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  1. Difficult to win when the Republicans have redrawn the districts to heavily skew in their favour. Not that the Democrats didn't do the exact same thing when they were in power. US politics are so messed up.
  2. NBA Discussion

    Yes, in one of only 7 states that have no state tax. California's is also 13%. Plus you only pay taxes where you play so only 50% of your games count for the local taxes. Of those seven states with no sales tax, I think only three? of them have teams. Most of the big market teams have some of the highest taxes in the states. Then you have the exchange rate and the Raptors players are paying 25% less for everything while they are in Canada. The main reason why nobody comes to Toronto is because it's in Canada, not because of taxes. Less exposure, foreign country, probably less endorsements for some players.
  3. NBA Discussion

    Unlikely, taxes aren't too different than in a good portion of the states from what I recall. California's taxes aren't much better than Toronto's. Players get paid in US dollars as well so they come out pretty well with the current exchange rate.
  4. NBA Discussion

    Pretty sure the Raps made this trade knowing that there's a 99% chance Leonard leaves next year. It's an all-in move for this year and then Masai will likely go young the following year and start anew. Raps organization had zero trust in Derozan + Lowry taking them to the finals, not that I blame them. Lowry is 33 now so they'll get another year or two out of him and then it will be a complete changing of the guard.
  5. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    Reach Deep with Janda and Riccio can be pretty good, but it's hit or miss depending on the day. It's on 650 between 1-4pm.
  6. The NHL needs to implement a uniform tax policy

    Much better and easier to implement than a tax is to calculate individual team's salary cap based on their local tax rates (ie. teams in higher tax zones have a higher salary cap). It'll never be implemented though.
  7. Thanks for this, didn't know about McDonald's reputation. Much better reply than the standard I've been getting so far. It's hard to analyse his 5-on-5 metrics as well, given the role he played with the Capitals (take a faceoff then bolt to the bench). So I wouldn't put too much merit into his league worst 39.15% Corsi etiher, especially given his actual goals against numbers are pretty good. Kind of delving from my original point though is that the 4 years is the sticking point. We can argue how good/bad he is and nothing changes the fact that his contract is just too long. He's 32 now, how effective is he even going to be going forward? At 35, 36? Would've been much better to get a shorter deal, even for a worse player. We've got 12 million tied up in Eriksson, Beagle, and Rousell now for the next 4 years and Luongo's potential huge recapture penalty. That's a lot of cap space that will be used up 3/4 years from now in mid-30 4th liners and a goalie who plays for another team. We're supposed to be competing for playoff spots by then.
  8. Well, he's a faceoff guy, we all know that. The Washington penalty kill isn't any good so it's not exactly a plus for Beagle, he's always been on the penalty kill but is not an excellent penalty killer. Don't expect a Burrows/Kesler level penalty killer here. He's average to above average, not great on the pk.
  9. Good faceoff guy and he did forecheck well in the playoffs from what I saw. But can he keep it up for 4 years? Unlikely.
  10. Rousell is gritty, Beagle is not. Doesn't hit, doesn't fight, barely even takes penalties (ie. getting in scrums, protecting teammates, etc). He's a gym rat and a leader, but not gritty.
  11. 1 year younger Carved out a very long and stellar career? 4 year vs. 2 year contract, it's a no brainer.
  12. That reason is that Beagle just won a cup. Same reason Andrew Ference got a 4 year deal from Edmonton and we all know how that turned out.
  13. Not for 4 years at $3 mill per. Brodziak got 2 years at <1.5 per Nash and Ryan both got less term. Beagle isn't markedly better than any of them. Good faceoff guy with mediocre offense and so-so defense/pking. I don't get the 4 years at all, especially since he'll be 37 by the end of it and probably an anchor. We have 12 mill tied up in Rousell, Beagle, Eriksson along with the potential huge cap penalty if Luongo retires. Having 20+% of your cap tied up by 4th liners and a retired goalie is not a recipe for success, especially when we may be competitive in 2-3 years.
  14. Kind of an ugly deal seeing what Kyle Brodziak could've been had for