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  1. life just isn't the same without the mole...

  2. *views profile. Leaves a part of mole on you*

  3. What can I's my Mole-y charm 8)

  4. I'm technically a "Blemishment", though I hate how you characterized me like that! >:( (I'll forgive you this time...)

  5. Ah! So this must be how Nonis became GM...

  6. 9 posts to go then! Whew..This is harder than I thought.

  7. The...Mole...obviously ;)

  8. Errrr....still too much. 10 would be fair.

  9. 1 million!? That's too much to handle for a mole :(

  10. Greetings and Salutations! Do we get free Canucks coasters for signing up?