Edler + Hansen + Cassels (Canucks eat some cap, or take Fleury on as a cap dump but they'll probably buy him out) 1) Maata's injured, 4M cap space going on LTIR. When he returns after the deadline in the playoffs that cap doesn't count. Massive advantage for Pittsburgh. 2) Pouliot is getting shafted in the AHL, he's like their 2nd or 3rd callup now. Even with Maata out he won't get called up. Could have been one of the best young D-men in the world at a time, now he's getting into his mid-20s and losing potential. Needs a scenery change and NHL time. 3) Sprong was a former 2nd round pick, boosted his value a bit but still more or less NHL unproven. Hansen is likely to get traded for a 2nd round pick. 4) Edler = Pouliot in terms of value. Pittsburgh get a top-3 defenceman for this year and next, then a declining bottom-4 D-man for a year or two. Canucks get a flyer on a potential top-4 young D-man with bust potential. High risk but high reward player. Similar to Justin Schultz IMO. 5) Hansen + Cassels = Sprong (Cassels just for the added boost, but Hansen alone should warrant a 2nd round pick which is roughly what Sprong still is). When Pittsburgh get Maata back for the playoffs they go in with the best defence in the NHL bar-none. They also have a playoff performer and PKer in Hansen, to be honest there's no way they don't win the Cup unless goaltending mucks up. Good offensive stars, best defence in the NHL, depth scoring up front. Likely to repeat. For the Canucks we get a guy who can play 20 minutes on defence, get the most value from Edler and a playmaking winger with some elite-end skill who can complement our raft of forwards. Our new core: Sprong - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - ? - Virtanen Granlund - Sutter - ? Juolevi - Stecher Pouliot - Tryamkin Hutton - Sbisa/Subban 3-4 of those defencemen have potential star quality (Juolevi, Stecher, Pouliot, Tryamkin). Boeser, Sprong, Horvat have star potential too. We just need a decent center/playmaker for a 2nd line and we can get that in one of the next 2 drafts.
  15. I think he means "breakdown" in the terms of "summary".