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  1. Who will Benning draft?

    So Benning and Linden get married, have a baby Ehlers together, Gillis gets his brother Linden killed. Baby Ehlers grows up then kills Gillis. This gets us a Stanley Cup how?
  2. The title of this thread reminds me of a conversation I had with my wife once... T.T
  3. Tortorella: Canucks Are Getting Old

    So you are saying you aren't a fan of the media?
  4. If Nashville passes us in points....

    As others have said, Canadian fans are always there. Also factor in that Bettman's job is to expand the league's influence and it's profit margin EVERYWHERE. There happens to be more teams south of the border and a lot of money which, coincidentally, is not going towards hockey right now. So there's more potential. I sincerely think that Bettman does not care about the state of the game (i.e. quality, happiness of fans etc) unless its directly linked with the financial well-being of the league. Fans might *want* a team somewhere in Canada and even be willing to support it, but he knows that majority of a team's revenue potential is from TV deals with American networks (ESPN, FOX, NBC etc) and not Canadian ones. So on the whole, a team down south that has airtime on cable but no fans is more valuable than making the fans happy in a less financially viable place up north. It is a business and it just so happens that the incentive monetarily is not to keep us (Canadian fans) happy.
  5. At this point, REAL FANS Cheer for the opponent.

    I really don't get the OPs sentiment that being a real CANUCK fan means cheering for everyone EXCEPT the Canucks...but what do I know...I'm an imaginary fan.
  6. Sami Salo will outperform Jason Garrison

    At Salo's age I sincerely doubt he performs better than Garrison this year or anytime soon. In terms of hockey I really think it is hard to say.