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  1. To be honest I'd rather we stick with our current defence going into the season and sign one of these UFAs like Pirri or Hudler than trade away Tanev or Sbisa and a package for a top-6 winger. We're better off with our defence as it is now, we've just built it up again to be respectable, lets not tear it down for a juicy forward. We're just one UFA signing from being season-ready and with 4M to play with I think we should target Pirri. He's consistently scoring at a 15-20 goal pace on a bunch of teams and can play center, perfect for our 3rd line.
  2. They will be thoroughly disappointed. Hamhuis is FAR removed from the defenceman he once was, and we could all see his decline throughout last season. Sure he was paired with some terrible partners and will have a better partner in Dallas, but by the season's end he was much slower on the ice in all aspects of the game. He was still great on the PK because I guess he didn't have to move too much but his instincts and feed have really slowed down. Good luck to you Hamhuis but he's not going to cope well with 23+ minutes a night
  3. Hansen + Sbisa + 2nd rounder might actually make sense in this case. Hansen replaces a bit of JVR's offence, Sbisa gives that team what they desperately need in a physical shutdown defenceman and they're rebuilding so a 2nd helps. We could throw in a prospect like Gaunce too but that should be plenty.
  4. Would have been nice for JB to try and snag Zibanejad. If Zibanejad + 2nd = Brassard (both 20ish goal, 50-60 point players) then we realistically could have traded Hansen (plus picks or Sbisa) and acquired a big 23 year old 20 goal scorer.
  5. If we can find Boeser a future playmaking center to play with we'll have one of the better lines in the West. At the moment I'm not sure who he'll play with. Horvat is a bit of a north-south center and not so much of a crafty puck mover. That's where the #1 playmaking center comes into real value. Regardless of that, Boeser's at least 2 or 3 years away from contributing effectively for the Canucks, and at this pace he'll be a Parise-like star. Consistent 20-30 goal scorer, maybe have the odd 40 goal season if he gets lucky with the right team around him.
  6. I've got a scary feeling JB might snag us Kane, but if he does I really hope he consults the leadership and future leadership group along with the coaches as to whether they'd be happy playing with a criminal. Scoring consistently at a 20-30 goal pace, only 24, big and strong, he'd be a fantastic asset and essentially what we've always wanted Kassian/Etem to become. Of course the only issue is his personality, and who knows, if he comes home to Vancouver maybe he changes things up? Still, it's a dangerous move to make. That being said if JB does pull off a trade, Buffalo are rebuilding and would love prospects or picks in return for Kane. I'd do something like Gaunce + 1st or Gaunce + Sbisa + 2nd rounder for Kane + 3rd or later round pick. Having Kane in our top-6 gives us a pretty lethal first 3 lines that are strong, hard north-south lines that can compete against the big Pacific division.
  7. I think if we use Rodin correctly he might be a valuable weapon, similar to how Mason Raymond was used. Rodin will get bullied off the puck easily, we need him to be the puck carrier on the ice when his linemates can stand up for him and distract the defenders with their size. That is, he needs a big strong center to help him win puck battles along the boards, and he needs a big winger to plant himself in front of the net. Rodin with Sutter OR Horvat and Etem is a fantastic 3rd line. We've got the two-way center, we've got the powerforward in Etem and Rodin brings the playmaking ability. That's a deadly line provided they can click. Putting Rodin with anyone smaller like Hansen, Baertschi or even less physical and strong like Granlund or Burrows would be a mistake, that line is already far too easy to pick on.
  8. A trade for a young, big, top-6 winger will probably cost us a lot and I'd rather not part with any of this team's other pieces, especially on defence, now that everything's falling into place. We're one middle-6 forward away from being playoff-ready and that should come in the form of a UFA. I say sign Pirri, the kid is 25, versatile, can play center, and scores consistently on different teams at a 15-20 goal pace. What more do you need. Also he'd be dirt cheap, he's always been on cheap contracts so we can definately get him under 4M, plus he's played with a lot of our roster on different teams already. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Hansen Etem - Sutter - Pirri Gaunce - Granlund - Burrows Dorsett Rodin
  9. Only if Granlund can handle bigger minutes and Gaunce can move back to center, we don't really have any more center depth in our organization. Need to sign one of these 3rd tier UFAs like Pirri who can play wing or center and still score 15-20 goals. Then Sutter can be a winger because we've got the versatility, right now we simply don't.
  10. I guess if you think about the value of a top-4 let alone a top-2 defenceman, that alone is a future/current top-6 forward PLUS a good pick. A top-4 winger alone would cost a top-4 defenceman. Landeskog could probably cost Tanev straight up to be fair considering the Hall for Larsson trade. Larsson is not a flashy top pairing defenceman similar to Tanev but a bit better. Hall is a top-5 winger in the NHL and a lot better than Landeskog, so the way I see it Tanev for Landeskog is pretty much a saw-off. Barrie will be tricky though and to be honest probably costs us something like Virtanen/Horvat/Boeser + 1st or 2nd round pick at the least. That's a lot, but Barrie's commanding a lot around the league. I'd be happy to sit with our team as is at the moment, but if we're to trade Tanev we need a top-4 Dman back, and if we're trading a forward we need to hang onto our centers. I'd do something like this: Tanev + Hansen + Virtanen for Barrie + Landeskog If they want, give them a 2nd or 3rd rounder too. Virtanen will be a solid top-6 powerforward but Landeskog is that already. Plus we've got Boeser about a year away from the NHL with not much room to squeak in. Tanev has a few years left of playing decent shutdown defence but Barrie is arguably one of the best puck movers in the game today. With Gudbranson, Sbisa and Tryamkin, JB may think we have our shutdown guys. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Landeskog Etem - Sutter - Rodin Gaunce - Granlund - Burrows Dorsett Edler - Barrie Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Larsen Tryamkin That's a very deadly top-6 all of a sudden and finally our defence has the perfect split of puck movers to shutdown defencemen.
  11. Tanev + Hansen + next year's 1st round pick + Gaunce for Barrie + Landeskog Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Landeskog Etem - Sutter - Virtanen Rodin - Granlund - Burrows Dorsett Edler - Barrie Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Larsen Tryamkin That 1st rounder is probably going to be another high one, and to be honest it's not going to be enough but we could throw in Sbisa too.
  12. I think it's going to be the Oilers thanks to Lucic mainly, he's really going to give the Sedins a hard time, and Virtanen will hopefully give McDavid a rough ride. Calgary are a close second. Obviously the Ducks, Kings and Sharks are there but they're miles ahead of us anyway.
  13. Finally we have even pairings down the left and right side of the defence with an even split of puck movers and shutdown defencemen: Edler > Hutton > Sbisa > Tryamkin > Pedan > Juolevi Tanev > Gudbranson > Larsen > Biega > Subban > Stecher I think in terms of the 6th roster spot on the right side to play with Sbisa, we really should give Larsen, Subban and Stecher an even chance but Larsen is most likely going to start there and it's his job to lose. Subban was brilliant in the AHL last season but could use another year playing amongst men, and Stecher needs at least one full season with Utica before he even thinks about playing with bigger, stronger opponents.
  14. Boeser? Virtanen? Hard to tell who will be the best but I've got a feeling McCann's going to be a really special player and now he's got a huge chip on his shoulder too.
  15. Should have fipped one of our other prospects for Gudbranson instead of McCann. This kid has so much swagger and determination he'll go far in the NHL, even on a stacked Florida forward group.