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  1. I think Green seems to be a pretty brutal but fair coach, so Boeser will start where he deserves to be. If he can outplay all the current veterans and guys in their prime then he'll be bloody good and worth a roster spot. If not, no problem, he probably starts in Utica's top-6 and will be our first or second injury call up. Personally, I know he looks good but consistency will be key for Boeser and quite frankly I don't think he's there yet, he could use a year in Utica. He would have made last year's roster but JB has done a fantastic job of bringing in competition for the young guys. In terms of wingers, I don't see him better than Daniel Sedin (almost), Baertschi, Granlund, Vanek or Gagner. He's competing against Eriksson, Burmistrov, Boucher, Rodin, Goldobin and Upshall.
  2. Not sure how exactly it'll work for those who don't make the team, I hope for Utica's sake that most of them can get sent down. There's far too much competition for too few roster spots in our forward group, but Utica need help scoring too.
  3. I think we're deeper up front, the same on the blueline and take a massive hit in goal with Miller leaving. This is the first season in a LONG time that the Canucks haven't had a bonified star starting goaltender, and now we're about to see how bad a team this club really is without one. Good teams can look terrible without a star goalie, and bad teams can look good with a decent goalie. Now we've got a bad team without a goalie, I don't see us beating many teams this season. 13th in the Conference at best. It'll be exciting, I think our team up front is a lot better and on defence about the same, but oh boy a lot of those mistakes that Miller used to clean up in the past are going to get exposed. Our PK is going to get shredded and defensively we're going to get embarassed.
  4. I hope he gets a bit more time to play with Juolevi because they would make a great pair going forward. Would like a bit more physicality and muscle on that pairing but they'd be the perfect blend of skating, skill, offence and defence. As they're both breaking into the NHL though I'd rather see them both paired with a stronger defenceman, maybe Edler for Chatfield and Gudbranson for Juolevi to protect them a bit physically because they're both still quite weedy.
  5. Based on that last game I'd have to re-arrange our prospect pool rankings a bit. Chatfield moves up to one of our best defenceman rankings, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets mentioned in the same line as Juolevi soon. All-round brilliance from him consistently this tournament so far. Carcone looked great but it was just a flash, need to see that skill and grit consistently but he certainly moves up. That skill and patience will serve him well and he's gritty enough to make it to the NHL, I think he'll break in eventually similar to Burrows. Molino could have been a flash in the pan too but he's been a bright spark consistently and jumps up a fair way, will be interesting to see how he copes against bigger, stronger men, especially in the AHL. You know what you're getting with Gadjovich and Lind, and for younger guys they've looked amazing this tournament - certainly see them in the NHL eventually. MacKewan looked intriguing, I'm not sure if he's got enough skill to produce in the NHL on a consistent basis but that size will get him there and he certainly jumps up, worth a notice.
  6. Sick goal by Carcone. He's been a bright spot so far. Chatfield looks like he's well ahead of the other kids defensively, Molino been good at times, D'aout looks decent too. Good to see some fringe prospects playing really well, I'd like to see what Carcone, Molino, D'aout and of course Chatfield can do with this team in the future and if they can threaten our top picks for roster spots.
  7. Franson will make the team and hit 40 points.
  8. Something the NHL's needed for a long time. There's too many of these dirty non-hockey plays where players try to get under each other's skin and cause injuries. A hard hit is all well and good, a blindside hit is dangerous but still almost a hockey-play. Spearing each other in the balls is just stupid and doesn't get policed at all. It was all that sort of nonesense that lead Boston to beating the Canucks in 2011, and takes a lot of integrity away from the sport. Good to see Parros will clean this up.
  9. Doubt they make a big splash for Duchene now
  10. As slow and as bad as the twins were last year, they were still leading out team in points. They should still be good for 30-40 points and some 2nd unit PP time so I'd be happy slotting them in as our 2nd or 3rd line. JB is loading up though just in case they aren't good enough with UFA signings, not only to give the kids competition but also as a backup in case the twins really slow down next year. He's throwing everything against the wall and seeing what will stick, it should make for an interesting season. Loads of help up front, but on defence we're the same and in net we get weaker. I expect a LOT more goals against with Miller gone and our defence about the same as last season (MDZ + Wiercioch in, Tryamkin and Sbisa out is pretty much a write-off), but I expect we'll score a tonne more goals. Should make for an exciting but very frustrating season full of 5-3, 6-5 losses.
  11. Dahlen and Pettersson would be perfect but i don't think they'll ever play on the ice at the same time unfortunately. It would be nice if the twins stick around the way Linden did to mentor the Sedins though.
  12. I think all these veterans puts pressure not only on the rookies, but more importantly our middle-tier group like Baertschi, Granlund and Sutter to perform. Otherwise they would have had a free pass next season. Vanek and Gagner give us an immediate, free 40-odd points out of nowhere and both can pass the puck nicely which is something we've lacked for a while. JB has brought in some great playmakers to a team full of shoot-first mentality players (apart from the Sedins) so I think while we still suck on paper, our chemistry will be a lot better next season in the forward group. Defensively we'll be the same and in net we take a big hit but I think we'll be exciting to watch. Lit up nightly, but we'll be able to score a bit more now. What I'd like to see: Baertschi - Horvat - Gagner Sedin - Sedin - Goldobin Granlund - Sutter - Vanek Burmistrov - Gaunce - Eriksson Dorsett Boeser Rodin Boucher Boeser and Rodin only crack the lineup in case of injuries (which there will be plenty with some a thin team) or if either of them really impress in preseason. Boeser will get his chance and be up and down the lineup. What I think we'll see: Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Vanek Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Dorsett - Gaunce - Rodin
  13. He would have been our leading scorer if he played a full season. I think he's still good for 40 points. A nice addition and another buy low sell high guy we might be able to flip at the deadline.
  14. Got a feeling one of Burmistrov or Rodin are going to have a big season. Then again, they could easily end up in the dog-house. Burmistrov really lit it up last season once he got into a groove so if Green can find him a nice line then he'll have success. I think the same will go for Rodin provided he stays healthy. Lots of potential for break-out seasons, but also lots of potential for quiet invisible seasons, there are lots of low risk high reward signings and players coming into next season.
  15. 204 goals for but we're going to get destroyed defensively. Defence the same if not worse (Sbisa + Tryamkin > MDZ + Wiercioch?) and Miller gone so I think our PK gets destroyed and we let in 265 GA. Not going to be pretty, but should be fun to watch.