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  1. Back in the Mueller report it was all "no collusion!!!" Now they have collusion wide out in the open. Trump trying to collude with Ukraine to get dirt on Biden. How many impeachable things does he need to do to get impeached? To lose support? It's like Netanyahu supporters calling him King Netanyahu. These people want to be subservient to a moron. Fake news is their ecstasy.
  2. If the Cons had put up a competent leader, they would've won this election running away.
  3. Love seeing Miller up on the top unit, although I don't know why Leivo is there. Replace him with Ferland for front of net duty.
  4. In America they give all their money to rich people and call it capitalism (but it's really just socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else). People who had their lives destroyed end up raising unsuccessful children, who'd have thunk it? Suppress a people and it'll be seen for generations. You can't just sprinkle some money dust and, poof, there goes a whole era of suppression out the window lol. These programs are there to try and pull up a population that was put down for so long. 20+% of indigenous adults went to those residential schools. 40+% aged 60 or older. The last of those garbage schools was closed in 1996. I would assume you know what went down at these schools and then the link between abuse and drug use. You think the children of those drug users should be rocket scientists because they get some special scholarships . That's just stupid man.
  5. So much corruption. The timeline: July 25th - Trump allegedly tells Ukraine's President Zelensky that good relations with the US depend upon them opening investigations into Biden. It is even alluded to in the official readout from the website for the President of Ukraine: Days later, Giuliani flies to Spain to directly apply pressure on Zelensky in person, but claims he is acting as a private citizen. July 28th - Trump fires Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Coats and attempts to install a sycophant, but fails, so the highly respected deputy Sue Gordon takes over. August 9th - Trump forces the resignation of DNI Sue Gordon. August 29th - Trump threatens to withhold $250 million in promised aid to Ukraine. September 10th - Adam Schiff formally requests a previously unknown whistleblower complaint from DNI Maguire, which Trump's own Inspector General appointee has designated "credible and urgent". September 12th - Trump releases the promised aid. September 19th - We learn that the Department of Justice, and likely the White House itself, directed the DNI not to transmit the complaint to Congress the whistleblower complaint, an act unprecedented in the history of DNI. If he is really using the office of President to extort a foreign country into harming his domestic political opponents, this isn't just worse than anything in the Mueller report. It is worse than anything we thought might be in the Mueller report
  6. That's one thing to take from this. I don't think he's racist at all, but he is a dumb man. Not as dumb as Scheer, but he's pretty damn dumb. This truly must be the worst crop of "leaders" I've ever seen. Scheer is a tool and dumber than a sack of hammers, Singh couldn't hold Layton's jockstrap and has no message, who cares about May, and Trudeau is a frat boy. The reasons I'm voting for Trudeau is because the economy is good, the cabinet is made up of some good people with values, and Scheer looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. He was a really top heavy 208 last year. Hopefully he cut down on the bench press and did some more lower body work during a healthy off season.
  8. I'm pretty sure you just have to show proficiency through examination if you want to be a pharmacist in Canada but are internationally trained. Your friend probably couldn't pass the exams (which I've heard is quite tough). They don't make you enrol in a Canada Pharmacy program if you already have a 4 year degree in pharmacy.
  9. Sounds like he's coming in at 203, which is lighter than last year, based off that video. Hopefully improves his skating/speed.
  10. The signings were good, although I believe the Myers signing to be an overpayment. Miller we'll see if the 1st was worth it.
  11. Demko is a wall right now. Canucks have the better lineup, should be doing better.
  12. Seeing number 44 out there is giving me PTSD from the Gudbranson disaster the last few years.