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  1. Umemployment was at only 4.7% and had been falling rapidly for years. Obama left Trump an extremely strong economy experiencing rapid growth. Please don't make stuff up.
  2. If he had simply taken his inheritance and put it into a retirement fund, he'd be worth much more than he is now lol. I personally find the rags to riches stories more endearing than a guy who had it all and has underperformed the market his entire life.
  3. Perhaps he should listen to noted humanitarian, Donald Trump: Or you know, at least address the nation or something with a calming message? I know it's hard for him, but...be a leader? Not pour gasoline over the fire and make things worse? Not try to incite violence with "MAGA" night type stupidity. Jesus, I don't think there's ever been a dumber world leader elected to office. God help the states.
  4. I'm part of the group that believes only HOF-esque should even have their jersey considered to be retired (or multiple Stanley cups).
  5. There's always a goddamn tweet for everything. Trumpcriticizestrump is a gold mine.
  6. You'll have a hard time defending that statement. You'd have to explain simple experiments like the 'same resume, different name' experiment done that showed you were 30%? more likely to get a call back with a white name than a minority one. Stop and frisk. The difference in crack vs powder cocaine sentencing until Obama fixed it, even your graph shows that black people are disproportionately killed more. There's 6? times as many white folk but only 2x the shooting deaths.
  7. Yea these people are just vandals and thieves, they don't care whatsoever about the protests. Just using it as a cover while they loot, vandalize, and plunder. I think it's important to separate some of these groups apart and not just refer to them as a whole as there's multiple types out on the streets right now. Some are out there for a just cause, others out there to be selfish morons.
  8. Apparently every person arrested in St. Paul yesterday was from out of state. Wonder who is behind the rioting. Looking like organized crime and supremacist groups.
  9. What happened? Haven't been in the loop since I sold MARK.
  10. "Social media has to be nice and not be mean to me anymore, sniff" -Donald Trump
  11. The abuse of CERB and other benefits by the DTES residents would blow your mind.
  12. Yo, don't do him dirty like that. He's got a narrative going. @Timberman Bro, credibility is not easy to come by, don't just lose yours like that trying to prop up lame duck conspiracies. How are other posters supposed to care about what you have to say?
  13. Lmao, saying what everyone else is thinking. At least some conservatives didn't just put the blinders on when it comes to Trump's stupidity and depravity.