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  1. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    They would have the final say, its their money.
  2. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    ....interesting turn of events. Its very possible that management told Gillis to trade Roberto to Florida and do it now. The lack of trades or any action today by Gillis could aslo very possibly be becasue the owners told him not to make any deals today as they have lost confidence in him , the list of bad moves far overweigh any real positive moves he's made for the team , and they want a new GM to make the trades needed this summer. I would be very surprised to see Mike Gillis continue as GM after the canucks play their last game this year considering the team has gone from a cup contender to what they are now. I would bet that Torts could be done as well though that would be up to the new GM. With the mess thats been allowed to develop under his tenure anything can happen now. Ya never know !
  3. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    Immature mediocre coach ....LOL ! The man took a team to the Stanley cup ! Do you actually think he didnt' know what would happen to him when he did what he did ? If you did, then you don't know why he did it ! I'd say he is getting the exact results he wanted ! Hang on for the ride grasshopper !
  4. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    WTG Kevin , the best plus minus on the team, +19 !