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  1. Interesting idea, probably the amount of worth required to get someone like Strome and such a high pick, but I think we give too much, especially considering Demko might be a future top goaltender and the 2018 1st rounder may be a top-3 pick. TO VAN: Strome + 2017 1st round pick (7th overall) + 5th round pick (to even up numbers a bit only) TO ARI: Tanev + Gaudette + 2nd round pick 2017 + Virtanen + 3rd round pick in 2018 Simple broken down, Strome is a bit overrated but still putting up monster numbers. Use Tanev to upgrade someone like Gaudette into Strome with the help of 3rd rounder in 2018. 7th overall in 2017 for Virtanen (former 6th overall) + a 2nd round pick for his drop in value. Seems fair if not a bit over-kill. 1 - Draft Heiskanen and Tippett in 2017. 2 - Draft BPA in 2018 3 - 2019-2020 roster: Dahlen - Strome - Tippett Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Goldobin UFA - Gaunce - UFA Heiskanen - Stecher Juolevi - Gudbranson Hutton - Sbisa Subban
  2. If Tippett or a defenceman get taken in the top-4 then we're fine, we'll get a stud center. Best case scenario now? NJD - Nolan PHI - Hirschier DAL - Heiskanen COL - Vilardi VAN - Mittelstatd Glass would be an interesting pick, not sure if he worked with Green at all but he's put up numbers obviously. Really hope they don't go down the same Virtanen path and take the BC boy Rasmussen for his size and home-town, because we've learnt a point per game at the WHL just isn't enough. We need offence and skill right now and we need a solid center, and one should fall to the Canucks, especially with Heiskanen and Tippett's good end to the seasons. If we're lucky we end up with a stab at Vilardi or Mittelstatd, otherwise we walk away with Glass or Heiskanen.
  3. It was preseason a couple years ago I think
  4. 5th overall is the toughest spot to pick from this year. Hirschier and Nolan are a given 1st and 2nd overall. Vilardi and Mittelstatd are going in the top-5. Lets just hope one of those big-4 centers drop to 5th overall. If they are all gone and we're picking 5th overall, we've got some big-time decisions to make because no one else fills the Canucks current needs. We have Juolevi, Heiskanen would be a waste. Makar as well. They're not elite, they're just more top-4 defencemen - all well and good but we either need an elite defenceman or top-6 center and quickly so they can start developing and join our young core. If it comes down to Necas, Glass, Tippett or Makar/Heiskanen/Liljegren, I think JB seriously has to consider trading up to get a top-4 guy, even if it's 4th overall. We'd be guaranteed a future top-6 center with the 4th overall pick. For me there's a big drop off after those 4.
  5. Really hope JB tries to trade up, there are some great trading partners there and we can't be happy with 5th overall.
  6. To be honest I think the Canucks pick is going to come down between Vilardi and Mittelstatd, and we really can't go wrong with either at 3-5th overall. I just hope Benning and our scouts have done their work and they get the right player, because if we have another Virtanen-Nylander fiasco and get out-picked again, that should be JB's job and our scouts need to be cleaned out. We've drafted TERRIBLY in the first round in the last few years, with Boeser the only real good pick. Taking Virtanen right over Nylander/Ehlers and McCann directly before Pastrnak is proof of that. I stand by the Juolevi pick, but even that was a bit controversial, even though he was the safe pick. I've said it before, when JB started as a Canuck GM it would be 3 years before we can really see what we've got. He started the rebuild then, he's well and truly in it now, and for me, this draft makes or breaks his career as a Canuck GM. He's done some great jobs moving pieces around to get what this team needs (ie. defence last off-season, size and strength in Tryamkin/Gudbranson, skill up front in Goldobin and Dahlen) but now's the most important part - picking the right cornerstone franchise center to complement Horvat. If we get Hirschier or Nolan we'll be lucky and JB gets a free pass, but his worth will be tested if we're picking 3rd because there's a lot more pressure to pick the wrong guy. Consequentially if we're picking 4th he's got a good bet he'll be gifted one of Vilardi and Mittelstatd and won't have to chose. The big problem will be if we're picking 5th and the pressure's on to trade that pick up or sit with it and hope we get a sleeper of a stud center. Don't envy his position. Here's what I'd do with each pick. 1st overall - Hirschier, don't even think twice 2nd overall - Nolan 3rd overall - The big decision, depends on his scouts but I'd take Vilardi at the moment, although JB seems high on Mittelstatd. This pick will split fans 50-50 and to be honest won't really matter, either player is just as good. 4th overall - Take whoever's left of Hirschier, Nolan, Vilardi or Mittelstatd 5th overall - If one of those top-4 centers are somehow still available take them. Otherwise we're thinking Heiskanen, Class, Tippett, Rasmussen, Petersson etc. Don't really like any of those guys and they don't really fill any of our needs, so I'd strongly consider trading up with a team like Arizona. Package Tanev, get a higher 1st and a depth prospect (hopefully a D-man).
  7. An Anaheim swap would make the most sense. Vatanen or Lindholm for Drouin, picks to even it up. Ducks need some skill and speed in their top-6 with the vets getting older and slower, they're going to learn from this 2nd round series in a big way. Plus with Theodore coming through as a star they can afford to lose one of their young defencemen. Perfect trade really.
  8. This and the SJS series is that young, fast teams win nowadays and offence is trumping defence all of a sudden. Take note JB when we're drafting this year. We need offensive talent and lots of it.
  9. Gaunce has always been stupidly underated, hopefully Green gives him a decent role next year after working with him in Utica and he has a big year. To be honest, he plays a hard physical game and a great defensive game, is strong on the PK too. He just needs a sprinkle of offence every now and then but I'm happy for him to score 5 goals in 80 games because of how solidly he plays. One of the rare Canucks who finishes his checks and throws the body too. He does't lay guys out but despite a shoulder injury, he's still crunching them into the boards and those are heavy, hard hits. You don't need to floor someone or bounce them off the glass to make a hit count, but Gaunce's big body crunching guys looks like it hurts. Hope he's a staple on our 4th line and if his offence starts going, up to 3rd. I'd love to see what he can do with the Sedins at some point next season for an extended amount. When he broke into the league he was with the twins and scored something like 3 goals in 4 shifts with them.
  10. Drouin has that elite offensive talent the Canucks lack. Goldobin and Dahlen are our best shot at a Drouin-type player. Oh boy he'd look good with Horvat next year. TO TBL: Tanev + Goldobin TO VAN: Drouin + 3rd round pick or depth defenceman prospect Pretty much we use Tanev to trade Goldobin's value up to a Drouin. 2 years time: Dahlen - 2017 1st pick - Boeser Drouin - Horvat - Baertschi Granlund - Sutter - UFA/anyone/Gaunce Sedin - Sedin - Gaudette
  11. In my books the top two are easily Hirschier then Nolan, and the next 3 are Vilardi, Mittelstatd and Heiskanen but then there's a bit of a drop off and we start to get a big drop off in probability of becoming a top player. For me Glass, Necas and Tippet are all possibly good players but not really what the Canucks need. Lucky we'll get one of those top-5, hopefully though it's one of the top-3 centers. I think we've only got something like a 30% shot we get one of Hirschier, Nolan or Vilardi (unless a top-3 team wants to pick a D-man).
  12. Agree with all of your points there. Obviously Hirschier would be perfect, but Nolan would also fit the Canucks needs, and Vilardi does too but at a stretch. Any of those 3 guys fills our immediate needs of a top-6 center to play alongside Horvat, hopefully Vilardi can convert back to a natural center spot. After that it's all bets off. I think JB has his eyes set on Mittelstatd which is dangerous because I'm not sure how his school scoring will correlate to the real mens leagues. Heiskanen would be an interesting pick but just another Juolevi, and Makar I see as a rich-man's Stecher and Liljegren is this year's high-risk high-reward pick. I think if we're picking 4th overall we'll have the biggest decision to make, but for me this should be our list of priorities and we should just take whoever remains wherever: 1) Hirschier 2) Nolan 3) Vilardi 4) Mittelstatd 5) Heiskanen/Mittelstatd
  13. It entirely depends on what management want when they say "rebuild". If they're happy to literally be in the bottom-3 of the NHL for the entire season, then go for it. For me personally, I don't think that's how you build a winning team for the future. The proper way to rebuild is to stay competitive while grooming young players and putting them into a winning environment. Even if that is 9th-10th in the Conference. If we're sub-0.500 all of next season, how do you expect our future core of Horvat, Stecher, Boeser, Baertschi etc. to learn how to win in the playoffs? Look at the successful rebuilds. The Leafs get a veteran coach who knows how to win in the NHL and now their young core knows what it takes to win down the stretch and in the playoffs. Massive year for them. The same can be said for a young Calgary team. These teams have quality veterans brought in to help the team win. They don't necessarily have to make the playoffs, the kids just have to learn what it takes in the league to win. Same can be said for Edmonton, although they did sort of scam the drafting system, but still they throw a veteran coach in there and some veteran NHLers to complement the young guys and now they're winning. The Canucks need to take a page out of their books. Have great young guys - yes. Have decent veterans - sort of. Have a coach who knows how to win in the NHL - certainly not. Lets hope Green brings some good to the kids but they tried this with WD and this almost seems like we're not learning from our mistakes. We don't have to make the playoffs to contend and we don't have to be bottom-3 in the league to "rebuild". We just need to be competitive and get the young guys learning how to win big, close games in the NHL.
  14. He probably should spend an entire year in Utica playing North-American hockey against men first, but I've got a feeling he's going to burst into training camp and steal a roster spot. This kid's skill level is off the charts and probably higher than people think. His defence and physicality might be an issue in the early goings which is why the AHL would be ideal, but I think he's going to make it a really tough decision for the coaches. He, Goldobin and Boeser are going to have to really fight for it.
  15. Worst case scenario is we end up with the 5th overall pick and Nolan, Hirschier, Vilardi and Mittelstatd are all gone. Pretty unlikely to be honest but it leaves us screwed. I'd draft a defenceman like Makar, Liljegren or Vilimaki and try trading one of our D-men for a center. Any other scenario, we take one of those top-4 centers. Necas is a wild-card.