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  1. Pearson is also playing himself out of the NHL at this rate.
  2. Looking more and more like a new season but the same old Canucks.
  3. Really annoying how the top PP just stands around when the PK has the puck.
  4. Gaudette's line was, by far, the best line on the ice for the nucks.
  5. He never would, but I would assume that the money would be forfeit if he resigned.
  6. Not to mention aid is supposed to be controlled by congress. No aid "under Obama" is a copout. That was the jurisdiction of the Republican congress to provide aid, which they didn't do lol. Trump called and illegally withheld the aid, it's not his jurisdiction to. That money was already earmarked by congress. Shows the slimey tactics they are relying on, what a disgraceful showing. No honour at all. The gall they have to sit on television and lie right to people's faces. I hope that this brand of "Disgraceful Conservatism" as I call it doesn't make its way North. Leaders should have morals. I can add "Disgraceful Liberalism" to it as well. Trudeau isn't clean and it cost him his majority.
  7. It's like they elected the world's dumbest man to be their leader.
  8. Surprised nobody has brought up Bolivia right now. It's a mess over there.
  9. Doubt Mulvaney goes anywhere. He knows too much for Trump to turn on him.
  10. They'd probably eventually merge again if another right party is formed. Not enough support to hold two strong right parties. If conservatives could go left socially, I'd vote for them from time to time like I have in the past. I think it's important for a country to have at least 3 strong parties so that no one party has power for too long. That leads to its own set of problems.
  11. It makes sense, about 2/3rd of the country is left of center. Only 1/3 is right of center. Only reason Cons even have a chance is split voting between the left parties.