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  1. Not really arguable at this point. He is one of the best in the league if not the best.
  2. What did they expect when RAW was happening in Minny, Brock's home state. Just a stupid idea.
  3. Err...the guy is being threatened just for competing against an Israeli. Your comparison is silly at best. The Olympics are not a time to put your life at risk. Blame the ones doing the threatening first, before you blame the competitor trying to keep his head on his shoulders.
  4. Some of the best tv i've ever seen. What a perfect episode.
  5. She lost her vision for doing that. She can't use the faces as she is "someone".
  6. We really need an offensive defenseman. The lack of production from the back line also hurts the forwards and we'll be struggling to score goals for another season.
  7. Hopefully we didn't just trade for Sbisa 2.0 because that's all Gubrandson has shown thus far in his career. Praying that EG is a whole new defenseman come September.
  8. Amazing episode, very emotional.
  9. You would think, given the backlash, that Ruth Ellen got mauled or something. What a joke, taking the entire day off for a love tap. God forbid she gets a paper cut or something, we might be an MP short for a couple months. The only people coming out of this looking stupid are the NDP.
  10. Batman vs Superman: complete utter garbage, nothing else to say. 0/10 Captain America: Civil War: best movie I've seen so far this year. Solid 8/10, plot holes bring it down. Next up: X-men (can you tell I watch a lot of superhero movies?)
  11. Source?
  12. Took a step forward offensively but, unfortunately, a step backwards defensively. Hope he can put up the whole package next year.
  13. Finch was hilarious. Wetcoaster was great at copy-pasta but just could not see any other side of an argument besides his own. I liked Sharpshooter but he definitely had some anger management issues. Shambelle/UncleBob...no.
  14. Way too difficult for McGregor to jump two weight classes like that. Put himself in a huge disadvantaged and he paid for it but props for him for taking the fight. Definitely has guts (or maybe just a lack of brains) for fighting at a weight too heavy for him.
  15. Every movie thread brings out all the movie hipsters. No different here. Was looking forward to the movie until the last trailer. Will still watch with tempered expectations.