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  1. Schenn is pretty terrible, he's a top-4 defenceman on a thin defence. Weber is a 7th defenceman on a good defence. Instead in Vancouver Schenn would be #4 and Weber #6, when they really should be 6 and 7 respectively. Good teams have far better defencemen in their top-4. For example, I'd love to trade for Hamonic as that 4th defenceman/maybe even 2nd on this team, and then sign someone like Demers to play with Sbisa. Hamhuis + Higgins + 2nd for Hamonic Demers in the off-season for around 5M, 3 years (cap ceiling going up, 5M is reasonable nowadays) Edler - Tanev Hutton - Hamonic Sbisa - Demers Bartkowski   Shutdown defencemen paired with puck moving defencemen, lots of defencemen in their primes, Edler becomes the new leader on defence finally.
  2. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    I'd be happy with our centers of Henrik Sedin for the next 3ish years, Sutter, Horvat and McCann. I wasn't sold on them a while ago but McCann has been brilliant in his rookie season, he could surprise people and be that 1st line two-way center most teams dream of. He's not big and strong but you don't have to be, look at Toews. McCann is skilled, his hockey IQ is very underrated and he plays amazing defence. In a few years time he'll be a great 1st line center. As good as RyJo would be, he'd cost us way too much and besides, a #1 center isn't as important to this Canucks team as a defenceman. We get RyJo, we don't improve that much (especially because of what it'll cost). We get Hamonic, this team becomes a definite playoff team, and we probably won't have to even give up that much. 40ish games worth of Hamhuis + a current scorer like Higgins/Dorsett/someone + either a prospect who's never going to crack our roster or a 2nd round pick should do the trick easily.
  3. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    Huge clutch win. Sedins were brilliant. Daniel's now 4th in NHL scoring at 35 years old. They're red hot right now, nice Hansen goal. Horvat and McCann looked good tonight, tertiary scorers were good with chances and a real gritty performance. The defence weren't great physically I thought, Miller was crowded for much of the night. Obviously this is 100% on Miller. Brilliant 60 minute game by him. Just shows how good he can be when he's been rested - we need to keep throwing Markstrom in there to keep Miller this fresh.
  4. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    Ideally we find ourselves a top-4 right handed defenceman and a cheaper 3rd pairing right handed defenceman. We're going to have a lot of cap room to play with with Hamhuis and Vbrata gone. I'd be happy to re-sign Hamhuis cheaply to play a 3rd pairing role but I'd much rather pull these off: (Trade Deadline): Hamhuis + Higgins + Shinkaruk + 2nd for Hamonic Give them whatever they want quite frankly. Hamonic would fix so many of this team's problems. If they want a 1st, give it to them. If they want more scoring give them Vbrata. Just have to get this deal done.   (Offseason) Sign Jason Demers. He's having a hell of a season offensively in Dallas but everyone does. Hopefully we can swindle him away if they keep Goligoski etc., give him 4.5-5M for 3 years. He's 27, right handed defenceman, can move the puck nicely and is essentially a MUCH better Bartkowski. With the cap ceiling constantly rising, this 5M isn't similar to Edler's 5M, it's more like a 3.5-4M which is more reasonable. He'd fit PERFECTLY with Sbisa on our 3rd pairing. Puck mover in Demers, shutdown physical guy in Sbisa. Sign a UFA defenceman as the 7th defenceman for dirt-cheap. We could probably get away with Bartkowski for a similar price to what he's at right now.   (Offseason) Sign Lucic. I don't really want Lucic here but chances are it's going to happen, and Benning will throw big bucks at him. I don't think our forward group needs to change too much, lots of change will come from within and our young guys will get a lot better.   Sedin - Sedin - Lucic Baertschi - Sutter - Burrows Hansen - Horvat - Prust Dorsett - McCann - Virtanen Gaunce   Edler - Tanev Hutton - Hamonic (this pairing will be money, probably end the season as our top pair) Sbisa - Demers Bartkowski Subban   Miller Markstrom Demko
  5. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    We desperately need to fix our defence and more importantly, we need Sutter back. Since he's been injured the kids down at center have struggled. Horvat can't handle 2nd line center responsibilities and McCann hasn't been as effective. Cracknell and Prust have really risen to the occasion but it's not enough. Sutter fills a huge organizational need and his presence is really being missed. Now Hutton's gone too, this team's in trouble without their 2C and top 4 defenceman. 5-3 Wild. Not sure if Parise's in or not but that team is red hot at home anyway. We'll be lucky to put up 3 goals.
  6. CGY Goalie Joni Ortio put on waivers

    Utica could use him. Ortio's one of the best young goalies out there. He's been shelled this season but he's still got promise and will do well in the AHL for a bit.
  7. Any plan to bolster our defence sounds like a good plan. I just think though that our defence is a few key pieces off. Gold standard plan would be to acquire two 1st pairing defencemen, bump Edler and Tanev down to 2nd pairing and hope Sbisa and Hutton can play on a 3rd pairing together, with a UFA as the 7th. That's never going to happen though, but that's what it would take for our defence to be a contending defence. Realistically, we're only missing one top-4 right handed defenceman right now. If we lose Hamhuis, we'll need to find another. Next season, I expect Hutton to play 20+ minutes consistently and replace Hamhuis as that top-4 guy on the left side. That leaves Edler still capable of top pairing minutes (hopefully), Hutton capable of 2nd pairing minutes and Sbisa as an anchor on our 3rd pairing (but able to play up the lineup in case of injuries - a very useful player to have). I suppose we ca re-sign Hamhuis cheap but we don't really need to with Edler-Hutton-Sbisa on the left and maybe sign a cheap UFA (even Bartkowski) as the 4th lefty for injuries. The right side is the main problem. We've got Tanev who's a great top-4 defenceman but ideally a 2nd pairing guy. He'll be on our top pairing though for years to come. Then we've got Weber who IMO has to go. No one in Utica is ready to fill that other top-4 spot. Subban is still at least 2 years away from the NHL. Pedan and Fedun really belong in the AHL. That leaves a gaping hole at our 2nd pairing RHD spot and even 3rd pairing. That spot alongside Hutton on our 2nd pairing is key - we need to find a relatively young, strong, physical right handed shutdown defenceman who can play 20-25 minutes a night. That would be the PERFECT partner for Hutton, and quite frankly, Hamonic is that perfect fit. If we don't snag him, Benning HAS to find a similar type of player. There's lots out there and luckily they won't be commanding a lot because they're not flashy players. We just need a shutdown guy, similar to Tanev but a bit more physical would be nice, to let Hutton free-wheel. For the 3rd pairing, we realistically could sign any cheap UFA to play alongside Sbisa but ideally he'd be a puck moving defenceman. Subban will be the perfect fit on that role in a few years time, but until then a veteran puck mover would be lovely to help give some guidance to this group with Hamhuis gone. Unless Hamhuis is willing to re-sign cheap, a veteran would fit perfectly. Edler - Tanev Hutton - top4 RHD defensive defenceman Sbisa - cheap UFA veteran UFA   That top-4 RHD is the biggest concern, and probably the hardest to find. Byfuglien would be nice and there are a few UFA agents out there who fit the bill, but to be honest it doesn't get more of a perfect match than Hamonic. If Benning can find a way to trade for him without disrupting Edler, Tanev, Hutton or Sbisa, we'll be in good shape. I'd be thinking something like Hamhuis + Shinkaruk + 2nd which I'd do in a heart-beat. Sounds like a lot but it fills our problems perfectly.
  8. This can't be right.

    I think it's a fact that the team isn't playing very well and that this is expected from the remainder of a 2011 juggernaut team. We're left with the ageing scraps right now and a bunch of rookies who aren't the best prospects in the league. Neither veterans or kids are in their prime (or anywhere near them) which is why we've been all over the shop this year. Of course I don't expect that, but if this is the nadir or rock bottom for a transitioning team then I don't mind. My only concern is if this isn't the worst it gets, and moreso, if our next peak isn't good enough for a Cup. Who knows how long the next rebuild will take then. Obviously we're transitioning from the 2011 prime core to a new one, but who's to say that this new one will be good enough when they peak? All we need to be doing right now is preparing for that next big Cup run, whether it be in one year or several. We're far from it right now, but I'd like to think that in 2-3 years time the Sedins and maybe Edler will be the only players removed from their primes and that everyone else on their team will be hitting their stride. That's how you win a Cup - have fantastic players, but also fantastic players in their prime. In order to hit that, we need to develop our young guys at appropriate speeds so they all match and work together nicely as a team. I like what we've done with McCann, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Baertschi etc. and we're doing a nice job with Demko and Markstrom in net. Our forwards are perfect, our centers are being fast-tracked and our goalies are some of the best in the league (especially Demko), but our problem remains on defence. We have NO good prospects on defence and NO future star defenceman. The problem with that is that when our forwards and goalies are ready to contend in 3-5 years time, we won't have any defencemen to make up that all-round great team. It's common fact that defencemen take longer to develop than forwards and about the same as goalies. Rarely do you rush a teenage defenceman into the NHL and they have success in their first playoff season. This is why I think drafting-wise and even trading-wise, we should have drafted and been cooking some young defenceman from the year Benning took over, instead of taking a bunch of powerforwards and forwards who are rushed into the NHL already. They'll be hitting their prime well before any defenceman we acquire right now, unless Benning can miraculously pull off a trade for a defenceman close to his prime (which is almost impossible).
  9. Let's just say this trade miraculously works: TO CBJ: McCann + Vbrata + Higgins + Shinkaruk + Bartkowski + 1st + 2nd + Fedun TO VAN: Johansen + Goloubef (big strong righty, 25 years old, somehow a +4 on a team getting shredded in the +/-) Again, it'll probably never shake down like that, but here's our lineup next season with a few UFA signings:   Sedin - Sedin - Johansen Lucic - Sutter - Burrows Gaunce - Horvat - Hansen Baertschi - Prust - Virtanen Dorsett   Edler - Byfuglien Hutton - Tanev Sbisa - Goloubef Pedan   The following season, Johansen takes the reins of 1st line center, the Sedins become 2nd line players and Boeser brakes into the league.
  10. [Proposal] Van/CBJ

    I think Shinkaruk is going to be one of those fringe NHLers like Baertschi. Lots of promise, lots of skill but hasn't YET translated it to NHL success. If he does, he'll be a 20 goal, top-6 scoring forward. If he doesn't, he'll suffer in the AHL for a long time. As for Johansen, he's a big, strong but still young and mentally developing center. First line material on just about any team. I've noticed he can be a bit streaky, have monster games at times and then go quiet which may be a sign of immaturity. Not sure about his defensive game, it's not as great as it could be, but he's a handful for defenders. I think his size, goal scoring ability (it's pretty diverse, he can score a whole bunch of different types of goals) and age are what makes him so attractive to teams which is why Columbus are rightly so asking a lot. Probably too much, he won't get traded.
  11. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Luongo could easily finish his career with the 3rd most wins in the history of the game. That's insane. Also, he'll probably finish with a better save percentage that #1 and #2. He's 81 wins away from 3rd and still 36 years old. I could see Luongo playing until he turns 40. 4 more seasons, he only needs to rack up 20 odd wins here and there and he'll be 3rd. That Florida team will be pretty strong in a few years time, if Luongo can earn a realistic 15 more wins this season, 20 the next season, 25 the year after that and then 20 in his final season he'll end up being pretty damn close.
  12. [Proposal] Van/CBJ

    I'd say he's borderline, A or B-grade. Point per game in the AHL and almost a goal per game, he's still young so I'd consider him a prospect. Problem is any prospect/pick we throw into the deal is a fill-in. Columbus would want offensive support now as well, which we really lack.
  13. [Proposal] Van/CBJ

    Honestly, a lot of teams are asking around for Johansen. He'd easily cost (IMO) a future top line center who can score around 30 goals, 70-90 points because that's what they're losing in Johansen NOW and in the future. They'd also be asking or some current offensive help, a top-6 scorer, who can fill the void that Johansen would leave. Then they'd be asking for a grade-A prospect (which the Canucks really lack apart from maybe Shinkaruk) or a high 1st round pick. That's why these teams don't trade star first line centers or defencemen - the asking price is far too much. I'd think for Johansen we'd have to give up McCann (first line center in the future, but not really sure yet so we'd have to compensate with more value) + replacement offence for Johansen (Sutter/Vbrata/Hansen) + 1st. However, because our 1st may not be very high, McCann may not be a future first line center and we're not really able to replace Johansen's 20-30 goals, 60-70 points, we'd have to give more. I just think to grab Johansen we'd need to be offering something like a Draisaitl which we simply don't have. McCann looks good so far but Columbus aren't going to hinge their future successes on a kid who's played a quarter of an NHL season.
  14. [Proposal] Van/CBJ

    I think that would be enough to only snag Johansen. We'd need to maybe throw in Shinkaruk ++ for Prout.
  15. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I'm thinking defence all the way here, and the CSS rankings have a few good guys who can hopefully fall to 15ish which is where we'll be sitting at this rate. Dante Fabro, Charles McAvoy, Olli Juolevi, Michail Sergachev, Chychurn (obviously), Chad Krys, Kale Clague, Jake Bean and Maxime Lajolie are all the defencemen given "A" ratings by the CSS. You'd think they're all first to early-second round picks there. A few of those names are surely going to fall to the Canucks when it comes time to pick, I just hope we've got the smarts to take the best available defenceman this year and not another winger.