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  1. 1) Sedins looked lethal out there with Sutter tonight, that defence really struggled and aren't a very good defending team. Sedins hopefully picking up their play a bit now. 2) Horvat and Baertschi and Burrows with plenty of chances again, could have had a couple of goals. No need to worry about them. Brilliant PKing by Burrows and Horvat too. 3) Erikssson a bit reluctant to shoot tonight, he passed up 2 A-grade chances to shoot and passed it which nullified the scoring chance. Hope he gets his confidence back because he should be burrying them. Granlund had some nice little plays but the trio were very quiet tonight against a weak defence. Not great but Loui was fantastic on the PK and constantly contributing to this team in more ways than one. 4) Fourth line wins us the game of course, Skille showing us he has a lot to contribute, wouldn't mind seeing that shot and power with the twins at some point. Nice goals by Megna too albeit he was handed them - Skille's were far more impressive. They did well tonight. 5) Stecher didn't have a strong game offensively for the first time but great defensive stick all night long and shutdown some very good forwards. Sbisa the same. 6) Hutton and Gudbranson had a pretty good game, one of their best complete games in a while. They shutdown some good scorers again and didn't make too many mistakes but did let up a lot of shots. 7) Tryamkin struggled a little bit and didn't play too physically tonight, his play is slowly slipping but not costing us yet. Biega had a very good game and really checked hard all night long. 8) Obviously Miller's best game of the year and he is really catching fire now with a couple massive games, similar to how Luongo used to carry this team in 2007. Hopefuly it's a minor strain/injury and he's not out long-term just as he's getting good. On the whole, we played very well but defensively can't keep giving up this many shots. The offence is coming through but man do we miss Edler and Tanev.
  2. 2-1 Canucks, goalie duel. Stecher with the GWG.
  3. He could fit just about anywhere on this lineup right now and inject a bit of skill and playmaking to any line. I'd like to see what he can do with Eriksson and Granlund to start. 3 skilled Europeans, Eriksson brings a tiny bit of grit, both Eriksson and Granlund have good defensive awareness and both can score and pass to each other but a skilled guy like Rodin gives us a highly talented "third line". 3 offensive lines, 3 completely different styles of play. The twins and Sutter score off the cycle. Horvat's line mainly scores with speed off the rush, and the 3 Europeans would score with great passing and dynamic playmaking. Would be a handful for most teams and may not have great success during the regular season, but that effect is tough to stop in the playoffs when matchups are more important.
  4. This is exactly it. With Sbisa and Stecher playing a lot now, they're learning and can show that they can play against top defencemen. With that confidence, hopefully the coaches are more willing to play bottom pairings than burn Edler out at 25+ mins a night. We need him down at 22-23 to be successful. This team lacks a true 25+ minute defenceman, lets not pretend like Edler's one of them. He's still our best guy though. When Tanev comes back I hope our defence looks a bit like this: Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Tanev Tryamkin - Stecher And when Edler's back it'll be interesting to see where Tanev ends up. Stecher has been IMO our best defenceman all season long, even when Edler and Tanev have been healthy. I'd rather see Stecher on the top pairing playing 20-21 minutes right now which seems like a lot for a rookie, but he's proven that he can log those big minutes without making mistakes but more importantly, playing well right until the end. Edler - Stecher Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Tanev With that depth, WD has no excuse to over-play any particular pairing. If there's more PPs, our top pairing gets more minutes naturally. If there's more PKs, our bottom pairing log more minutes. Everyone should be equals in that defensive unit. Sbisa at maybe around 15-18 minutes, Tanev at around 20, Hutton and Gudbranson at around 20-21 tops, Stecher around 20 and Edler no more than 22 minutes.
  5. I think you take the best available player at the position at this point and trade for a necessity. We need a top flight center. Take Liljegren and trade for one with what we have left. I'd hate to trade Stecher or Juolevi but they're options (think Werenski/Provorov in value), then there's always Edler/Tanev/Subban as chips as well not to mention + picks which could get us a decent center that would probably be better and more NHL-ready than Nolan.
  6. Stecher is currently the Canucks best defenceman, and will definitely be next season. Juolevi will hopefully go to the AHL next year, then in another years time start on the Canucks and give it 1 more year before he's in our top-4. That's 3 years away from really contributing, whereby Stecher will be in his prime. That's when we want to contend again IMO, and Juolevi's prime will really play a big role in that. Horvat will be ready, hopefully Juolevi will be too.
  7. Good to see him finally score, hopefully he gets a bit streaky and puts a few more together before the Canucks think of pulling him up to the NHL again.
  8. I know it's early but this kid is a foundational defenceman. Small but clever defensively, is winning puck battles and defensive plays and odd-man rushes against some of the best scorers in the NHL so far, is making clutch game-saving plays (tipped goal, tying goals, puck on the line stand tonight etc.) and can score and has a heavy shot. He is an all-round defenceman and similar to what we'll see out of Juolevi in a couple years time. Lock him down long-term because this is the type of defenceman you build a young core and team around. You need good players who can play at all 3 zones, that's how the Blackhawks/Kings/Penguins cores are built. Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook can score and defend. Crosby, Malkin, Letang can do the same. Kopitar, Brown and Doughty are exactly the same. Good offensive forwards who can defend, and good solid defencemen who can score. That's what we've got brewing now and we've had for a while with Horvat. We've got a glimpse of it too with Baertschi or Granlund (albeit not as offensively talented) and Boeser. We know Juolevi can do it all, and now we have Stecher who is proving he can do it. He may not win a Norris trophy, he may, but he'll be the Canucks best defenceman in a years time if he already isn't.
  9. Good stretches but we were the worse team tonight, and once again the defence nearly costs us the game. Similar game in terms of how we're playing to the last 2. 1) Sedins and Sutter are good again, the twins are looking good and have always feasted on the Leafs but I think tonight would have been a good night to put Eriksson up there with the twins in the 3rd period. Sutter gets too caught up in the cycle as most players do and he needs to simplify it, trust the twins to make space and get him the puck. Nice goal by Daniel regardless, they were buzzing all night long. 2) Horvat, Baertschi and Burrows generated some nice chances, no goals but a sick shoot out game winner. Horvat really is becoming a game changer, more importantly, on a consistent nightly basis. 75% in the faceoff circle. He does it all and is always contributing something to this team. Quickly becoming the team's MVP. 3) Eriksson and Granlund had quiet nights, not invisible and had some chancecs which is always a good sign though, but Eriksson was very quiet. Chaput didn't do much apart from 1 nice pass. 4) Fourth line got less than 10 minutes, Skille with 3 minutes. I'd rather have Labate in for a night like tonight and those minutes. Thought Gaunce could have played more, he plays hard along the boards but really needs to generate some offence if he's ever going to be useful. Megna and Chaput with 2 terrible penalties that nearly cost us the game, typical AHL mistakes, we got lucky there. 5) On the whole, up front we need crisper passing. At the start of the season our passes were all tape-to-tape and we moved up the ice as one. Now the Canucks are really struggling to make a pass and even take a pass cleanly without it fumbling off the stick and onto the Leafs' players. Whether that's a practice thing or a fatigue thing I don't know but we need to get back to basics if we're to play better. 6) Defence was the same story as the last 2 nights. I actually think minutes-wise we managed what we have on defence quite well. Sure Sbisa and Hutton were the big minute men, with Gudbranson and Stecher second, but no one showed signs of fatigue with their minutes. Sbisa was average, not terrible and didn't make any big mistakes but didn't do too much good. Stecher, as I'm sure everyone can tell by now, has been the best defenceman of the season by a long shot. Great stick defensively, can win puck battles along the boards not with his size but with his skill and fast skating, as well as clever stick, and offensively he's a threat everytime he walks the line and has the puck. Hard, heavy shot that finds the net, he nearly ended it in OT. Love the passion this kid plays with. He is going to be our best defenceman for a long time and that's even with Juolevi in the ranks. JB hit one out of the park with this guy and he's only getting better every game. A constant threat offensively and constantly making great defensive plays, while not making many defensive mistakes at all. Lock this kid up long term and build a defence around him, Juolevi, Hutton and Gudbranson. 7) Ben Hutton logged 25 minutes against some good offensive players and fared well, he was brutal last game but played pretty well defensively tonight. Nothing special offensively apart from a few good shots but didn't cost us bad goals. For playing that many minutes against such high quality offensive players, I'd call it a successful night for Hutton. 8) Nice fight by Gudbranson, nice physicality but he wasn't fantastic defensively so an average night at best for him. Did break up a play defensively pretty nicely though. Average night, nothing too good or too bad from him. 9) Larsen and Tryamkin were terrible tonight. They cost us the Matthews goal pretty embarassingly by both puck watching and leaving their best scorer wide open. Tryamkin really struggled tonight and Larsen didn't do much at all apart from one good defensive play to stop a breakaway. Not a great night by our 3rd pairin. 10) Obviously Miller is tonight's first star, 40+ shots against is unacceptable by our defence and he bails them out big time. Did let up a few big rebounds that we should be clearing but we let a few cross-crease one timers straight on to Miller which just can't happen. Saved the game for the Canucks in a big way. TL;DR - Defence was brutal again, Miller wins us the game, Stecher and Horvat are quickly becoming this team's best all-round players. You build teams around forwards that can score and play defence, and defencemen who are solid defensively but can also contribute offensively, and that's what we've got now - some nice foundational players to build a core with. Think of Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith and Seabrook. All 5 of them can score and defend. That's what we need, and that's what we've found in Stecher and Horvat. More pieces to come for sure, but Stecher is a bloody gem and quite frankly without him this team doesn't get these wins. Missing Edler yet?
  10. Not a great game. Not poorly coached, just poorly played by the Canucks. 1) Sedins looked alright out there, but really couldn't click with Sutter tonight for whatever reason. That's going to happen during the season, but what a stupid move to play the twins with Megna of all people. Bad move by WD wasted half the 3rd period there. Good move to try Eriksson because it paid off. I'd also like to see him try Horvat with the Sedins at some point because that really is a match made in heaven. 2) Horvat, Burrows and Baertschi looked good again, generated chances but no finish tonight. Can't expect them to score every night but Baertschi's defence is very underated and as a trio they're a fantastic 2b/3a type line. 3) Eriksson and Granlund didn't have the chances they usually do, Eriksson was good with the twins and Chaput really played well. This guy is a fantastic playmaker, big body and good passer. He racked up assists in the AHL and now he's playing like a nice playmaking center in the NHL which is what the Canucks desperately needed on any line. Keep him with a decent shooter and a big body who can clear some space and we've got a good line. 4) Fourth line looked good tonight and earned their ice time but again, they're never going to score considering they're a bunch of fringe AHLers and PTOs. Good game by Gaunce and Skille. 5) Defence costs us the game at the end of the day. Stecher played well, nice shots and great skating but a classic rookie mistakes seals the game. He was beaten 1-on-1 only once but apart from that played well against the big Anaheim forwards. A real tough challenge, he played pretty average but still good for a rookie and it's unfortunate that the mistake he makes costs us the entire game. Sbisa had a very good game for once, no stupid mistakes, held pucks in the offensive zone really well, had some shots and shut down the Ducks top-2 lines well. Hutton looks like a mess out there at times. He's a real wild-card every single game and tonight he was dangerously bad spinning and turning pucks over. This kid doesn't get enough criticism for when he has a bad game because he's such a fan favourite. Granted he played against the Ducks top line and stoned Getzlaf and Perry, he looked downright awful on our powerplay, couldn't get anything going offensively and really struggled there. Defensively he didn't make any massive mistakes that cost us tonight though. Gudbranson had an up and down game too. Nothing offensively, some good keep ins and great physical play along the boards but that was a terrible 2-0 goal he let in, it seems as though a lot of pucks are going in our net off Gudbranson lately which may be unlucky or poor timing and positioning. Traymkin had a rough game tonight. Played the first goal very poorly spacing-wise, he should have been much closer to Fowler, and he got spun around and embarassed on the 2-0 goal along with Gudbranson. Had a few good box-outs and played great physically but it's those big mistakes that came not against size, but against speed, that we need to eliminate. Larsen looked very bad out there too, primary guy to blame for the 2-0 goal because he left his man Silverberg completely open. Apart from that he wasn't great physically, lost a few board battles, and didn't generate any offence or shots through at all. Miller was pretty up and down, didn't have to make any massive saves but really let in some softies. The 1-0 goal is hard to blame him for, the 2-0 goal was another defensive mess but that 3-1 goal is, to be fair, 50% his fault. Sure, Stecher tipped it, but from so far out along the boards any goalie should still be able to stop it. The tip didn't even change the direction of the puck, it just made it flutter. No traffic, clutch moment, he lets in a bad goal. Brutal, but then the defence is to blame for the other goals and he is not getting ANY help. Another game, another poor defensive effort where Edler and Tanev are desperately missed. On the plus-side, when they return we have Stecher as our best D-man arguably on our bottom pairing. Good reason to be optimistic, the defence will be better and learn from these terrible mistakes but hopefully they just don't cost us too many points in the standings. TL;DR - Bad game all around from everyone top to bottom.
  11. That's alright, Gudbranson can just sit and play good hockey and do nothing. Send Tryamkin after Kadri and lets have him break another bone or two.
  12. ? Sbisa wiffs on a cross-ice pass, then gets caught flat footed and beaten on the rebound...what are the Sedins supposed to do about that? Gudbranson's shot gets blocked and leaves up a clean cut breakaway from the defensive blueline. No one to blame there. Gudbranson on the tying goal screens his own goalie with some stupid kick move. Edler is still our best D-man, face it. No one else can log those minutes without faultering.
  13. Canucks offence is on fire but our defence is going to get shelled by Anaheim. 4-3 Canucks though
  14. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for 4-6 weeks of this. Edler = this team's most underated player and arguably MVP along with Horvat. Take a Sedin away, we have 2 other lines clicking. Take away Horvat, we're in trouble but still have 2-3 other scoring lines. Take away Tanev, we were alright with Stecher popping up to the top pairing. But take away Edler and suddenly you've got a 4 goal against gong-show. This is going to continue, will get a bit better when Tanev returns but will not be solved. Hutton, Sbisa and Tryamkin are all middle-of-the-pack defencemen and cannot handle top pairing minutes. Edler is the one guy on this team who can. Hopefully some CDCers start eating their words because he's this team's best defenceman, has been for almost a decade and his injury last season was a turning point in the season, lets hope WD can figure out a way to stop the same thing from happening this year.
  15. You've got to be joking if you think the Sbisa play leading to the 1-0 goal against, the Gudbranson blocked shot and breakaway for the 4-3 goal and the terrible box out leading to the 4-4 goal are acceptable. We're going to get slaughtered if we trade away Edler. Tonight's game against Minnesota was a sampling of what could be. We got lucky we won this game, credit Stecher for getting pucks through and our forwards for creating chaos in the crease. Tonight's game was won by the forwards and Stecher, and nearly lost by 1 weak goal by Miller but 3 terrible goals due to our shoddy defence. Edler is this team's MVP on defence and probably top-5 players including Horvat, the twins and maybe a goalie. You don't trade him away, he is simply not expendable but lets just wait 4-6 more weeks to see how bad this defence can really get without our best player.