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  1. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    They would have the final say, its their money.
  2. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    ....interesting turn of events. Its very possible that management told Gillis to trade Roberto to Florida and do it now. The lack of trades or any action today by Gillis could aslo very possibly be becasue the owners told him not to make any deals today as they have lost confidence in him , the list of bad moves far overweigh any real positive moves he's made for the team , and they want a new GM to make the trades needed this summer. I would be very surprised to see Mike Gillis continue as GM after the canucks play their last game this year considering the team has gone from a cup contender to what they are now. I would bet that Torts could be done as well though that would be up to the new GM. With the mess thats been allowed to develop under his tenure anything can happen now. Ya never know !
  3. Article Van Sun: Trading Kes could be a blessing.

    ....with the right GM a Kesler trade could make sense and for sure benefit the team, but we are talking Mike Gillis here. Its hard to use trade in the same sentence with Gillis. The man should be the Captain of this team and centering the first line, he's certainly earned it and proven himself ! He has pretty much our best player in the playoffs as well not that we will get a chance to see that this year. Sedins are finese players and are done and never were much in the playoffs anyway ! If Gillis trades him it will be down not up like all the other good players he traded away for dreams. If a player of Keslers caliber wants out of Vancouver why would one of equal or better talent want to come here ? We'll be right in there with Edmonton for the next few years ! Team needs some stability win or loose especially now with another goalie controversy brewing. What we need to trade for is an experienced well respected GM !
  4. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    Immature mediocre coach ....LOL ! The man took a team to the Stanley cup ! Do you actually think he didnt' know what would happen to him when he did what he did ? If you did, then you don't know why he did it ! I'd say he is getting the exact results he wanted ! Hang on for the ride grasshopper !
  5. [VID] History Will Be Made - 7 Minute 5 on 3

    ......... once again 3 Canucks players injured by crosschecks all from the same player, Martin Hanzal , repeatedly ,this time to our top players and not just poor concused AA an AHL fill in, and still no proper response from the Refs or Shanny or our GM. A blatant two handed crosscheck to the head of David Booth turns into high sticking, and thats ok too! Not a peep from Gillis either. So much much for standing up for team mates their Mikey. Its ok to runover Canuck goalies and take out their players. If they even think about sticking up for their team mates they are out of the game, invisible penalties against us at critical times in the game ! The blatant non calls and this BS is shameful .... There will be more now that other teams see whats going on and realize the can push the envelope with us and get away with it. They dont have to fear any retribution either and are being rewarded by the refs. Watched this game for nearly 50 years, never seen anything like this before !! What is it gonna take a career ending injury and packing one of our guys off on a stretcher ??!! Sickening !!
  6. Luongo quote: " want to be part of a game like that"

    Nucks goalie i remember who would get a bit more involved was Dan Cloutier. The LA game was his kind of game !
  7. There is a disconcerning amount of non calls recently probably the most blatant is the non call that put Andrew Alberts out. Can you imagine if a Canuck did that to anyone on any other team.
  8. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    WTG Kevin , the best plus minus on the team, +19 !