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  1. As much as I'm a fan of what Juolevi will bring to this team, imagine our team with Tkachuk and Nylander Nylander - Horvat - Tkachuk would be one of the league's best lines. 50-60 points all round this year as rookies and a sophmore, it'd be a line that would contend with what the Jets are building for the future. Too bad we picked the wrong powerforward, terrible drafting on our behalf but I'm sure Juolevi will pan out nicely.
  2. If teams don't trade their picks here's what I'm guessing happens: 1) Colorado - Hirschier 2) Arizona - Liljegren (toss up between BPA and their needs. Strome, Keller, Domi, no need for a center) 3) Las Vegas - Nolan Patrick 4) Canucks - Vilardi (say we lose more than NJD from here on in) 5) Devils - Mittelstadt 6) Red Wings - Rasmusen 7) Stars - Tippett 8) Sabres - Makar 9) Jets - Necas (but would love to try to move up to get a D-man like Makar) 10) Panthers - Pettersson
  3. Big game against the Devils today and Demko stood on his head. 30+ saves, 1 goal against and wins the shootout. The kid is just about single-handedly carrying a pretty rubbish AHL team into the playoffs...
  4. Would like to see Boucher with the Sedins. Good hard shot would fit nicely.
  5. For the Canucks drafting: 1) Hirschier 2) Patrick 3) Liljegren 4) Vilardi 5) Middlestatd 6) Necas 7) Makar 8) Tippett 9) Petterson
  6. Doesn't matter how he's exposed, rubbish update.
  7. Pretty amazing he can score at a 20 goal pace with an injured wrist. Makes you wonder how good he'll be next year...
  8. Vilardi seems like a high risk high reward pick and could be the best of the bunch. 1.5PPG in the OHL as a 17 year old is nuts, he'll be blowing that out of the water as an 18 year old, AHL as a 20 year old and full-time NHLer at 21 straight to the 3rd line as a big center. The closest anyone's seen to a Getzlaf/Kopitar in a while. That being said if we're picking 4-7th I think we trade up to nab Hirschier. Otherwise, take Vilardi if JB thinks he's our man, if not, take Liljegren because he's another high-risk, high-reward picks who may end up being a future Norris-trophy defenceman. Gives us arguably the best young defence in the West.
  9. Point per game in the OHL as a 20 year old isn't great, doubt he'll become a consistent NHLer but if we're lucky he might end up a 3rd or 4th line AHL player for a while which, to be honest, is still pretty good for a 7th round pick.
  10. Didn't realise Vilardi was so young, about 1.5 PPG in the OHL for an underager at 17 who is only going to get bigger is pretty damn good. He's my pick if we miss on Patrick/Hirschier/Liljegren
  11. Exactly, I think every good line in the history of the NHL has had the recipe of the following: Shooter - Playmaker - Grinder If each of our lines have good enough amounts of each of those qualities along with great defence all around, we'll do well in the future playoffs. I think putting one skilled guy, one good two-way guy and one gritty guy is the way to go.
  12. I think Nolan or Hirschier would save this team. Not because they're elite generational players, but because of what they do to the rest of the core. Hirschier in particular. Gives us a playmaking center who's decent defensively. That takes so much pressure and line-checking off Horvat, making him a better player, and makes the many wingers we have much better too. I say we go all out for one of the top-2 centers this year because it's our best chance at a top young center. JB has to try a Reinhart-like move at the Draft to get up to the top-2. With Arizona stacked with young centers, this is literally the perfect opportunity we have. Hirschier - Horvat - Sutter - Gaunce - Gaudette down the middle is a very good bunch of centers. Dahlen and Goldobin on wings gives us that flexibility of a winger who can take faceoffs too. Baertschi and Granlund give us consistent 20 goal scoring and decent defence. All we need are some gritty powerforwards to round out that unit and that includes Virtanen and maybe a UFA or late round pick.
  13. That pick from Arizona is the most get-able. They have Keller and Strome and Domi. They don't need another center. They'll be looking to trade down if it means they can nab some assets in the making and then just draft a winger or defenceman with the later pick I'd seriously consider 5th overall + Virtanen for the 2nd overall or JB, throw them whatever they want. We've got defencemen, we've got wingers and they need either or. With the 2nd overall we have a stab at Hirschier or Nolan and either of those guys is exactly what we need. Ideally we get a more offensively talented, playmaking Hirschier which gives us a 1-2 punch similar to Henrik-Kesler and takes a lot of pressure off Horvat. A future 1A-1B scenario is what we need if we want any chance in the future playoffs and this is as good a chance as we'll ever get. Otherwise draft a defenceman like Makar or Liljegren and trade a D-man we currently have for someone like Reinhart.
  14. I like your thinking but execution is a bit off. 1) Arizona have Keller and Strome, two possible first line centers, and Domi, a very capable 2nd-3rd line center. They don't need to pick another center. They need depth at wing, size and defensive help but even have D-men. A goalie over there would really be ideal. Say we end up picking 5th overall again: TO ARI: 5th overall + Virtanen + 4th round pick TO VAN: 2nd overall pick Arizona don't need a center that will go top-2, they might as well drop down and take a defenceman or winger (Owen), and this way they get a potential top-6 powerforward in Virtanen out of it too, plus a late pick to boot. The Canucks trade quantity for quality and get one of Nolan or Hirschier which is exactly what they need to complement Horvat and give us that elusive 1-2 punch again. Virtanen is a bit of a loss but JB can make that up in later drafts/UFA signings. 2) I think that Vegas pick is really up for grabs for a defenceman and not necessarily a young guy because they may well want to start playing well now and look for a veteran. Edler or Tanev would be really quite perfect to go over there + our 2nd round pick for their 3rd overall. That's probably a bit hard a pick to pry though. Dallas on the other hand look like they're going to get the 6th overall pick. That team can score and has young forwards, but needs help getting the puck out. Again, they need a goalie, but need defencemen who can defend and we have exactly that in Chris Tanev. Reunites Tanev and Hamhuis as well. TO DAL: Chris Tanev + 2nd round pick TO VAN: 6th overall pick I know JB doesn't want to trade picks but I'd rather we move up and gain quality than draft a whole bunch of fringe-NHLers. Lets go all out. Get the 6th overall pick. Draft a stud defenceman. If Makar is still available, take him. Otherwise Liljegren is there. Which one we pick depends on what our scouts think they've seen from them, I think Liljegren is a bit of a riskier pick but bigger size, Makar is the safe bet to be a dynamic rich-man's Stecher. Most importantly our future core is complete. We need a future top-6 if not top line center and a future PP QB, ideally a star defenceman. JB has made that clear. These big moves gives us the following young core: 1C: Hirschier 2C: Horvat Top-6 forward: Dahlen, Goldobin, Baertschi, Granlund (some will play 3rd line) 3C: Sutter for a while, then Gaudette 4C: Gaunce for life Powerforwards: The only missing pieces - will have to find these when we're ready for a playoff push in UFA/trades (eg. Brian Boyle to TOR) 1D: Liljegren/Makar 2D: Juolevi Top-4 defencemen: Stecher, Hutton, Sbisa, Tryamkin Goalie: Demko To be honest that is a core with tertiary players similar to the Cup winning teams we've seen in the past. Good top-2 centers with good two-way ability, lots of top-6 wingers who can play well defensively but still score 20+ goals, a potential star top defenceman (possibly 2 if we're lucky) then plenty of good top-4 D-men who can play 20+ minutes, and of course a red hot star goalie.
  15. The defencemen have moved up and down the mock drafts all year long which is a sign that there's not going to be a true obvious future star defenceman. There may be a late one who emerges later but there's certainly no Hedman/Ekblad in this draft, which means anyone's pick is as good as anyone's else and IMO development of the defensive prospects in this draft will be more important than where they're picked. Some have Valimaki as the highest rated D-man at a point per game in the WHL, Liljegren was a potential top-3 pick but got mono and I think he's going to be the next Cam Fowler/Chychrun who drops nowhere near as far down as he should. This guy has potential star rating all over him but is a risky pick. Some have said he struggles defensively which is a scare. Makar has risen in the ranks lately but I'm not 100% sold on him just yet. I think he's a riskier pick than Liljegren but does have potential star quality. Similar to Stecher but better. Those 3 guys (Foote as well to an extent) will likely be thrown all over the top-15 picks depending on team needs more than anything else. There's a lot of good centers in this upcoming draft and the Canucks desperately need one of them. I hope we either trade up to snag a Hirschier/Nolan-type player or snag one of Liljegren or Makar with wherever they sit and trade a defenceman for a young center. We can fill both our big needs in one draft (top-6 center to complement Horvat and PPQB D-man to complement Juolevi).